How to create the perfect logo for a photographer or creative person


18 Abr 2018

Creating a logo for a photographer, videographer or creative professional is much more important than it first appears. It is the most summarised form of presenting your photographic business. A good logo increases direct communication and encourages our clients’ loyalty by creating a market identity and conveying professionality.  In this article, we provide you with a few pieces of advice and some examples for when you are creating your logo, so that your website displays a solid brand which is trustworthy and recognisable.


Advice for creating the perfect logo for a photographer or creative person

Below you will find some easy to follow advice that we have gathered for creating your logo.

1- Simple, plain

It is clear that designing a logo in advance is not as easy as it seems. Many times, an idea comes into your head, and there we go, we’ll design the logo with a multitude of details. Should I include a camera, or should you draw something inside the ‘o’ in my name, thousands of shapes and details, a photograph in the background, adding an immense number of colours and effects. The final result is an illegible brand which is difficult for your clients to visualise. To create a logo that works, the first thing to note is that it should be simple and easy to remember. A logo should be easily remembered by anyone, so synthesise your idea as much as you can, get rid of the detail and keep the essentials.

Alfi Gómez Estudio

Logo of Alfi Gomez Estudio. Simple and clear, without ornamentation.

It is often easy to get embroiled with complicated shapes and colours. Don’t give them too much thought. In most cases, what really works is to be as simple, clean and concise as possible. Think about how your logo has to give your client two very important pieces of information with just a glance. Who are you? and What do you do?


Logo of Gaetano De Marco. It is very clear who he is, what he does and the logo accompanies the aesthetics of the rest of the web.

2- Look at the competition

But don’t copy it. On the contrary, look at what your competition is using. Is it classic or cursive text? Then break the mould with a logo with modern lines, or with an explosive font which will differentiate you in your area. The objective to achieve is that when clients see your brand, they recognise it. You need to distinguish your business from the competition through your logo.

Gauargi Photo

GauargiPhoto logo, includes a simple snail objective very recognizable.

If the logo is the first thing that you are designing for your business, use the colours you chose for the other elements of your brand. It should be sufficiently unique so that people will immediately identify it with your business. And think about the simplicity and natural appeal of some of most famous logos in the world, such as Apple, Nike or McDonalds.


Logo of Imago Fotos, the color orange as business brand.

3- Quality fonts

If you are one of those people who has opted for creating a logo purely with text, without an accompanying image, be very aware that the text will play a crucial role. It should be high-quality and be aligned to the message you are giving.  Additionally, as the logo will be visible on the web, you should choose a legible text so that the message is transmitted the way that you want it to be.


Signature logo of Pablo Souviron, without doubt gives a personal character to his work.

Depending on the font you choose you will transmit a personality or feeling which can contribute substantially to the style of photographs you take. If your business is wedding photography it is possible that you would choose a more refined font. For a photographic studio whose objective is creative photography and where each image is looking to be a work of art, the logo should have some creative element, such as a font created by the author, etc.


Gartcia Photography logo, mix a classic and simple typography (love moments) with another as a signature and give a more creative touch with the heart, very much in line with its specialized, children’s photography.

4- Illustrate the photograph

If you add an illustration to your logo it will make people recognise what you do right from the first glance. Logos that include an image or graphic have more complete information. What elements of the image represent a professional? Well, a camera, an object which attracts the attention of your clients, etc. Of course, you need to know how to make the right choice about what images to include so that you don’t create confusion.


Click Love logo, in this case the camera drawing reinforces the message of your brand.

You should avoid pre-designed images at all costs. However, tempting they are, it is best to move away from this type of illustration (clip art, etc.). Not only do they appear “cheap”, but they can easily be copied, and you may find another photographer with the same logo as yours, which would make it lose its uniqueness. Also avoid background photographs, they can look alright on the web, but they end up with poor quality when reduced to a small scale, for example, on mobile phones. The best thing to do is to find a designer. Although a little more expensive, it will allow you to achieve a much more professional result in a short amount of time. But if you don’t want to spend any money, with graphic design software and a little bit of practice, it is also possible to create your own logo.

5- Lasting

You can’t be redesigning your logo each year, so don’t try to adapt it to today’s fashion. Changing your logo style continuously may lead to confusion. It is best to project a brand that can last over time, one that you can use for years.


Miluska Zavaleta logo, very current, but with a style that does not go out of style.

Analyse your brand thoroughly and find the differentiating element that you want to be remembered by. It could be for the type of photography that you do, or by your name, for example. Once you are clear about the part of your brand that you want people to remember, highlight it in a subtle way and ask yourself the following question. Will I still like this logo in 10 years’ time? If your answer is Yes. Go ahead. You have found the logo that represents you.


Photo Studio Martens logo. Clear, simple and representative of your brand.

Besides, don’t be afraid of being out of fashion. With time, your logo will reflect the original spirit of the business and give character to your work. A good logo does not follow fashion. Get rid of degraded, shaded and fashionable fonts and create a logo that will last for years.

6- Choose your brand colour

Logos should have 1 or 2 colours at most, a neutral colour and another which distinguishes your commercial brand and which will be included in the rest of your products, studio, files, albums, etc. You should also create a version in black and white and see if that works and can be read properly. Imagine that your logo is printed in an album or publicity in black and white, it should be clearly visible.  Although a logo with five colours may be more attractive than another with two or three, in the future, printing costs will rise substantially.


Pedro Navarro Photographers logo, white and blue colors, which highlights the surname that gives its name to the Navarro company.

7- Scalable and versatile

Something else to keep in mind when you create your logo is that it should be scalable to very small sizes without losing its legibility. Imagine viewing your website through a mobile phone or on a business card. It’s not worth gambling with the internet, create a logo that works well at any size and on any device (pc, smartphone, tablet, etc.).

Logo Proyecta Foto

Project photo logo. A fine stroke that works perfect on any device and size.

8- Original

Copying another logo, changing a letter or adding a photo is not recommended. It is clear that you have to look around and think a lot to come up with good ideas, and with so much competition it may seem impossible to come up with something different. But even if it costs, the ideal is to achieve an original design for a logo which is different from all the rest of the photographers and creatives. The ideal is that your logo starts from an original idea, and that it does not look like any other that you may have seen before in your area.


A cool and fun logo for Sara Alarcón. She specializes in photography of pregnant women, children and newborns.



Without doubt, a good logo serves to promote your photography business. It is your symbol, a graphic element that represents you. It is the first thing your clients will see when they visit your website. So if you want your website to stand out, your logo must also stand out. Look after your logo and you will be looking after your business ;·)

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