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24 Sep 2020

Naming is the creation and development process of a brand name. And in a photographer’s or creative photographer’s business, the decision of choosing your brand name is very important.  It is an opportunity to make yourself stand out as a photographer of your area or country and to offer a value proposition that makes you unique.  There are lots of you, as professionals, who choose to create original names for your photography business and website. In this article we are going to present a selection of names of photographers and creative photographers.


Incidentally, at Arcadina, you can create your new website with whatever name you like. In addition, the domain is included in all of our plans. So we encourage you to think of something different and original. You will be able to create your photography website in less than 5 minutes (14 day free trial and with no obligation to purchase).

Personal naming is widely used in photography

It’s clear that, in the photography sector, many of you opt for Personal naming. It is very common to use the name of the founding photographer of the brand directly on your website, who is usually well-known in their area, province and even country. This is the case with Maru Serra, AgustínMarín… and we could add thousands more to the list. A common alternative of ‘personal naming’ is that you focus just on the first name or surname, or on a pseudonym, if this makes you more unique and identifiable.  This is the case with JMGrimaldiFotorodolfo or Caliq.

Others opt for descriptive naming, where the name of the website clearly describes your photography service directly. Sometimes also encouraged by the issue of better positioning your websites on search engines, this all makes sense. Examples of names of photographersOliverFotografo or SalvaFotografos.

Another more original naming comes from adding various words together or exaggerating them and transforming them into acronyms to form a new one.  Examples of names of photographers: ArteFoto or NovaFoto.

Creative naming makes the difference

But now more than ever before, creative naming is in fashion, think of an unusual, funny name which stands out and breaks moulds. Many photographers take advantage of a name to carry out direct marketing for their photography business, with something original, where their brand is recognised, and they have a special hook for their customers.

At Arcadina, our minds are always working in overdrive thinking of something new and we focus on creative naming in particular.  But now it’s your time, we present some of the most creative names to you that some of our users have chosen to name their businesses. All of these names have become more than that, they have become well known photography business brands. Look at how original these names are for photography websites:

#1 El Creador de Recuerdos 


Behind El Creador de Recuerdos is Pablo, a Sevillian who specialises in wedding photography, children’s sessions, family sessions and communion reports and who bases his way of photographing on capturing the naturalness, love and emotions of the people who stand before his camera.

#2 Fotogastros


Fotogastros is a studio located in Valencia, specialised in gastronomic photography and of products. On their website you can find the most succulent dishes and desserts with detailed photographs, paying utmost care to the light and shade that makes the food look even more appetising.

#3 Lima Limón


Ruth Lidón is the owner of this website specialised in photography of special events, such as communions, christenings, births etc. All from a perspective of sweetness and decorum for the aesthetics. The Lima Limón website is a good example of an attractive and memorable name for a page.

#4 Bilbao Photo Caudeau


The BilbaoPhotoCaudeau photography website specialises in taking all kinds of landscape and architectural photographs of Bilbao and Bizkaia for use as gifts or decoration (caudeau in Euskera means gift).

This team of photographers from Bilbao have made the most of the name of their company to make it clear what kind of product their customers can buy through the online shop on their photography website or by visiting their studio in the city of Bilbao.

#5 Foto Speedy


Foto Speedy is a website hosted by Italian photographers Andrea and Gianluca, experts in speed, as indicated by their name. A good name for a page of photographers. Their photos are of racing cars at moments of high speed.

#6 Bebísimos


Enrique was practically born among cameras, since his dad and grandfather are also lovers of photography and the family is growing. His project, Bebísimos, is focused on portraying babies in tender, emotive and fun photographs. They also do pregnancy photos.

#7 Foto Descargas


Foto Descargas is another example of a well-chosen name for a photography site since its domain reflects what it is about.  From the Foto Descargas website, you can buy high quality photographs to use wherever you like.  Their speciality is sports photography.

#8 Boudoir Nude


Boudoir photography and artistic nudes are gaining more and more followers. This type of reportage is increasingly popular with today’s women, where they express their sensuality and beauty in an elegant and discreet way. In this photography studio located in the city of Madrid you will also find reports applying the new technique of blacktape, books and specialized training for professionals.

#9 Caminante de Montes


Adrián Soria is an Ecuadorian biologist and landscape photographer who has managed to merge his great love for nature (and more specifically for the mountain landscape) with photography by offering various services on his photography website such as image sales, photography courses and mountain excursions. Without a doubt, he could not have chosen a better name for his website.

#10 Arcadina


Refers to the website you are currently on, if you are a photographer, videographer, or creative, you will be able to create your new website with the name you desire.

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