Joan Vendrell, the new ambassador of Arcadina

On this occasion we have the honour of introducing you to Joan Vendrell, Arcadina’s new ambassador and a great friend for many years. Joan is a photographer specialised in taking stunning travel and landscape photographs and he also loves everything related to online and face-to-face training.

Self-taught photographer and a great professional, today we have the pleasure to have a little chat with Joan Vendrell, the new ambassador of Arcadina whom we admire and follow.


Find out who is Joan Vendrell, the new ambassador of Arcadina.

Who is Joan Vendrell, the new ambassador of Arcadina?


The truth is that Joan Vendrell, Arcadina’s new ambassador, has told us on more than one occasion that he started in photography out of pure passion, like many of you.

Everything related to photography makes Joan feel good, cheers her up and stimulates her to continue day by day. That’s why a few years ago he decided to invest time in it in order to dedicate himself professionally to photography and thus have more options to continue to be under its spell.

A very intense and familiar history with photography

Joan’s grandparents had a shop, they sold and took Kodak film to be developed. Whenever he could, he got hold of one and used some of the cameras that were around. Until one day he discovered a Canon EF reflex with two lenses, flash and tripod that nobody was using and he began to take his first photographs.

But the truth is that he was not only attracted by cameras and film, this still child spent hours looking at maps, atlases and TV2 documentaries, dreaming of being able to travel and photograph the world.


An equally exciting start to professional photography

Joan started working in a camera sales company in Barcelona and with what he had learned on his own, he managed to get a job as a technician in the professional photo department. It was a fantastic few years in which he had the opportunity to learn a lot.

It was in his own photography shop where Joan began to offer courses for new customers who bought a reflex camera and didn’t even know where to start. And it was in 2008 when he took the plunge into the freelance world. At that time he started Fotowalks in Barcelona and since then he continues with them.

In addition to being a fantastic trainer, Joan specialises in travel photography where he captures all kinds of natural landscapes, urban landscapes, people… a bit of everything. Because for this photographer to be able to transmit in his photographs, he first has to gather information, experiment and digest what he has learnt in order to capture it with criteria, order and clarity.

Joan Vendrell, the new ambassador of Arcadina


Joan discovered us through the Internet, searching for “websites for photographers” many years ago and at that time he already realised the potential of Arcadina’s websites and the fast and professional results that can be obtained thanks to them.

This great friend has always told us that we have helped him to improve as a photographer, but it’s better if he tells you himself.

“There is no doubt in my mind that Arcadina has contributed to my professional career and today more than ever.

Social networks have been part of our lives for years now, we see how they have been transforming and in some cases, they have even moved away from the needs of photographers.

You have to have your own website with your shop, your blog, etc.. A place where you can express yourself without advertising and without so many algorithms.

And one thing does not take away from the other, i.e. having your own space on the Internet does not prevent you from continuing to use the networks that are really useful to you”.

Get to know the online business of Joan Vendrell, Arcadina’s new ambassador

Joan tells us that he uses the private galleries to show his clients a series of photographs and, incidentally, so that they can make a selection of images. These private galleries are very convenient for him and his clients.

When we asked our ambassador about the printing of photographs in professional formats, he told us that printing is often the final part of the creative process and the tangible product that is delivered to clients.

The quality of these prints is the photographer’s entire job and they are the culmination of a great deal of effort and must be pampered.

On the other hand, it is important to be agile and automate processes without compromising quality, in order to become more efficient photographers.


Do you want to know what Joan Vendrell, Arcadina’s new ambassador, thinks about our web designs?

“The New York design is the one I am currently using. I like that it is clean, clear and easy.

I always try to put myself on the other side of the screen, when a person who doesn’t know me at all comes to my website, what impression will they get?

We must not forget that we must generate trust, so that the customer feels at ease and knows that we are going to offer him what he is looking for. These first sensations arise with the first thing the customer sees from us and that is our website”.


Joan’s advice for photographers who want to start with Arcadina

When we asked Joan for some recommendations to give to photographers who want to start their career with a professional website, this is what he said.

“I recommend that you go from less to more, start with a simple design and add services as you need them progressively.

Sometimes we get too caught up in planning and thinking about a very complex website and we get stuck. What we have to do is to start now! and keep in mind that a website develops with us.

Definitely a great piece of advice to follow.

The future of photography as seen through Joan’s eyes

According to the experience and vision of this great photographer and ambassador of Arcadina, the present of professional photography is very interesting but the future will be a madness of opportunities. “Photography is already an international language, it is spoken all over the world. But in the same way that a pencil and paper doesn’t make you a poet, the same goes for photography. “


Photographers are already an active part of the photographic culture, they are professionals and advisors of everything that revolves around this growing demand for audiovisual content.

Joan Vendrell, the new ambassador of Arcadina already has dreams and plans for the future and some of them are taking care of what he already has in place without forgetting his future goals to keep moving forward.

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Find out more about Joan Vendrell, the new ambassador of Arcadina


If you liked meeting Joan Vendrell, the new ambassador of Arcadina, you can continue discovering his work and his courses on his social networks, on his Youtube channel and, of course, on the Arcadina blog.


We are delighted to have talked to you Joan and we wish you that in the exciting future that awaits us all, all your expectations and dreams will be fulfilled.


Instagram: @ joanvendrell

YouTube: Joan Vendrell

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