The best domains for photographers: find out here everything you need to know about them

From photographers who already have a long career and are looking to expand their career opportunities with a new website to those who are already taking their first steps in this passionate profession and want to start creating their digital business, taking into account the best domains for photographers will be essential for this choice to be the best possible.

And to help you with this, in today’s article we are going to explain everything you need to know about the best domains for photographers and how you can make this important decision.


Find out which are the best domains for photographers before creating your website.

Why is it important for you to know how to choose between the best domains for photographers?


If there is one thing that the best domains for photographers have in common is that they represent the brand of the professional behind them, because a well-chosen domain can reflect your style and your specialisation. In addition, another of the points that you have to take into account when choosing your domain is that it is easy to search and remember for users. This is essential for a potential client to find you and finally reach the information you offer on your photography website.

The choice of the domain will also influence your positioning on the Internet because if, for example, you use a domain that includes an important keyword, this will help you to improve your web positioning.

As we know that this is an important decision and that you have to make it thinking carefully about what you are doing, we are going to give you a series of tips and recommendations so that you can learn how to choose the best domain for your professional photography business.

How to find the best domains for photographers?


When choosing the best domain name for your photography business, it is important that you dedicate your time to it. Think that the domain you choose is the one that will accompany you, if not for your entire professional life, then for a large part of your career as a photographer. With so much time in front of you, it is worth spending a few days to get informed, think about different options and finally decide which is the perfect domain for you and your photography business.

At Arcadina, after many years of dealing with photographers, we know a lot about this subject and we can tell you that the vast majority of the domains chosen by renowned photographers have several points in common that you can use to find your own. Some of these aspects are the ones we are going to explain below.

1# Use a domain that identifies your work

Choosing a domain is much more than choosing a web address, it will be the name that will represent you on the Internet and will be part of your digital identity as a professional photographer. That is why it is important that you consider whether you want it to carry some aspect that identifies your type of work or your brand.

If you choose this option, as well as making it clear what you do, it will also help you, as we mentioned before, to improve your Internet positioning, as search algorithms value the coherence between the content of a website and its domain name.

 In addition, if you choose a domain that identifies you in a professional way, you will be creating an instant connection with your audience.

For example, if you do boudoir photography sessions, with a domain like, you not only make clear your area of operation, but also the type of photography you do.

2# Your name, your best letter of introduction

Another option that you can use and that is one of the most used by the best domains for photographers is to use the photographer’s own name. This way you ensure that your domain will be unique and will directly help you to generate a very powerful brand image.

This option will make it easier for people who want to search for you on the Internet because they have met you, have been recommended by a relative or simply have heard about you at an event, to find you.

An example of this type of domain could be, a wedding photographer who we are sure will receive many visits from people who have heard about her work thanks to the domain she has chosen.

3# Avoid over-complicated domain names

The purpose of a domain, apart from being able to host the content of your website and business, is to be found easily through the searches that users perform through search engines. Choosing a name that is too convoluted, using combinations of swear words, strange characters or numbers is not advisable and should be avoided as far as possible.

Think that many times you will provide the name of your website to potential customers at times when they will have your name by hearsay or will quickly write it down on their mobile phone, the simpler and clearer it is, the more likely it is that they will write it correctly and finally be able to access the information on your website.

4# The shorter your domain name is, the more likely it is to be remembered

When choosing a domain name, it is important that it is as concise as possible. This way customers will remember it much better. Make sure it is a short idea (no more than 15 letters), easy to write and easy to remember.

Also avoid using symbols, underscores or complicated characters that may confuse users.

In this children’s photography website they have chosen to use a short, clear domain that parents will find very easy to remember, it is the website of

5# Check that the domain is not in use

It is very important that before registering any domain name you check that it is not being used by another person in your sector or any other profession, even if you choose the option of creating the domain name with your name and surname.

And if they are already using it, dismiss from your mind the idea of using the same domain with a different ending. This will only lead to confusion for customers and will do you no favours.

6# The type of extension can also help you customise your domain

The domain of your online business will be composed of 2 parts. The first one we have already talked about and it is precisely the name you are going to choose to represent your brand. And the other part is going to be the extension or ending with which you want your domain to end.

With us you will have at your disposal a number of domains, such as:

  • Generic (.com, .net, .org, …).
  • Geographical (.es, .it, .mx,, .fr, .co,… ).
  • Special (.photo, .wedding, .art, .pro, .fashion ,…).

When it comes to choosing one, think beforehand about the one that best suits the personality of your digital business. And to make it even clearer, we are going to show you some examples of our clients’ extensions:




More tips on choosing a good domain name for your photography business


If you need more help finding the ideal domain for your photography business, here are a few more recommendations.

  • Create a list of all the names you can think of for your domain and check that, if not all of them, they comply with some of the recommendations we have given you in this article.
  • Take a look at the domains that are most commonly used in sectors that are not directly related to photography to see which ones are most likely to succeed. From them you can get great ideas and inspiration for your own domain.
  • When choosing the domain name, you can use your brand name and add your profession or type of reportage you want to specialise in.
  • Avoid names that are too generic and try to enhance your personal brand.
  • Once you have a shorter list of domains, filter them using the recommendations we have given you in this article, the one that meets the most requirements will be closer to being the final candidate.
  • Whatever you decide, you have to feel identified with your domain name. It will represent your work and you will be linked to it for a long time.
  • Etc.

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How can you find the best domains for photographers?

The best domains for photographers have more in common than you might think and many photographers have followed some of these recommendations to decide on a particular domain.

If you want, you can start forging your new future today by creating a professional website specifically for photographers. At Arcadina you have a 14-day free trial.

If you want to start with Arcadina and you already have your domain contracted, we will help you to configure it with your current provider so that it works with our web service.

And if you prefer to transfer your domain to our servers and let us take care of its management and renewal, you can also do it. Contact Arcadina.

On this occasion we would like to say goodbye with the testimony of photographer Efrén Valiente.

>> ‘My website is the best tool to sell my photos’, Efrén Valiente

And to finish this article, tell us. We’d love to know which are the best domains for photographers that you think work best? We’ll read you in the comments.

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