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15 Apr 2019

Artistic photography is a style of photography that is used to communicate a message or tell a story to the viewer.  For this reason, it is also called documentary photography, since the pictures should always tell a story hidden behind them.  Photographers who work with this type of photography usually create their own fiction with characters in a ready-made setting.

Today we bring you list of artistic photographers who love this type of conceptual photography, where all of them try to convey an emotion, an idea or a message through their pictures.  Some of them will be more difficult to understand than others, but we encourage you to discover them through their websites.

8 artistic photographer’s websites

Artistic photography has gathered momentum over the last few years.  Due to the saturation of photography of the smartphone era, where we are seeing pictures every second, it is important to know how to capture attention in a flash.  This is where this type of photographic genre comes in which is becoming the latest choice for marketing and commercial campaigns and in attracting new customers, and where the professional photographer takes advantage of their talents to create photographs that attract the audience’s attention at a glance.

Davide Gherzi, creativity in their DNA

Davide Gherzi he is a photographer in Torino (Italy) whose talent has been recognised with various awards and commendations.  He specialises in advertising photography, in particular ‘Still life’ is his specialisation that you can admire on his website with NewYork design.

He also has a lot of experience in the artistic field as singer-songwriter, guitarist and graphic designer, which enables him to create his own communication campaigns.

Davide Gherzi. Artistic photographer.


Rubén Mefisto, born to shoot wild

“Born to shoot wild” it is the domain name chosen by Rubén Mefisto for his website with Bangkok design, reflection of the passion and frenzy with which he experiences his work as a photographer.

On the website of this photographer from Ibiza you will find the most picturesque and original galleries such as “Aftertography” where he portrays what happens after the photography.

Rubén Mefisto. Artistic photographer.


Llarena Photography, the interaction of landscape and man

Behind this website with Venezia design, we find Aridane Llarena, a nature loving geographer who has ended up as a photographer and teacher of photography in Las Palmas.  In his personal projects he combines a landscape in complete interaction with man (whether it’s positive or negative interaction).

And, as with all of the elements they are made up of, they inter-relate with each other.  His photographs of landscape deselect the initial concept, becoming true works of art.  Undoubtedly a good example of artistic photography.

Llarena Photography. Artistic photographer.


Raúl Ortega, balance in the chaos

Raúl Ortega he is an artistic photographer who defines himself as a multi-disciplinary artist who alternates his passion and photography work with silkscreen printing and painting.  He is a photographer from Seville who uses deep emotions and feelings to be able to transfer his visual and creative capacity.

He is always looking for ways to leave a different and poetic message behind his works, something that leaves no one feeling indifferent. He claims that, amongst the chaos of his photos, balance is projected and this gives a touch of mystery.  Enjoy his incredible work of artistic photos on his website with Arizona design.

Raúl Ortega. Artistic photographer.


Yolanda García, conceptual photography loaded with fantasy

Yolanda she is a digital artist and retoucher from Madrid. A photographer who adores conceptual photography, where she can show her point of view and leave everyone to guess her compositions. She defines herself as a freak of digital art in this sense and enjoys it to the full, creating her dream and fantasy worlds that you can enjoy on her website with Bangkok design.

In addition, she is a ‘handmade’ photographer, she likes to make her own sets and styles, to create sets that are full of romanticism, past eras, surrealism.  Pure artistic photography.

Yolanda García. Artistic photographer.


Jesús Tozán, a world within our world

Jesús Tozán he is a photographer from Alcalá de Henares (Madrid) and the thing he likes most of all is to take artistic photos. This is what it says on his website with Arizona design, photography is his refuge and even a therapy in order to feel good.

He has history, technique and creativity to go from showing you from the harshest reality to taking you to a completely imaginative and fictitious world.  A world within our world, waiting to be seen.  Do you dare to enter?

Jesús Tozán. Artistic photographer.


A G Redondo Fotografía, travelling images with a very personal vision

Behind the Sydney-designed website of A G Redondo Fotografía is Antonio. Antonio loves discovering new corners of the world and its cultures and tells with his camera everything he finds on his travels.

Antonio has travelled halfway around the world (Senegal, Ethiopia, Colombia, Venice and Paris), and shows in different exhibitions and in the galleries of his website some of his travel, author and documentary photography reports.



Bernard Larroque, a “different” view of the world

Bernard is a French photographer based in Madrid who uses his NewYork design website by BernardLarroque (b en ou) as an online gallery.

If you look at his website you won’t find too much information about his work or Bernard’s life, but you can enjoy a wide collection of images of his travels (Cuba, Miami), the world of bullfighting, nudes, portraits of strangers and celebrities, his vision of life and even a tribute to the photographer Ralph Gibosn.



Create your artistic and conceptual photography website

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