Do you want to know how to create a good online photography portfolio?

6 Dec 2022

When it comes to attracting clients through your website, your photography portfolio will play a very important role. After they know what your style is like and what kind of photography services you offer, your online portfolio will be the next thing that visitors to your photography website will look at.

Today we want to share with you a detailed guide so that your portfolio of images is just what your clients need to see in order to choose you as a photographer.


Create a portfolio website true to your personal brand and your visitors will become clients.

What should your photography portfolio look like?


When displaying your online portfolio on your website, it is important that you take into account a series of aspects so that the photographs you include in your galleries help you to show your full potential as a photographer.

Sometimes there is a misconception that the more photos you show in your online portfolio, themore options you will have to attract the attention of a potential client. But the truth is that a gallery with too many photos, or even complete sessions, can have exactly the opposite effect on your potential clients.

Another aspect that you have to take into account when create a photography website and selecting the images for your galleries is the needs of your clients. For example, if you are a children’s photographer who does studio and outdoor sessions and you know that most of your clients always ask you to do a family photo shoot outdoors, it is ideal that you show and highlight just that type of images in the portfolio of images on your photography website.

To make sure that you do all these actions, the ideal thing to do is to plan ahead and set aside some time in your work calendar to update your image gallery.

Let’s look at all these ideas in a little more detail.

Create a portfolio website with your most dazzling images


We know that your images convey a very particular style, that’s why, when creating a portfolio website, it is very important that you pay special attention when creating the image gallery of your photography website.

The idea is that you select only the best photos. The ones that you know are extraordinary, that truly reflect your style and that will leave your potential customers speechless when they see them in full size on your website.

And if you haven’t updated your website’s image portfolio ina while, it’s time to do so. Because with the passage of time, new trends and your experience, it is totally logical that your online portfolio will change and acquire certain special touches that are important to be reflected on your website.

When creating a photographers portfolio, it is normal that you want to include most of your images. We know that you are very proud of each one of them, but you must take into account that the visitors that come to your photography website do not have all day to see your gallery of images.

Websites for photographers will only have an average of 10 seconds to attract the attention of visitors. That’s why it’s important that you spend some time selecting the images you’re going to show.

Remember to include some photographs throughout the rest of the website, not just in your online portfolio. Ideally, you should distribute some of your images throughout the rest of your website, for example: services page, landing page, biography, etc. This way, in addition to enjoying your images, your visitors will find it much more enjoyable to read.

Captivate your ideal clients with your online portfolio from your website for photographers


It is clear that your photographs, no matter how good they are, can’t please everyone. But you must know that there is a particular group of people out there who are fascinated by your work.

All those people who are attracted to your photographic work are your target audience or ideal client and it is precisely those people you have to think about when publishing any image on your website for photographers.

Especially, if your work on your website for photographers is focused on several customer profiles, for example: if you offer family, wedding and fashion photography services. The best thing to do is to create an image gallery for each type of service. Or even a separate website for each type of photographic reportage.

The idea is to create a photography website with a portfolio of images of each of your reports with the 20 or 50 best images you have taken.. This way your visitors will be able to see a sample of the photographs they are most interested in at the moment.

Use the menus or submenus to perfectly organise your online portfolio, so that each ideal client finds their own space on your photography website.

Plan when to renew your photo galleries from the best website for photographers


We know that this task of updating your online portfolio of, for example, the wedding photographer website, is often postponed for later. There is always some “more important” work to do first. But if you don’t take the time to improve the aesthetics and content of your photography website, your competition will and in no time your website will become outdated and worse, it won’t represent you.

So don’t put it off any longer. Set a date in your calendar and get to work on your portfolio website.

If you want to know how to create a photography portfolio, the ideal is that at least 1 or 2 times a year you should dedicate some time to update the photographs you show on your website. And we are not only talking about your online portfolio but also the rest of the photos that appear in other areas of your website.

If you find it overwhelming to select all the photos that your photography website should include, start small. You can start by making a selection of the 6 or 7 best images for the front page, and then create a portfolio of images with several sub-sections if you wish. Later on, you can expand and update your image gallery.

Arcadina’s photography website builder helps you create a professional photographers portfolio


As we have already mentioned, it makes sense that your online portfolio is constantly changing. Over the years, you have refined your technique and the images you took some time ago are no longer the same as the ones you take now. For this reason you should update your photographers portfolio constantly.

One of the questions you should ask yourself in order to know how to create a photography portfolio is as follows: “How can I make a practical, beautiful and functional online portfolio?

We know you are not a photography website builder, that’s another story. That’s why, when creating an image portfolio with Arcadina, you will be able to do it in just a few minutes, easily and quickly. And with a professional result when it comes to websites for photographers and without errors or slow loading times.


In your Management Panel you will find a section exclusively dedicated to your image gallery, where you can create new photo and video galleries or upload more updated photos in just a few minutes.

In addition to create a photography website, galleries and uploading images in an efficient way, in the Arcadina control panel you will be able to customise this section of your website as much as you want.

  • You can activate or deactivate the random display of images as you wish.
  • It will allow you to customise the number of rows, photos per row and the type of borders.
  • You will have a system to automatically switch the images to projection mode.
  • You will have the option to add a watermark to the images automatically.
  • You can activate music for each gallery, to give them a more personal touch.
  • And many more options.

Here is a compilation of articles on how to set up your photographers portfolio from our help section to create the best website for photographers.

>> Arcadina’s help: galleries

Create galleries and sub-galleries to organise the different photo shoots of your websites for photographers


When displaying the images on photographer websites, make the most of all the tools you have at your disposal to make your work look as good as possible. The days of showing your portfolio on paper are over. Now 95% of your clients, at least in the first contact, will discover your portfolio of images on photographer websites.

As we have already mentioned, the ideal is to organise your photos by type of session or theme, so that each type of client can find a space on your website where they can enjoy part of your photography portfolio.

For this reason, in Arcadina we offer you galleries where your visitors will be able to enjoy your photographs online and in a size never seen before.

Did you know that on your photography blog you can also upload a small gallery of images? A very interesting option for articles where you explain a day’s session with you.

Use a photography website builder with a gallery design that matches the message of your images


When it comes to creating photographer websites and updating your photography portfolio with us you will also have the opportunity to change the design of the gallery itself. This way, depending on the type of sessions you do or how you want your clients’ experience to be when viewing your photos on the web, you will have the possibility to use different designs.

We currently have 4 active designs that will help you decide how to create a photography portfolio that you can try out and change whenever you like. In the following article we present them to you.

>> Discover the photo and video galleries Pages, Slideshow, Infinite and Carousel

And in case you didn’t know, in our galleries you will also be able to include an Instagram gallery where visitors will be able to see all the images you upload to this social network without leaving your website.

>> Learn how to integrate Instagram, WhatsApp and SMS galleries into your website

Get more clients thanks to the photography portfolio and discover how to make a photography website


As you have seen today, it is important that the photography portfolio is constantly evolving on the best website for photographers. With Arcadina you have the possibility to upload your photos directly from Lightroom, show them at full size, change the gallery design whenever you want, connect your galleries with your social networks and many more really interesting options.

If you have not yet started with Arcadina, we encourage you to try our Web plan for 14 days, completely free of charge.

Start with Arcadina

Today we want to share with you the interview we did with photographer Omar Huerta who also discusses how to make a photography website with us.

>> “My website helps me to show a professional image”, Omar Huerta

We also want to share with you a video where KubeStudio also talks about how your photography portfolio should look like.

And finally, we would like to ask you a question: What kind of strategies do you use to organise your image gallery? We’ll read you in the comments.

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