Why do you need create a photography website if you are a photographer?


9 Aug 2022

The answer is very simple. You need create a photography website simply to sell more. It’s as simple as that. Because if you see that your photography business is stagnating and you can’t move forward, or if you don’t know how to get clients, create photographer websites can be a very powerful lever for growth if you know how to structure it.

You may be asking yourself “there are many photography websites out there” and that’s absolutely true. The key to creating a websites for photographers that really works is knowing how to give it soul and personality.

If you want to know how to create a photography website that is true to your brand and, above all, helps you sell more, in this article we are going to give you some recommendations on how to achieve it thanks to our platform for photographers.


“If you manage to create photography website with all kinds of business solutions, your sales opportunities will be much higher”.

Why do you need a photography website if you are a photographer?


Why is it essential to build your own website for photographer nowadays? The answer is very simple. When a photographer who is starting out in his professional career decides to take the step and become a professional photographer, a large part of the effort goes into both training and creating a photography studio where he can offer his services, especially in the case of photographers who are going to need a space for their sessions, such as portraits, children’s photography or product photography.

With the issue of portfolio website, what happens, in most cases, is that photographers do not see them as just another element of the business, like the lighting equipment, the studio props or the photography workshop they attend every year.

It is true that many years ago, a photographers portfolio served only as a letter of introduction and received almost no organic visits. At that time, the prototype of the ideal client usually came through the photographic studio or through word of mouth.

As we all know, nowadays the rules of the game have changed quite a lot and in 90% of the cases or even more, customers come to a photographers’ website via the Internet.

For a photography website to do its job and allow you to close more budgets, it has to meet a number of expectations. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Creating your own personal brand

As we all know, there are many portfolio website on the Internet, so knowing how to differentiate yourself and create a personal brand will be essential to stand out from other photographers.

Elements such as: the name you give to your photography business, the logo, the corporate colours or even the way you express yourself in your online communications, will determine the essence of your work as a photographer.


Here is an article where you will find more recommendations to create a unique websites for photographers with personality thanks to branding for photographers.

Take care of your portfolio at best website for photographers

Undoubtedly, another element that is important to take care of and that will help you stand out from your peers is the type of images you show on your website. It is the final product that you sell to your clients, so knowing how to show the most brilliant photographs of your career on your photographer websites in an attractive and eye-catching way is also going to be decisive when it comes to capturing the attention of new clients.


Next we are going to recommend you a series of articles about how to create a good portfolio and all the gallery options that you have in our Arcadina websites.

>> How to create a professional online photography portfolio?

How to make a photography website where you can explain your services?

Creating a services page in your portfolio website where you can explain to your visitors: how you work, what your working style is and what your services include is a great way to create a practical websites for photographers where visitors can have their immediate questions answered.

Because a good service page has to be attractive in terms of design and it also has to be able to make up for those first conversations that used to take place in photography studios when a client came in to ask for a photo report. Nowadays, clients will not contact you until they have at least a minimum of certainty that what you are going to offer them is going to meet their expectations.


>> Learn how to create Pages and Landings on your photography website

>> Selling photographic services on the Internet: all the keys here

What do you need to build your own photographers portfolio?

In order for your photographers portfolio to work for you, it is important that it meets a number of conditions. We are going to create a simple checklist so that you can see for yourself if your website for photographers is in the best condition.


  • Web page specifically for photographers.
  • Design adapted to your style of photography.
  • Possibility to display your images in full screen thanks to the photography website builder.
  • Multilingual website to reach a wider audience.
  • Photography blog integrated in your website.
  • Private galleries for your customers to: view, select, download and purchase their photos.
  • Public galleries so that you can put your photographs, products, services and courses on sale.
  • Possibility for your customers to place their own orders for printing images in more exclusive formats (Arcadina Labs).
  • Be the owner of your website and be able to upload content through the panel whenever you want without the need for computer skills.
  • Have enough space to upload all your photos and create the galleries you need for your clients.
  • Have technical support to help you solve any issues.
  • Be part of a community of photographers with the best website for photographers where you can: solve your doubts, discover news and keep up to date with all the options you can implement in your photography website.

Why do you need a photography website builder professional?



If there is one thing that sets Arcadina’s platform for photographers apart, it is the fact that we specialise exclusively in photographers and videographers. Therefore, we know what your real needs, those of your clients are and how to make a photography website professional.

All the business solutions we offer on our platform for photographers and the improvements we release from time to time are designed to empower and give visibility to photographers’ businesses. And many of the new products we launch are solutions to a series of queries and suggestions that other photographers have made to us in the past.

>> Characteristics of Arcadina’s business solutions

If you are not yet familiar with our platform for photographers and how to create a photography portfolio, we encourage you to try them all and see how Control Panel really works. With us you can build your own website for photographer totally free and see how it feels to create your own online business for 14 days.

>> Start with Arcadina

And so that you are clearer about some of the advantages that you will find in our photography websites, we are going to highlight some of the business solutions that photographers like the most.

Sell your images, videos and photographic services online



One of the most attractive options for build your own website for photographers with us, is the possibility of being able to sell their: photographs, prints in exclusive formats, videos, photo sessions, courses and products to anyone through the Internet 24 hours a day automatically.

This option is essential if you want to keep up to date with new ways of selling, expand your business options and consolidate your work as a professional photographer.

>> How do I sell my photographs on my website?

Show your clients’ photos in private galleries



Clients, as well as looking for a professional photographer who fits their reportage ideas, also want to find convenience and speed of service. These 2 aspects and many more are solved if you consider create photography website with private galleries where you can offer your clients the photographs of their sessions in a private way and offer them the option to continue buying: prints, more digital photographs, prints in other types of formats and many other options that private galleries offer you.

Another great advantage of build your own website for photographer is that customer service becomes much more complete and, above all, professional. With this business solution, CDs or USBs for delivering photos to customers are a thing of the past.

And for you, this option of build your own website for photographer will free up a lot more time and allow you to automate processes, an essential detail for scaling a business nowadays.

>> Create multiple photo galleries on your photography website

Position your websites and give greater visibility to your work


Through the panel you will be able to configure, in each of the pages of your website, a series of data (keywords, meta title and meta description) to improve the positioning of your photography website.

You will also be able to add a title and description to each image, an essential detail if you want Google to take them into account when offering them as search results on the Internet.

Another element that will help you to better position your photography website is your blog. Thanks to the articles in your blog, your ideal clients will be able to find you more easily in their online searches.

>> How to create a professional photography blog?

Share your images on social media



Another of the tools that photographers use the most on their photography websites to give greater visibility to their images are social networks, especially Instagram. Having the possibility of connecting this powerful social network with your photography website can be very interesting. Therefore, with us you will be able to create an independent gallery within your website where all the images you post on your Instagram profile will appear directly. Don’t you think it’s interesting?

Use your own domain name


When build your own website for photographers, the domain is the name with which you will appear as a professional on the Internet and with which your future clients will look for you. Therefore, knowing how to choose the most appropriate one is going to be a very important decision that will condition part of the traffic to your website for photographers.

In this article that we are going to share with you, we explain what you have to take into account when choosing a domain name and several examples of domains from other colleagues.

>> What are the best domains for photographers?

With us, if you contract the annual Web plan, you will have the right to your domain totally free and if you already have one of your own, we will help you to configure it in your provider so that it works with our webs.

>> Web plan prices

5 reasons to build your own website for photographer

We have just explained why you need to build your own website for photographers and what a good website for photographers needs to have in order to become an essential and functional working tool.

To finish solving all your doubts and questions about photography websites, we want to give you 5 more reasons why you should choose to create a professional digital business with all the features.

  1. The Internet is the place where your clients are currently looking for the services of a photographer.
  2. Your photography website can be your best salesperson (if you know how to present your work) and will be working for you 24 hours a day.
  3. Many of your colleagues already use a professional photography website to find clients.
  4. You will be able to offer additional services, such as: selling services, products, courses and photographs without having to spend extra time or supervise it personally.
  5. Your website for photographers created with Arcadina will be the tool that will cost you the least per month and the one that will bring you the most benefits.

>> Arcadina Prices

And if you still have your doubts on how to create a photography portfolio, in the following post we give you 6 more reasons to go for a digital photography business.

>> 6 advantages of having your own online photography business with Arcadina

Examples of websites for professional photographers with Arcadina

Before we say goodbye, we would like to share with you some of the websites and photography businesses of colleagues who are already using a website for photographers as part of their marketing strategy to both get more clients and improve their service to existing clients.

>> 6 glamorous boudoir photography websites

>> Fashion photographer: 5+1 fashion photography websites that will surprise you

>> Are you a sports photographer? 10 tips for sports photography

>> Do you like nature photography? 5 nature photographers’ websites to inspire you

>> 20 wedding photographer websites with unique portfolios

>> Newborn photography: top 10 newborn photography websites

>> How to do professional family photography?

>> The best first communion photography websites

And if you want to know what great experts and referents in the photography sector have to say about photography websites and the rest of the solutions we offer you to become a professional photographer, the following article will be enlightening for you.

>> Find out about the best photography websites in Arcadina and several opinions

Yes, you need a photography website to establish yourself as a photographer

As you can see, if what you want is to create a photography website that really works for you and helps you to generate greater visibility for your work and, therefore, get more clients. Choosing a company with years of experience in photography websites and that really knows what your photography website needs, can mean making a small investment in your business that will bring you great benefits.

>> How to create a professional photography website?

>> 10+1 tips to get a job as a photographer

On this occasion we would like to share with you the interview of the photographer who has been able to build your own website for photographer of Marcos K Photography.

And to say goodbye, here’s our question: What do you think is essential for a photography website to help you succeed? We’d love to read your answers in the comments 🚀.

Arcadina goes with you

Creativity goes with you, offering you the best service goes with us

Fulfil your dreams and develop your professional career with us. We offer you to create a photography website for free for 14 days so that you can try our platform without any commitment of permanence.

Arcadina is much more than a website, it is business solutions for photographers.

If you have any queries, our Customer Service Team is always ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We listen to you.

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