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22 Dec 2022

Creative photography is characterised by transmitting emotions and creating parallel realities of everything around us. This discipline is one of the most risky and satisfying at the same time for photographers. Creativity in photography allows us to show new imaginary worlds and to transmit moods or thoughts of the author himself through the images.

That’s why today we want to talk a little more in depth about creative photography and introduce you to great creative photographers who have entrusted us with their best work to show and sell them through the business solutions that you can find in Arcadina.


In creative photography the unusual is pure reality.

What is creative photography?


It could be said that creative or artistic photography is that discipline in which an attempt is made to capture the reality of an event, person, inanimate element or landscape in a way that is totally different from reality.

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, in this type of photo, what the creative photographer is looking for is to cause an effect on the people who are looking at the image. Whether it is to tell another version of a story, to convey a message or to bring out some kind of emotion in the viewer.

It goes without saying that creativity in photography is open to multiple interpretations. Something that the author of the work will undoubtedly love. Another of the great truths of creative photography is that it has a place in all kinds of disciplines: portraits, advertising or commercial photography, social reportage, landscape images, etc. Anything goes when it comes to creating this type of creative images.

What does a photographer need for creative photography?


What can I say about how to become a creative photographer that hasn’t been said before? The first thing you need to focus on, especially if you are just starting out, is to acquire a broad background in photography. This is the basis of every photographer.

>> The importance of training for a photographer

And if you want to take the plunge and dedicate yourself to this work professionally, knowledge of digital marketing and having the necessary tools to create your own business will be the next steps you will have to take.

>> The importance of further training for a photographer

In case you were not aware of it, at Arcadina we give you the possibility to test our websites for photographers and business solutions completely free of charge for 14 days.

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Did you know that we have launched our own video training? In the following article we present it to you.

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And another element that is fundamental, especially when it comes to gaining experience in this type of creative photography, is to see a lot of work by peers, exhibitions, photography books or even documentaries.

If you are considering becoming a creative photographer or simply like to admire this type of work to inspire you in your own reportage, we are going to share with you another very interesting article on this subject.

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Examples of Arcadina’s most outstanding creative photographers

Although this is not the first compilation we have shown you about creativity in photography, today we wanted to choose a selection of creative photographers working in different disciplines.

Before introducing you to these 4 great photographers, we are going to share with you an article where you can discover more colleagues specialised in creative photography.

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1# Jayma Photography: creative fine art photography


On Jayma Photography’s New York design website, as well as being able to discover a range of photo shoots, such as fashion, sensual and press shoots, Javier, who has a photography studio in Granada, also has a section to showcase a creative artistic photography section. Javier, who has a photography studio in Granada, also has a section to show a creative artistic photography section. There, as well as portraits, you will also be able to discover a series of images with a certain amount of preparation and creativity.

2# Jorge Pérez: artistic wedding reportage


Although it is not usually the most common thing, there is also room for creativity in photography in wedding reportage. For all those professionals who like to merge the naturalness of every moment of a wedding with the creativity of the photographer himself, you will love the portfolio of this website with Arizona design.

In addition, this photographer from Murcia has a private client area with private galleries and a public front page so that his clients can: view, download, share their wedding photographs and continue shopping from the comfort of their own homes.

In the following article we will tell you more about this topic.

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3# Gus Fine Art: creative photomontages


Gus is a contemporary and visual artist who offers a very particular vision of reality that he has managed to represent very well in his New York design website.

In the creativity of his photographs you will be able to appreciate that this artist uses several photographic techniques, such as: multiple exposure, photocomposition and matte painting (visual representation painted using the matte technique where, through the superimposition or integration of different photographs, a realistic landscape or scenery is recreated).

4# Dalia Vicente Photography: creative advertising photography


In the business area of Dalia Vicente Fotografía, you will be able to see a collection of creative advertising photography that sometimes breaks with the established standards. An essential detail to capture the attention of users in the advertising sector.

Tips on how to be a great creative photographer


When it comes to gaining experience and making this type of high-impact images, as with everything in life, the most important thing is that you try, take risks and experiment with all kinds of compositions and techniques until you find your own particular style within this wide-ranging discipline.

Look at the greats in the world of photography, but also look at other creative disciplines, such as painting, show business or film and seek inspiration from these fields.

Create risky and groundbreaking scenes and photograph all kinds of situations, landscapes or people until you find a style that you are more or less comfortable with.

How can I showcase and sell my creative photography?


Once you have acquired your own style and want to show your work. Ideally, in addition to sharing them through networks, you should look for an online platform that allows you to create your own art galleries on the Internet.

In Arcadina, in our Web plan, you will be able to have a website prepared to show your images in a professional way and have all the elements that will help you to sell your work. For example: service pages, blog where you can explain your work, biography, testimonials page, etc.

If you are looking to sell your work to as many people as possible, in our different Business plans you will be able to create all kinds of public galleries to sell your images, products and personalised services.

And if your idea is to be able to offer creative reports tailored to the client, the private galleries that you can create within your business area will allow you to present their work in a private area. In this space, as well as being able to view and download the images, they will also be able to continue purchasing photographs, copies or prints in professional formats (Arcadina Labs).

Would you like to try all the options we offer you in Arcadina? Remember that you have 14 days free.

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Creative photography is in vogue: promote your most groundbreaking images with Arcadina

Knowing how to convey a message in creative photography is not easy and neither is making a living from it. That’s why learning from the best creative photographers and having all the tools you need to sell your most striking images will make the process much easier and more bearable.

This time we want you to get to know a little better the photographer Mikel Azkarate who is in charge of the Dark Red Team website.

>> ‘Arcadina Labs: a business and future opportunity’, Mikel Azkarate

And to end this creative article we would like to ask you a question: Do you know of any other creative photographers who have their website with us and who can inspire you? We’d love to hear about them in the comments.

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