Get closer to nature photography through these 6 photographers

16 Mar 2023

Nature photography is a discipline in which the aim is to represent flora, fauna and still life in all their splendour.

If you like to be surrounded by fresh air, enjoy a sunset and observe the life of animals in the wild, then we are sure you will love this compilation on nature photography.


For nature photography it is important to know how to wait in order to capture movement, colours and the vitality of the moment in the same instant.

What is so special about nature photography?


Nature photography is about capturing the beauty of a landscape with all its animate elements such as plants or animals and inanimate landscapes, such as a large rocky mountain.

You can also try capturing the landscape at different times of the day or year. Here you can play with the different elements of the environment such as waiting for: the sunset, the different moments of a heavy foggy day or capturing the right moment on a stormy night.

How many types of nature photography are there?


Within landscape and animal photography you can find many types of photo shoots. Here are some of them:

  • Flora photography: in this type of session, the photographer takes care of immortalising nature more closely. For example, capturing the different species of flowers that come out in spring or the vegetation that lasts in winter.

  • Images of animals in their natural habitat: to take these photographs you have to take into account the distance at which the shots can be taken and the behaviour of each species.

  • Landscape photography reports: in these images we usually look for wider shots to capture the beauty of a natural environment where the flora of the place, part of its fauna and still life can be integrated.

  • Night or astronomical photography: if you want to photograph the stars or a stormy night, this is undoubtedly your speciality. In this discipline it is important to bear in mind the time of year and the weather.

  • Underwater reports: taking pictures underwater is not an easy task but the results can be truly amazing. If you like to dive and capture this almost unexplored world, underwater photography will be your medium.

Learn how to photograph nature in its purest form


When photographing nature, there are several things to take into account to make the hike and in many cases the early start worthwhile.

Some of these details may include:

  • Timetable. Whether youare going to photograph a landscape or a certain species of animal, researching and knowing what timetable is most suitable will be the starting point for organising your nature photography report.

  • Time of year. As with the time of year, it will not be the same to photograph a mountain covered with vegetation in the spring season as when it is covered with snow in the winter season.

Photographers who photograph natural landscapes and animals in the wild tend to be quite forward-thinking when planning their field trips.

  • Know the habits of your “models”. If you are going to photograph animals in their natural habitat, you need to know their habits and habits in each season very well beforehand. This information will be essential to know where and when to look for them.

  • Camouflage. When photographing certain animals, especially at medium distances, it is highly recommended that you go into the field well equipped with camouflage clothing. The idea is to blend in with your surroundings and not scare off the herd when you are approaching it.

  • Types of photographic lenses. Depending on whether you are going to photograph a large area, a plant at close range or, for example, the flight of a dragonfly. The type of lens you use will be essential to capture the idea you really want to capture.

Meet 6 nature photographers with works that make an impact

Whether you are fully dedicated to nature photography or just a great hobby. Knowing how to wait for the right moment, capturing the vastness and beauty of the environment in a single image, is a unique task that only professional nature photographers are able to achieve. Here are 6 of them.

1# Wildphoto: mountains, forests and wildlife

Although Rodrigo is a photographer in love with nature in all its representations, the one he is most passionate about is mountain photography, where the authentic and the wild merge. Living the mountain and sharing his experiences through his photographs is what he likes the most.

If you want to see a sample of Rodrigo’s nature photography, on his Arizona-designed website you can enjoy a series of galleries of images of mountains, forests and all kinds of wildlife.


2# Trekking Fotográfico: nature outings and photography

Behind Trekking Fotográfico is Dani, a photographer specialising in nature and night photography who has created this space where he organises photographic trekking routes through La Pedriza (Madrid).

On his website with NewYork design you can learn a little more about his history, tips and above all his fantastic photographs in the middle of nature both day and night.


3# Roberto Conde: the landscape expressed as a set of landmarks and revelations

Roberto is a photographer who fuses natural landscapes with abstract art, turning each photograph into a true work of art, which has led him to win numerous awards and recognitions for his career.

If you want to enjoy some of his work, we encourage you to visit the different image galleries that you will find on his website with NewYork design.


4# Paloma Serra Photo: travel and nature photography

Paloma Serra is a photographer with years of experience in travel photography and the nature found in each destination.

On his Arizona-designed website you can enjoy a sample of some of his travels and much of what he found on them.


5# Simbiosis: landscape photography

The Simbiosis website with Tokyo design has been created by Ángels and Xuan, two nature lovers who found in photography the way to unite two great hobbies. Simbiosis is a common project where they express their love for nature and the respect they feel for the environment.

In his different image galleries you will be able to enjoy his experiences in the natural environment and his reinterpretations.


6# Wilo Enríquez: landscapes, nature and architecture

This passion for landscape and nature photography began in this photographer from Ecuador when he started to travel a lot for work. Nowadays, nature and architecture photography is part of Wilo’s life and work.

In the image galleries that you can find on their website with Arizona design, you will be able to enjoy photos of architecture, landscapes, nature, flowers in different destinations.


Nature photography: a pleasurable experience with the natural environment

Nature photography is exciting, patient and, above all, very rewarding. If you enjoy scheduling trips to the countryside with your camera under your arm, patiently waiting for the right moment to capture a beautiful sunset or a flock of birds, then you can make a living from nature photography thanks to our business solutions. Now you can also make a living from landscape photography thanks to our business solutions.

In Arcadina we are with nature and among our clients are some of the associations of photographers linked to the environment, as is the case of AGAFONA. We are also sponsors of AEFONA.

Today we want to share with you the testimony of a great nature photographer, Efren Valiente.

>> ‘My website is the best tool to sell my photos’, Efrén Valiente

And as always, to say goodbye, here’s today’s question: What type of nature photography do you most identify with? We’d love to hear your answer in the comments.

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