8 mistakes you are making on your photography website that you need to fix now


7 Dec 2023

If you want to change your photography business strategy for next year in order to consolidate or grow your work as a professional photographer, it is important that you learn to identify and resolve a series of mistakes on your photography website that are preventing you from advancing professionally.

Because many times what happens is that you make a website and then you forget to maintain it or update it and in these times, it can become obsolete in a very short space of time. That’s why today we want to show you 8 mistakes on your photography website that we are sure you are making right now and that if you correct them, or at least improve them, they will help you to advance in your digital photography business.


What are you waiting for to solve the biggest mistakes on your photography website?

Why is it important that you correct all the mistakes on your photography website that are making you lose money?


You may think that the mistakes on your photography website that we are going to detail in a moment are not too serious and do not prevent you from continuing to make money as a photographer and you may be partly right. But the truth is that if you take them into account and remedy them, your photography business will run much better and you will get more sales through your website and who doesn’t want to achieve that goal nowadays?

These types of small actions that you can do to improve the performance of your digital business, you will be able to plan them little by little, in this way you will be able to measure if each of the steps you are taking have some kind of result in the number of enquiries or final contracts that you receive each month.

Moreover, in most cases, your photography website will be the first impression that future clients will have of you and taking care of it as much or more than your photography studio will also be a goal to achieve.

8 mistakes you need to fix now if you want to make a living from photography

Below, we are going to explain what the main mistakes on your photography website are and best of all, we are going to help you remedy all of them so that turning your website into a profitable digital photography business is much easier for you.

1# Your photography website has a very poor online presence

One of the first mistakes on your photography website that we are going to deal with is your position in Google. No matter how amazing your photography or how different your services are from those of your competitors, if your potential clients don’t know about it, they will never hire you. And for them to discover all your talent, the first thing you have to do is to get them to find you through their searches on the Internet.

To improve your SEO positioning you can plan a series of actions that, little by little, will help you gain positions. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Use keywords on text type pages, e.g. on your homepage, services, biography, etc.
  • Within the written content of your website, liven up the reading by adding titles, subtitles, keywords highlighted in bold, images that are related to what you are writing, etc.
  • Fill in the meta title and meta description fields of each page (the title and the short summary of your website on the Internet). This is highly valued by Google and helps to improve your ranking.
  • Use the photography blog to create more targeted articles and rank for those secondary keywords.
  • Add both internal and external links to your website.
  • Make sure your website is ready to improve your web positioning on the Internet.
  • Etc.

These are just a few strategies, there are certainly more, but these will be more than enough to get you started.

As you carry out certain actions, measure with, for example, Google Analytics, whether your searches have increased and, depending on the results, continue along one path or another.

You can find more information on this subject in the following link of our blog.

>> Arcadina’s Blog: SEO

2# Your website is not connected to social networks


Another mistake that may seem insignificant but can help you improve your visibility is to have a social media presence and, above all, connect it to your website.

There are a lot of people on social networks, there is no doubt about that and we know that you are more or less active on them, but what we are not so sure about is that you know how to take advantage of the visibility that Instagram, Facebook or any other social network gives you, to get more views to your photography website. To achieve this you can do several things:

  • In all the articles you publish, add a link to your photography website.
  • If, for example, you are launching a new campaign or want to promote an offer, create a landing page on your website (a text-type information page that will not appear in your main menu). Once you have created it with all the information, share the link on your social networks.
  • On your website, at least on Arcadina’s websites, you will have the possibility to activate an Instagram image gallery, another very good strategy to save you work by publishing the same photos in 2 different spaces.
  • If you create any paid ads on networks, make the post button go to your website.
  • Etc.

If you have more doubts about how to act in your social networks, in the following link you will find several interesting articles.

>> Arcadina’s Blog: Networks

3# There is a total lack of information about your services on your website

We have been warning about this for a long time and the fact is that not explaining your services through the web can make you lose clients. We know that many photographers do very well on the phone or meeting in person with clients to explain all the options, but the reality is that many other potential clients will not even be contacting them because they cannot find the information they need on your website.

To prevent this from happening again, finish the campaign you are currently running and start planning all the information about your sessions that you should upload to the website. Here is a small guide to help you:

  • Create a service page for each type of session, especially if the ideal client profile is different, for example: wedding and communion sessions.
  • You can start by copying the information you currently have in your dossiers and over time expand or improve it.
  • Create a section within each page where you give answers to the most frequent questions that your customers usually have.
  • Don’t forget to add a form at the bottom of the page for customers to contact you.
  • Provide information about yourself in the biography, creating this section will give more confidence to certain customers.
  • On your homepage, write a summary of your work by answering these questions: what do you do? where do you do it? what kind of photography do you do?
  • Etc.

We are sure that the following article from our blog will be of great help to you to improve your content:

>> The importance of text on a photography website

4# Your website design is not set up to display your images properly


Once you have managed to attract a large number of people to your website, the next step you have to take is to make them see it as attractive and pleasant and for that it is important that you take into account the design you choose so that your images are seen in all their splendour on your website.

At Arcadina all our websites are perfectly adapted to photography businesses so that you can: display your photos at full size, create as many image galleries as you need, add small galleries on your text pages or even on your blog, have 7 web designs that you can modify whenever you want, etc.

Once or twice a year you can do a little overhaul to your website to get a more current and renewed air. Here are some actions that you can plan and that won’t take up too much of your time:

  • Change the design of your website, galleries, homepage, etc. to renew your appearance.
  • Create a sub-gallery of images for each type of session and try to renew your photos at least once a year.
  • Change from time to time the main photo on your homepage (the first page your customers will see when they enter your website), especially if you are running temporary campaigns.
  • Activate or deactivate, depending on the time of year, the information on temporary campaigns.
  • Etc.

5# Your image galleries are out of date

Images are your final product and the main reason why many clients end up hiring your services. That’s why maintaining a current and dynamic portfolio can be a very simple action to plan and will help you to improve your aesthetics every season.

We know that during a photographer’s professional career, his style may change slightly and evolve, that’s why it is important to show on the web a selection of the most recent and current photographs possible.

These are some of the actions you can plan once a year with regard to your photographs:

  • Review the images in your galleries and add only the brightest pictures from this past season.
  • Check other parts of your website such as the homepage, services, etc. and renew your photos there as well.
  • Revise old blog articles whose stories and especially images have become outdated.
  • Etc.

6# There are no reviews anywhere that endorse the way you work


One of the most common mistakes on your photography website is not giving testimonials the importance they deserve. If you think about it, nowadays we are looking for reviews of everything: restaurants, holiday spots, Amazon articles, etc. and when a person is going to hire a photographer the same thing happens.

In addition to giving your customers the opportunity to leave a review on Google or even Facebook, it is also important that these types of comments appear on your website. To do so, you can plan the following actions:

  • Activate, if you have not already done so, the Reviews page of your website. In this space anyone who wants to can leave a comment that you can manage internally through the panel and reply.
  • Rescue the best testimonials both from your website and from other platforms or portals and add them along with a small image spread around your website, this simple action will give much more reputation to your services, especially for people who do not know you or do not come by recommendation.
  • Although it is not advisable to retouch your clients’ words, it is sometimes necessary to make a small revision to eliminate spelling mistakes or to change some kind of expression.
  • Review and update the comments you add to your website from time to time.

By the way, would you like to give us your opinion about our Arcadina business solutions?

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7# You don’t include your location on your website and this is penalising you on the Internet

In Arcadina we are used to seeing photographers’ websites every day and in many occasions it is difficult for us to find the location of a photographer on their website. This information is essential for potential clients to find you on the Internet and you should give it the importance it deserves, especially if you work in a photography studio and you are not a destination photographer.

In order for this data to help you improve your positioning, you can carry out the following actions:

  • Include it on your Contact page and use the small map you can add on this page.
  • Explain your location on the rest of the text pages (services, biography, etc.), not forgetting your home page.
  • Check the meta titles and meta descriptions we talked about in the first section and make sure that your location appears in some of them as well.
  • Another action you can take to improve your positioning by using localisation is to use this data in some of your blog articles.
  • Etc.

8# Your website is not able to generate sales automatically

And to finish with one of the mistakes on your photography website that, if you correct it, can give you infinite joys, and that is the fact that your website does not offer users the possibility of doing business with it.

Nowadays, where people are more than used to buying on the Internet, it is no longer enough for customers to find you in their searches and write to you to make an appointment, now, if you want to stay ahead, your website has to be another tool that allows you to do business through the network.

These are some of the business solutions that you will be able to add to your website with us and that will allow you to increase your sales without you having to intervene practically:

  • Thanks to the Booking system you will be able to offer your clients a space where they will be able to book a photo session and choose: date and time and make the payment for the booking.

  • Once your clients have completed their photo shoot, offering them the option to view, select, download and purchase more prints or extra photos from the comfort of their own home through a private gallery will increase your sales and make your clients much more satisfied with your services.

  • If you enable a public sale gallery on your website, you will always have the door to your business open for a person anywhere in the world to buy your images. This is a fantastic business opportunity that will save you a lot of time and will also increase your sales.

What are you waiting for to solve the errors on your photography website? Arcadina can help you

As you can see, the mistakes on your photography website are mainly causing your positioning to be worse, users don’t know very well how you work and your business opportunities are much lower.

If you want to see some of the websites that have been recently created in Arcadina, here is our latest compilation article:

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If you are not yet familiar with our business solutions and would like to try them out, you have 14 days to do so completely free of charge.

On this occasion we are going to share with you the interview of the wedding photographer José Alarcón who takes great care of his photography website.

>> José Alarcón, wedding photographer in Mexico: my web site is the pillar of my business

To finish this article about the mistakes on your photography website, let’s ask one last question: which of these 8 that we have presented to you today are the first ones that you are going to try to correct? We’d love to read about them in the comments.

Headache for your photography business? Take an Arcadina

Headache for your photography business? Take an Arcadina

Fulfil your dream of becoming a professional photographer with the help of our business solutions. Now you can create a website and business for free for 14 days with no commitment of permanence.

Thanks to Arcadina’s business solutions for photographers, your business headaches will disappear.

If you have any queries, our Customer Service Team is always ready to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We listen to you.

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