Today we present Emanuel Manfrin ambassador of Arcadina

Today we are pleased to introduce you to Emanuel Manfrin ambassador of Arcadina and a fantastic photographer, photo editor and mentor to photographers.

Emanuel started with photography almost by chance and now he can’t conceive his life without it, but rather than tell you about it, it’s better that he himself tells you about his experience, his experiences and how he has managed to turn a dream into a reality that he can live from.


Meet Emanuel Manfrin ambassador of Arcadina.

Meet Emanuel Manfrin, Ambassador of Arcadina


This time we would like to introduce you to Emanuel Manfrin, Arcadina’s ambassador and a fantastic children’s photographer with a defined fine art style and a mission to tell fantastic stories through storytelling.

 This Argentinian freelance photographer also teaches other photographers around the world and today we have him on our blog to tell us a bit more about his history with photography and how he met us when he was visiting his students in Spain.

A totally unexpected start in photography

“When I tell the story of my beginnings in photography, I always have fun because it was totally unexpected. I often say that it wasn’t me who found my first camera, it found me, and that’s when a whole new world began for me.

At the time, I was in a relationship with Sabrina, who is now my wife and the mother of my son Salvador. We dreamed of having a child in a few years and we used to say that, when we decided to look for one, we should be prepared to document the whole process in photos. But not simply with mobile phone pictures, but with higher quality images. This was especially important for my wife, as she has few memories of her childhood in photographs. She always told me that the day she became a mother she wanted to capture every moment, not only for us but also so that our son would have those memories forever. It’s amazing that today that dream has come true.”

I became the one in charge of capturing my family’s memories

“One day, we saw that someone we knew was selling his camera and my wife suggested buying it. The funny part of the story is that she didn’t feel attracted to learn how to use it and gave me the task. Without realising it, it was at that moment that I started on this path and it is amazing that I can’t go a single day without thinking about this passion that I have been cultivating for eight years now”.

Emanuel, for those who don’t know you, what is your speciality?


“I specialise in children’s photography. My work has a fine art and magical style, which I achieve through a good camera shot and then enhance it with post production, where I emphasise storytelling through Storytelling.

If I had to define my work, it would be fantasy photographs. I try to evoke in people the memory of how we saw the world when we were children. Where, if we found a branch, we used it to play with, immersing ourselves in the imagination of being in a fairy tale of magic”.

Do you provide any training? Tell us a little about it

“I am currently involved in training photographers from all over the world. My trainings are mainly online but I also do face-to-face workshops. Last year I toured 6 cities in Spain and soon I will be visiting the Dominican Republic with my workshop.

Currently, my most requested training is mentoring, where my real goal is that the photographer who places his or her trust in me achieves extraordinary changes in his or her photos. It fills me with satisfaction to see that, after this training, my students achieve it, as I really don’t hold anything back.

The same goes for my workshops, my aim is really to teach them everything I know so that they can achieve the photos they dream of.

Have you won any awards or recognition that you would like to highlight?


“Many of my photographs have been awarded prizes in international competitions. The awards that have undoubtedly given me most satisfaction are those of the 35 awards competition, one of the most prestigious in the photographic world. In the last competition I was one of the top 50 children’s photographers in the world.

I have been a speaker at two important international congresses such as the FDF and the smile Congress. And I was also a jury member in 2023 of an international competition organised by ADATA Technology”.

What do you think is the key for a photographer to be able to make a full living from his or her passion for photography?


“When I started photography 8 years ago, I was working at the 911 emergency centre, so I was doing both jobs simultaneously. Photography was my hobby, then my “second job” and ended up being my main job. This change happened because of my deep passion for this beautiful profession.

It wasn’t easy; I would stay up late editing photos and studying to improve my photos. However, perseverance started to make sense, the sessions multiplied and I was asked to give trainings.

I remember days with my son, me sitting in front of the computer screen with my baby in my arms, while editing photos. There are no excuses for professional growth.

I tried to combine both jobs, but when passion leans decidedly towards one of them, it no longer makes sense to keep the balance. Even though working at 911 provided security, I didn’t hesitate to quit in order to have more freedom and dedicate myself 100% to this beautiful profession.

For me, the key to making a living at what you love (and this applies to all areas, not just photography) is to do it with passion. As trite or simple as it sounds, passion is the key to success. Of course, you need to feed it constantly, never stop learning and exploring new things to avoid falling into monotony.

In addition to passion, we also need to be consistent and have well-defined goals. Success comes from the small steps we take every day.

I am just one example among many and I have shown that it is possible to dedicate yourself 100% to what you love. I had to give up my “safe” job to follow my path in photography, and there is not a single day when I think it was not the best decision I could have made.

How did you meet us?


“During my trip to Spain I had the opportunity to discover Arcadina, a platform that many of my students choose to host their websites. What stood out was its exclusive design for photographers, providing fundamental tools for the daily development of this profession. These include a private gallery for clients, a booking calendar, photo sales options, blogs, artificial intelligence and other services”.

Keep track of Emanuel Manfrin, Arcadina Ambassador

We are sure that Emanuel Manfrin, ambassador of Arcadina is going to be heard a lot in Spain and elsewhere. His photographs transmit the soul and the most incredible thoughts of the little ones and he manages to transmit this in his workshops to all his students.

Emanuel just tell you that in Arcadina we are delighted that you are our new ambassador and we hope that although you have just launched your new website with us, in a very short time you will be able to transmit all your knowledge in it.




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