Do you like nature photography? 10 nature photographers’ websites for inspiration


6 Sep 2022

If you like to be surrounded by fresh air, enjoy a sunset and observe the life of animals in the wild, then we are sure that nature photography is your thing.

Whether you are fully dedicated to nature photography or just a great hobby. Knowing how to wait for the right moment, to capture the vastness and beauty of the environment in a single image, is a unique task that only professional nature photographers are able to achieve.


“In nature photography you have to know how to capture movement, colours and vitality in the same instant”.

What is nature photography?


Nature photography is about capturing the beauty of a landscape with all its animated elements such as plants, animals and inanimate landscapes, such as a large rocky mountain in each image.

You can also try capturing the landscape at different times of the day or year. Here you can play with the different elements of the environment such as waiting for: the sunset, the different moments of a heavy foggy day or capturing the right moment on a stormy night.

“In nature photography even the most ordinary moments can become surprising and unique images”.

How to take nature photography that captures the beauty of the environment?


When organising a nature photography session you have to take into account several aspects to make the hike worthwhile. Some of these details can be:

  • Timetable. Whether you are going to photograph a landscape or a certain species of animal, researching and knowing what timetable is most suitable will be the starting point for organising your nature photography report.

  • Time of year. As with the time of year, photographing a mountain covered with vegetation in the spring season is not the same as photographing a mountain covered with snow in the winter season. Therefore, photographers dedicated to photographing natural landscapes and animals in the wild tend to be quite proactive when planning their trips to the countryside.

  • Know the habits of your models. If you are going to photograph animals in their natural habitat, you need to know very well in advance their habits and habits in each season. This information will be essential to know where and when to look for them.

  • Camouflage. When photographing certain animals, especially at medium distances, it is highly recommended that you go into the field well equipped with camouflage clothing. The idea is to blend in with your surroundings and not scare off the herd when you are approaching them.

  • Targets. Depending on whether you are going to photograph a large area, a plant at close range or, for example, the flight of a dragonfly. The type of lens you use will be essential to capture the scene you really want to capture.

What are the types of nature photography?


Within nature photography you can find many types of photo shoots. Here are some of them:

  • Flora photography: in this type of session, the photographer will be in charge of immortalising nature more closely. For example, capturing the different species of flowers that come out in spring or the vegetation that lasts in winter.

  • Images of animals in their natural habitat: to take these photographs you have to take into account the distance at which the shots can be taken and the behaviour of each species.

  • Landscape photography reportages: in these images we usually look for wider shots to capture the beauty of a whole natural environment where the following will be integrated in the image: the flora of the place, part of its fauna and the still life.

  • Night or astronomical photography: if you want to photograph the stars or a stormy night, this will undoubtedly be your speciality. In this discipline it is important to bear in mind the time of year and the weather.

  • Underwater reports: shooting images underwater is not an easy task but the results can be truly amazing. If you like to dive and capture this almost unexplored world, underwater photography will be your medium.

How can I sell landscape photography through my website?

If you are one of the nature photographers who want to make a living from this great hobby, the best thing to do is to create an online business. This way, in addition to showing part of your images, you can sell them at any time and to anyone.

When selling nature photography on your website, you can use different strategies to capture the attention of your customers.

  • Public galleries: thanks to the online shop you can upload the photos of your latest trips to the countryside as a nature photographer and have them for sale for anyone who wants to buy fantastic landscape images. Thanks to this option you will be able to offer digital images for sale with download (for a fee) and printing in professional formats (Arcadina Labs).

This way, when a visitor sees a nature photograph they like, they will be able to buy it instantly.

  • Private galleries to offer fully customised services: this can be another very interesting line of business for nature photographers. It consists of offering totally tailor-made landscape or wildlife reportage.

When the client has already hired you, you have made the report and you give them access to their private area to view their digital photos. It will be time to extend the budget by offering a series of extra products. For example: enlargements or professional format prints from Arcadina Labs that you can activate for free and easily.

In addition, on your website you can explain: how they can hire your services as a nature photographer, the services you provide, the places you can travel to, client testimonials, your story and anything else you consider relevant and that will help you sell more landscape images.

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10 nature photographers to inspire you

Below we have created a small compilation of 10 nature photographers who make a living from their great hobby and who have entrusted their online business to Arcadina. We are sure you will love their photographs of landscapes and wildlife in its purest form.

1# Juan León: Panama


Juan León is a biologist and nature photographer living in Panama. Without a doubt an idyllic place to carry out landscape photography sessions. This nature photographer explains in his more personal section (about me) how he has always been attracted to “images that give off strong emotions“.

On his website, Juan has chosen the Sydney design to showcase his best images of wildlife and the most beautiful landscapes he has visited. On his website you will also see that he has both public and private galleries.

to sell their photographs to anyone who wants them.

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2# Arturo Montes: Cadiz


Arturo Montes has always had the feeling that his interest in photography came somewhat late and he missed the whole era of analogue photography. For him it all started with a trip to the north of Spain, where he bought his first reflex camera.

On their website with Tokyo design, you will be able to enjoy their wide gallery of images of: landscapes, the sea, nocturnal, wildlife and many other pictures that will impress you.

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3# Francisco Ruano: Almeria


Francisco Ruano is a self-taught nature photographer who lives in Almería and has a website with some spectacular landscape photographs. Francisco has also participated in several exhibitions and has even written a series of articles on the subject.

In the Infinite design galleries of his website with Sydney design you will be able to enjoy: landscapes with the sea as the protagonist, a gallery dedicated especially to the reef of the mermaids, images in the middle of nature and photographs of his latest trips. And the best of all is that most of these images are for sale in his public galleries.

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4# Santiago Pascual: Vigo


On the other side of the viewfinder you will find Santiago Pascual, a Valencian who currently lives in the city of Vigo and who, since he finished his studies in Fine Arts in 1992, has been looking to find his own language in the field of landscape photography.

In his website with Tokyo design you will be able to enjoy several galleries where you will enjoy part of Santiago’s work and in his blog section you will be up to date with all the important news.

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5# Sergi Roel Creus Fotografía: Girona


Sergi Roel Creus is a landscape photographer who, in addition to photographing the most beautiful natural spaces in his favourite spots in Girona, takes the opportunity every year to take a trip and visit places where nature becomes a true work of art.

On Sergi’s website with Tokyo design, you will be able to enjoy these amazing landscapes and his other photo shoots (urban, sport, wildlife, culture, social and product photography).

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6# R. Zapatero Wild Photo: Palencia


Behind Wild Photo is a passionate of the mountains and nature in all its manifestations. R. Zapatero had his first contact with photography at a professional level when he was studying at the School of Architecture and with the arrival of digital photography, his two great passions came together. Outings in the countryside and nature photography.

If you want to enjoy some of the most beautiful places he has had the privilege of visiting, you will find an extensive gallery on his Arizona-designed website and in acquisitions his visitors will be able to purchase the photographs directly.

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7# Felipe Castro Fotopatrimonio: Lugo


Felipe Castro is an enthusiastic amateur landscape and cultural heritage photographer who currently lives in Monforte de Lemos (Lugo). And as he himself comments on his website: “Maybe I practice photography because I have nothing better to do, but I don’t enjoy it by chance“.

In the extensive galleries of his website with Tokyo design, you will be able to see what he defines as photoheritage. A detailed portfolio with photographs of: forests, aquatic ecosystems, trees, flowers, landscapes and all kinds of cultural heritage photographs.

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8# Manuel Suárez: Jerez de la Frontera


On Manuel Suárez’s website with Venezia design you will be able to enjoy some of his landscape photography, fauna, flora, macro images and night photography.

This landscape photographer has always been linked to this style of photography but it was in 2014 when he joined AGAFONA (Asociación Gaditana de Fotógrafos de Naturaleza) and officially began his professional career.

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9# Joseba Hernando Fotografía: Vitoria


In Joseba Hernando’s NewYork design website you will be able to enjoy a gallery of nature images that will not leave you indifferent: natural landscapes, minimalism in natural, macro and textures and details are the galleries that Joseba shows in his website.

Undoubtedly, this photographer from Vitoria knows how to capture the right moment where the landscape or the smallest insect creates a unique scene. And as he says on his website “I love the music of nature“.

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10# Claudio del Carlo: Livorno (Italy)


Claudio, after being involved in photography since he was almost a teenager and trying several disciplines, finally settled on nature photography and as he says “it was an almost obligatory choice due to the deep love for nature that surrounds me“.

In the different galleries of the website with Cairo design of this nature photographer, you will be able to enjoy some of his macro photographs, birds, fauna, flora and landscapes where Claudio manages to capture the intensity of every moment.

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Nature photography: passion for the environment

As you can see, nature photography is: exciting, patient and above all, very rewarding. If you like to schedule trips to the countryside with your camera under your arm, patiently waiting for the right moment to capture a beautiful sunset or a flock of birds. Now you can also make a living from landscape photography by selling your photographs.

In Arcadina we are with nature and among our clients are some of the associations of photographers linked to the environment as is the case of AGAFONA and we are also sponsors of AEFONA.

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Today we want to share with you the testimony of a great nature photographer, Efren Valiente.

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And as always, to say goodbye, here’s today’s question: What type of nature photography do you most identify with? We’d love to hear your answer in the comments.

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