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4 May 2023

A newborn photographer has to be very careful when positioning the baby, he/she has to know about set composition, post-production and many other details that for other photo shoots do not require so much time.

Newborn photography is increasingly in demand and there are already many families who even before their newborn baby is born, book a session of this type. In this article we want to show you 9 websites of newborn photographers who also trust Arcadina and who do a great job.


If you are a newborn photographer you will already know how special and exciting these photo shoots with babies just a few days old are.


The work of a newborn photographer is in fashion because more and more families are deciding to take the first photos of their newborn babies in a photography studio. And we say the first images because this type of report is usually done in the first 2 weeks of the baby’s life. This detail is essential to be able to position the baby more easily and recreate the positions he/she adopted in the mother’s womb before birth.

This type of newborn photo shoots are very delicate and complex because they deal with babies who are only a few days old and have to be placed in very carefully studied positions. Although within newborn photography, there is also another variant which are lifestyle sessions. In these sessions, a more natural photography is carried out where the baby is not posed and can even be done in the family environment.

Whether it is newborn photography or lifestyle photography, taking the first photos of a baby is an exciting and very rewarding job and for the parents we know that it will be a unique memory of their newborn baby.

Newborn photographs that are true works of art

In order to make newborn pictures, especially those where the baby is positioned in different poses, much more striking, photographers have to know how to create different scenarios using various materials, e.g. bowls, baskets, chairs, stands, etc.

Because when setting up a newborn photography studio, in addition to having cameras, lenses and lighting equipment, it is important to have a series of specific materials for this type of reportage, for example:

  • Sets, decorations and backgrounds.
  • Decorative elements: fabrics, flowers, toys, etc.
  • Props: bowls, baskets, buckets, pushchairs, baby stands, blankets, flokatis, hats, headbands, wraps and baby clothes.
  • Puffs and positioners.
  • Articulated doll for practice.
  • baby care and hygiene kit.

With all this material and a lot of creativity it is possible to create artistic and adorable newborn photographs.

>> 7 Basic tips for creating adorable newborn photos

If your idea is to do a more natural newborn photography, all this material can be reduced but even so, you will need the creativity of working with the parents or in an environment that is not your studio.

3 practical tips to help you get chosen as a newborn photographer


If your passion is to photograph babies just a few days old and let your creativity run wild, it is important that before you take the plunge and start advertising this type of session, you keep these basic tips in mind even if you are a photographer with experience in other fields.

  • Specific training for a newborn photographer. Training is always important but in this type of newborn photography sessions it is crucial to have a great knowledge and experience of how to position babies at such a young age, how to wrap them or simply how to calm them during the shoot.

  • Previous guided experience with babies. Once you have all the theory clear, it is also important to practice, first with dolls and then with babies. Think that in other types of sessions you can try it out with clients and loosen up little by little, but in this type of session this is not at all advisable.

  • Specific props and material for these children’s photo shoots. If you already do children’s sessions, you may be able to use some of the sets and backgrounds you usually use, but if you really want to create true works of art, it is important that you get specific material for this type of sessions. During a newborn shoot you will usually use several different sets and you will need to have enough blankets, bowls, headbands, baby outfits, etc. in different shades and styles so that you can create several different scenarios.

9 great newborn photographers and their fantastic websites

If you like newborn photography, you’ll love this compilation of 9 photographers who do newborn photo shoots. We have made a selection of the galleries that we have liked the most for their delicacy and care when organising their photo sessions with babies. We hope you like the newborn websites of these colleagues.

Newborn photography is artistic, delicate and requires special knowledge to position the baby correctly and to learn how to make transitions between poses. That’s why today we want to show you 9 newborn websites that base their work on creativity, tenderness and spontaneity.

These colleagues know perfectly well how important and delicate these sessions are and we are very grateful to them for trusting Arcadina to show their work.

1# Omar Huerta: Llanes (Asturias)

Omar Huerta is an artistic photography studio located in the city of Llanes (Asturias), where its members are dedicated to making photo shoots of: maternity, newborn, smash cake, children, communion, baptisms and weddings.

For newborns, these photographers ask the families to come to their studio during the first 15 days of the babies’ life in order to be able to position them much better.

On their website with Cairo design, they encourage pregnant mums to enjoy this other photo session and to book their baby pictures during pregnancy. And if you go to their galleries section, you will be able to enjoy part of their newborn collection.


2# Sara Palacios Fotografía: Logroño (La Rioja)

Sara is a photographer with a studio in the city of Logroño (La Rioja) who specialises in taking social, newborn, pregnancy, communion, children and family photographs.

On her website with Arizona design, as well as getting to know her a little better, you will also have the opportunity to enjoy her image galleries where you will be able to appreciate how this photographer chooses both the decorations and the baby’s clothes with great care to achieve newborn photographs with a very careful aesthetic.


3# 2n Photo Fotografía Creativa: Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona)

Nacho and Marisa form the team of photographers specialised in pregnancy and newborns that you will find in the 2n Photo Fotografía Creativa studio located in Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona).

They know very well that these moments are very ephemeral and if you don’t keep some photographs of each childhood stage, when the years go by, some of these moments will be forgotten.

On their Arizona-designed website you can find out how they work and see part of their gallery of newborns.


4# Sara Alarcón Fotografía: Lleida

Sara Alarcón is a photographer based in Lleida who does all kinds of photo shoots with children and families: newborn, pregnancy, communion, families, children and smash cake.

A fantastic idea that this children’s photographer has had to show parents what a session of this kind is like, is to create a video where you can see part of a newborn photo shoot and post it in the “Who I am” section of her Arizona-designed website.

And if you go to her blog, you will be able to see some of her last reports with newborns that she has done.


5# Nice Phot Fotógrafo: Valencia

Behind Nice Phot Fotógrafo is Ester, a Valencian photographer who specialises in children’s photography (newborn, communion, infant, pregnancy, cake smash, etc.).

On her Arizona-designed website, as well as having several galleries of children’s sessions, she uses each article on her blog to explain what a photo shoot of this kind is like and how important this lovely memory will be when time goes by.


6# David Pazos Fotógrafo: Rota (Cádiz)

David is another newborn photographer who has his photography studio in Rota (Cádiz) and we have been following him for a long time because of the naturalness of his newborn sessions, which families like so much.

In addition to newborn photography, David also shoots maternity, children, communion and family photoshoots both in the studio and on location.

On their website with Arizona design you will be able to enjoy very natural photos where the expressions of the newborns, the spontaneous gestures of the children and the emotions of their parents flood their image galleries.


7# Agustín Serra Fotógrafo: Alzira (Valencia)

Agustín Serra Fotógrafo’s photography studio is located in Alzira (Valencia) and families can hire any type of photo shoot for their children: pregnancy, baby, children, communion, young people, etc.

On her website with NewYork design, you will be able to visit her different image galleries, such as the newborn, where natural poses and pastel backgrounds are her speciality.


8# Ñ Fotógrafos: Valladolid

Ñ Fotógrafos is a photography studio located in the city of Valladolid that offers its clients all kinds of photo shoots: weddings, children, advertising, books, etc.

Within the children’s sessions, this team carries out photo shoots of newborns where they take care of both the sets they use and the post-production of each image so that the result is really surprising.

On their website with Sydney design you will be able to see how they work and see some of their photo shoots in different galleries.


9# Karma Estudio Audiovisual: Cangas (Pontevedra)

The photographic studio Karma Estudio is located in Cangas (Pontevedra) and is formed by Carla, María and Ole. A fantastic team that takes care of all kinds of social photography sessions (weddings, children, newborn, pregnancy), fashion and nature.

Focusing on her gallery of newborn images that you will find on her website with Arizona design, you will be able to enjoy more natural images where the focus is on capturing the small details that make these precious babies unique.


What do all these newborn photographers have in common?


Although we are not experts in newborn sessions, we do want to give you a series of basic recommendations if you want to get started in newborn photography and we know that these 9 newborn photographers have taken them into account.

  • Train with experts in the newborn discipline to teach you how to pose babies correctly and safely.
  • Learn how to create original scenarios and compositions.
  • Look for blankets, hats, headbands, bowls and other accessories for your sessions.
  • Organise the poses so that you can take advantage of transitions to take even more photos in the shoot.
  • Learn techniques to soothe and put babies to sleep.
  • Set up your photography studio with everything you need to make both parents and baby comfortable.
  • Create an efficient online business model that allows you to offer your customers a professional service.
  • And enjoy newborn photography because when you start you will love being able to work with babies as young as one week old.

Learn how to be a great newborn photographer

To be a great newborn photographer you need to have a special sensitivity and specialised training in this type of reportage. That’s why, if you want to become a professional newborn photographer:

  • Take care of your training.
  • Practice and learn from the best in baby positioning.
  • Create unique decorations that dads will love.
  • Offer your clients the convenience of being able to view their photos in private online galleries, order professional prints from home and many other business solutions that will help you become a newborn photographer.

We hope this selection of 9 newborn photographers will inspire you.

On this occasion, we are going to share with you the opinion of the photographer Luiggi Benedetto who, among other sessions, also does newborn photography.

>> ‘Arcadina is dedicated to photographers’ Luiggi Benedetto

And as always, before we say goodbye for today, we would like to ask you what do you think about this compilation of newborn photography that we have done? Do you miss any newborn websites that are a reference for you and that trust Arcadina? We would love to hear about them in the comments.

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