Watermarks for photographers: discover the ones that work the best

8 Feb 2023

Watermarks for photographers are an important security feature to safeguard the lawful use of digital photos. Watermarks can help you protect your work and prevent your photos from being used without your permission.

Although photographer watermark are much more than just a security tool, they are also very useful for signing your work and can become part of your brand identity.

If you have not yet created your own watermark or if you are thinking of giving your current watermark a makeover, in this article we are going to give you a series of recommendations with real examples to make it easier for you to create your own.


watermarks for photography is a fantastic tool when it comes to protecting your photos on the Internet.

watermarks for photographers: everything you need to know before creating them

A watermark for photographers is a stamp that is placed on digital photographs to prevent their misuse. There are different types of watermarks. There are some that only consist of text, others of simple drawings and there are even many that combine both elements. In these combinations you can also play with colour or go for black and white. In this case, especially if you use some colour, you have to take into account that these colour combinations will not always look good in all photographs. For these cases in which, for example, your logo in colour clashes with the background of a photograph, you can prepare a black and white version.

Once you have created your watermark, you can apply a % transparency to it to make it as seamless as possible with the images.

Other aspects that you have to take into account when creating this seal of identity are the size you are going to give it and its location in the photograph. It is clear that a watermark will be more efficient the bigger and more centred it is in the image, but if you do not measure these 2 parameters very well, your photographs may lose some of their interest. Ideally, you should test until you find the ideal position and size for your watermarks.

When making these decisions, it is important that you take into account the type of photograph in which they will be embedded. Because it is not the same a wedding photo where the only people who will be interested in that image will be the bride and groom, than a stock photo that may have many more suitors.

Examples of photographer watermark

Here we are going to show you a selection of watermarks from some of our photographers. In these examples you will find all kinds of designs, sizes and positions. The idea is to help you decide which style best suits your brand and your type of reportage.

Watermarks with the trade name

Ana Verónica Andrade is a photographer specialising in sessions with newborn babies and toddlers who has opted to create a visible but discreet watermark using her commercial name.

This type of watermarking has become very fashionable in recent seasons and consists of creating a brand using the photographer’s commercial signature. This modality is usually very well integrated in the photographs, giving a very aesthetic and elegant look to the images.

In the case of Ana Verónica Andrade’s photography website, she has chosen to include her commercial name in the watermark and to place 2 marks on each image. One is centred and discreet and the other is a little more eye-catching.

Although it is a noticeable watermarks for photography, being designed in an elegant white font and placed at the bottom of the image, it is not obtrusive to the style and quality of the photographs.



Here is another example of this more discreet type of watermarks for photographers on the Bamboo Studio website. These photographers have placed at the bottom of the images a discreet watermark with their business name also in white and at a much smaller size.



Large, conspicuous watermarks in a clearly visible place within the photo

In the business area of Andrea ripa`fotografie’s website your customers will be able to buy photographs of the sporting and social events you have attended.

This photographer has opted to include 2 watermarks on his images. One of large size that crosses the image from side to side with the name of his company. And another much more eye-catching but smaller one located at the bottom of the image. In this last mark he takes the opportunity to include information about the event in question.

This type of photographer watermark is very useful for colleagues who sell their images publicly through a gallery.



Another example of a highly visible watermark is the one used on the Beatriz Amigo Fotografía website. It is a watermark with the commercial name to which they have added a semi-transparent strip that occupies the entire width of the photo.

andrearipafotografie.arcadina.com  Another example of a highly visible watermark is the one used on the Beatriz Amigo Fotografía website. It is a watermark with the commercial name to which they have added a semi-transparent strip that occupies the entire width of the photo-beatriz-amigo-fotografia-4-arcadina


Almost unnoticeable watermarks

In this case the watermark is practically unnoticed. If you look at the centre of the photograph you will see, very subtly written, the name of Caliq’s trademark. This photographer who does all kinds of photo shoots, such as communions, weddings and fashion, also has a section on his website with his more personal work.

And it is precisely in this conceptual section, where you will be able to discover these subtle but sufficient watermarks so that a person cannot use these images without the author’s permission.

Such subtle markings are very useful for safeguarding photographs that can be used as decoration.



Another example of this type of slightly more visible branding is the one used on the David Álvarez Fotografía website. This photographer has chosen to include his business name in the middle of the images and to make it more discreet, he has applied some transparency.



Watermarks that are repeated in the image

If you sell photographs through your online shop, you can use watermarks for photographers that are much more visible and effective in preventing misuse of your work. This is the case with watermarks spread over the entire image.

In the business area of the Capalque Fotografías website you will find an example of this type of branding. Although it is repeated throughout the image, it allows you to appreciate the photograph and its protagonists perfectly.

This type of more intrusive watermarking will ensure that photographers do not use their photos before checking out.



Another example of this type of more eye-catching watermarks for photography is the Portraitmaker’s website, which, for the photos in its business area open to the public, has taken its own logo and scattered it numerous times across the image.

Although there is some loss of clarity when viewing the image, it does make it possible to clearly see who is in each shot, which is what is ultimately important for a person to buy such photos.



Strategic placement for watermarks

If you want to be 100% sure that your photographs will not be used without your permission but you are not convinced by the previous option of including the logo all over the photo, you can look for a strategic point within the image to place this mark. And the most ideal place is, without a doubt, the centre of the photograph.

This is the case of Michele Morrone’s website, who has placed in the centre of the photos in his gallery the URL address of his website directly in a striking red box.

These types of watermarks, in addition to protecting your images, are also a way to advertise your website. If, for example, you share a photo on social networks, users will be more than clear about which website they can go to in order to buy them.



Another example of a photographer who has chosen to include the name of his commercial website in the middle of the images is David Capín. On this occasion the watermark is much more discreet, but as it is on a transparent background, it is much more conditioned by the background colour of each image.



If you have a drawing as your company logo, you can also use it as a watermark. This is the case of the website of the animal portraitist that uses its logo in colour as a watermark on each of the photographs in its gallery.

Such visual marks are perfect for people to identify your works much more quickly on the web and, of course, they perfectly fulfil the main function of such marks to protect works from fraudulent use.



On the José Luis Serrano Fotografía website, we have also chosen to include a watermark with the company logo on the images. In this case it is a camera together with the name of the brand and it has been chosen to place it in a more visible place within the image.



Arcadina and photographer watermark


When it comes to uploading your watermarks to your website created with Arcadina, you will have it very easy. All you have to do is choose the image, upload it and adjust the parameters you are most interested in.

In our editor, you will also have the possibility to create a text watermark that you can then use on the images of your choice. In the following help article we explain all the steps you need to take.

>> Arcadina Help. Watermarks – Loading and managing watermarks

When it comes to using your watermarks, you can use them both in the galleries on the website and in your business area. In the following video of our training for photographers we explain how to do it.

In addition to being able to upload your watermarks, at Arcadina we offer you much more security when displaying your work, as the images will be displayed at a resolution adapted to the web and the right button will not allow you to save the photographs.

Protect your images with watermarks for photographers

Safeguarding your work with watermarks for photographers is essential to prevent people from using your work illegally. And as you can see, it can also help you to enhance your brand identity and advertise on social media.

Today we want to share with you the interview of the photographer Luis Bañeres who knows very well the importance of using watermarks, especially in his stock photos.

>> Meet Luis Bañeres, portrait, children’s and stock photographer

Before we say goodbye for today, we would like to ask you a question: Are you one of those who use watermarks for photographers to protect your images? We’ll read you in the comments.

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