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2 Jun 2022

If you are looking for an original photographer name that will make you stand out from the rest of the photographers’ websites. Today we want to explain what creative naming is all about and how choosing a good photographer name can make you stand out from your peers.

Naming is the process of creating and developing a brand name. And in your case, we know that the choice of this name can be a very important decision. So if you haven’t yet chosen a name for your photographer, we encourage you to try creative naming. It’s an opportunity to differentiate yourself as a photographer in your area or country and offer a value proposition that makes you seem unique.


“Choose a name for a photographer that allows you to stand out from the rest. Go for creative naming.”

Find the name for a photographer that will help you sell more

As you may already know, choosing the right name for a photographer is not always an easy task. Within the search for your brand identity, you can choose between 2 options:

  • Personal naming. This type of name for a photographer is more classic and less risky. In the photography sector it is very common to find the photographer’s own name, some kind of combination with his surname or even with his profession.
  • Creative naming. These are usually more creative names, representing what you do or highlighting some aspect of the way you work. They are original, genuine and help create brand identity.

Before we dive deeper into the types of naming you can use for your company, we would like to share with you a very interesting article about branding for photographers.

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Personal naming is widely used on photographers’ websites

Personal naming tends to be the most commonly used by photographers. It is very common in this sector to choose the photographer’s own name as the representative brand of the company, as in the case of: Gaizka Medina, Maru Serra or Agustín Marín. These are just one example but we could write thousands.

Another variant of personal naming is to combine first and last names or to create a pseudonym that makes the company more unique and identifiable, e.g. JMGrimaldi or Caliq.

You can also use the combination of the first name or surname with the profession. Here are a few examples: OliverPhotographer, SalvaPhotographers, ArtePhoto or NovaPhoto.

What is creative naming?


When it comes to choosing a name for a photographer, there is an increasing trend towards creative naming. In order to find a name for your brand that is genuine, original and expresses some aspect of the way you work, you have to think of a peculiar, funny, attention-grabbing and ground-breaking combination of words.

“Creative naming allows you to be original, it is a hook for your clients and thanks to it, your brand will be much more recognisable”.

How to choose your name for a photographer?


One of the first things you can do to choose a name for your photography company is to brainstorm. Take a pen and paper and write down all the possible names and combinations you can think of.

In this brainstorming you can also consider aspects such as: the corporate colours you want to use, the logo, the typography, a more personal aspect that you want to appear in your brand identity or that defines your ideal client.

Use the Internet to find more words related to the ones you have already thought of or even other ideas that will help you define your corporate name.

Once you have put all your ideas down on paper, start discarding the ones you identify with the least and stick with 10 or so proposals.

Tips for choosing a name for photographers’ websites

When choosing a name for a photographer, in addition to taking into account how you want to be known, it is also important that you take into account a series of prior considerations:

  • Find a name with which you feel represented. There is no point in using a more creative name if you don’t identify with it.
  • Avoid overly long or convoluted names.
  • Especially if you use personal naming, do a little research on Google to see if another company with the same name as you is already using it.
  • Ask your family and friends for their opinions on the names you like best.

To those 10 options you had chosen in the previous section, pass them through these 4 filters and come up with the best name for your personal brand of photography.

By the way, did you know that in Arcadina you can create your website with any name you want?

>> Start with Arcadina

10 examples of creative naming that work for photographers’ websites

At Arcadina we are a team of inquiring minds and we are always thinking of something new. That’s why, if you ask us, we’ll stick to creative naming.

But now it’s your time to choose a name and to help you out we wanted to show you some of the most creative names that some of your colleagues have chosen to name their photography business.

1# El Creador de Recuerdos

Behind El Creador de Recuerdos you will find Pablo, a Sevillian dedicated to children’s photography sessions, wedding reportage, portraits and wedding videos.



2# Fotografía de Acción

If you like motorbikes and speed, on the Fotografía de Acción website you will find Quino de Mier, a photographer just as passionate as you who is also lucky enough to work in what he loves the most, photographing motorbike races.



3# Foto Peque

As the name suggests, the Foto Peque website is dedicated to the youngest members of the family. In their adorable galleries you will find some beautiful images of their reports of: newborn, smash cake and other children’s sessions.



4# Océanos de Color

If you like the underwater world and photography, Océanos de Color is undoubtedly your website. Behind these striking and colourful photographs is the photographer Fernando Pérez, who has managed to combine his two great hobbies and has found a name for his brand that is very representative.



5# Dream Again Photo & Video

Who doesn’t want to dream again about their wedding day? This is exactly what Juanmi and Borja, the photographers and videographers behind the wedding website Dream Again Photo & Video, want to offer their couples.



6# Motorcycle & People Photography

Whether you are a professional motorcyclist or just passionate about the world of two wheels, at Motorcycle & People Photography you can make your dream come true with a themed photo shoot.



7# Pensamiento Creativo

On Pensamiento Creativo‘s website you will find wedding reportages that are out of the ordinary. Spontaneous, fun and documentary. If a wedding couple is looking for wedding photographers in Lugo to take unique photographs for their wedding, this will be a great option.



8# Orlas y Fotos

What could be better than to show in the name of your brand the keywords that your customers may be searching for at the moment on the Internet. And this is exactly what the company Orlas y Fotos has used as its company name.



9# Miradas Fotografía

On the Miradas Fotografía website you will find several galleries of wedding, children’s, communion, pregnancy and professional images full of complicity, emotion and many looks.



10# Comprar Fotos

It is more than clear what you can find on the website of Comprar Fotos. In addition to finding an extensive gallery with beautiful photographs of the cities of Madrid, London or Toledo, you will also find a very useful guide with all the steps.



Choose the name for your photographer that makes you unique as a brand

Whether you decide on a more creative or personal name for your website, when choosing a name for your company’s photographer, always go for a combination of simplicity and originality.

Today we are pleased to share with you the testimony of the photographers of Otra Fotografía Boudoir website. Without a doubt, they have done a great job when choosing the name of their brand.

>> Other Boudoir Photography talks to Arcadina

And to say goodbye, here’s today’s question: What name for a photographer would you choose now if you were to start a new photography business? We’d love to read your ideas in the comments.

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