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30 Ago 2019


Have you ever stopped to think that the images you show in your online portfolio of photographic services will be the ones that make the difference between you and your competitors?

If you are a photographer, videographer or creative, we won’t need to explain the enormous competition that exists today in these professions. The Internet has made our work easier, as we can now reach much more people than we did years ago. But like everything in this life, there is the other side of the coin and in this case the Internet will not only give greater visibility to each of us, but will also give it to our competitors, so you must apply all the techniques you know to stand out from the rest.


«If you manage to differentiate yourself in your web of photography thanks to your online portfolio there will be no competitor that shades you.»


And this is exactly what we’re going to explain to you today. We want you to discover how to differentiate yourself from your competition on your photography website through your image gallery. Learn how to select your photographs and discover how to make a quality online photographic portfolio, so that your future clients discover the great professional behind your photography website.


How to create a professional online photography portfolio



1. Show in your online portfolio of photographic services only your most representative images

You are a photographer and therefore your images will talk about your style, your way of working and define your professionalism. Therefore, when creating a photo portfolio you must pay special attention to the images you are going to include. Select only the best, those that you know are extraordinary, that truly reflect your style and will leave your potential customers speechless.

If you haven’t updated the image gallery of your photography website in a while, now is the time to do it.

In the cover of the web with Bangkok design of Natalia Ruiz this one has included a selection of images that although they can that of entrance are not very impressive they leave very clear all the services that wants to emphasize as they are the infantile sessions, of pregnancy and of family.


2. When creating an online portfolio of photography take into account your target audience

It’s clear that your photographs, no matter how good they are, can’t be liked by everyone. But you should know that there is a group of people out there who are fascinated by your work.

All those people who are attracted to your photographic work are your target audience and it is to them that you should address when publishing any image.

If your work is focused on several customer profiles, for example if you offer family photography services, weddings and fashion, and do not want to dizzy your visitors, you have the option (increasingly widespread) to create a website for each type of service.

For Google this is also important, since the more specific is your web of photography and with more differentiated keywords Google will value you better and in better position will show your website.

This is just what José Luís has done on his photography website Retamosa Weedding Stories. This Valencian photographer, in addition to making wedding reports offers another type of more familiar sessions in his studio, but on his website with Venezia design you will only find his wedding photography reports.



3. Create a well-organized photo portfolio

If you finally choose to include the different types of sessions you offer on your photography website, organize the work by folders or submenus so that each type of client has its own portfolio of photographic services.

This is the case of Fernando Massera’s NewYork website, where this Argentine photographer offers a wide range of possibilities. Landscape reports, books, quinceañeras, children’s sessions and wedding. As you can see, they are very disparate audiences that need their own space on the web.


4. Be selective in your portfolio of photographic services

When creating a portfolio of photography, it is normal that you want to include most of your images at the outset. We know that you feel very proud of each one of them, but you must bear in mind that the visits that arrive to your web of photography do not have all day to see your gallery.

Did you know you have 10 seconds to attract the attention of your visitors? Spend time selecting the header image, look in your portfolio for the photograph you are most proud of and place it in that strategic place on your website.

In your portfolio of photographic services, follow the same pattern. Make a selection of the best images and show them in your gallery. And remember that your visitors will have very little time to discover what a great photographer you are, so just show them your best images.

Remember to include some photos for the rest of the website. You’re a photographer, so spread your work over the rest of the sections. In this way, in addition to enjoying your images to your visitors will make them more enjoyable reading.

Rafa Belda is a landscape photographer where the portfolio of photographic services shown on his website with Sydney design is focused on the tourism sector. If you look at its home page, it has taken special care to select striking and evocative images in equal parts.

We are convinced that Rafa, when creating a portfolio of photography, has taken the time to select his brightest works.


5. Set a time limit when creating a photo portfolio

We know that you always postpone this task until later. There’s always some more important work to do. But if you don’t dedicate time to improve the aesthetics and content of your photography website, your competition will and in a short time your website will become outdated and what’s worse, it won’t represent you.

So don’t put it off any longer. Set a date on your calendar and get to work. If it’s easier for you, imagine that your portfolio of photographic services is a client’s album and meets the usual deadlines.

If selecting all the photos that should be included in your photo website is overwhelming, start slowly. You can start by making a selection of the 6 or 7 best photographs for the cover and create a portfolio of photographs with two or three subsections. Later, you will be able to expand your portfolio.

Mikel is a photographer from Guipúzcoa who travels around the world capturing light at different times of the year and under different scenarios. If you look at their Cairo-designed website, it shows a selection of the best images of their travels. We are sure that Mikel will have spent enough time deciding which images to show.


6. Create an online photo portfolio

When it comes to showing your images on your photography website, take advantage of all the tools you have at your fingertips so that your work looks as good as possible. The time when the portfolio of photographic services was shown on paper has passed. Now 95% of your customers, at least in the first contact, will discover your images over the Internet.

For that reason, in Arcadina we offer you some galleries where your visitors will be able to enjoy your photographs online and at a size never seen before.

If you also want to show your images in full size, here is an article where we explain all the advantages in detail.

>> Our websites have the biggest photos


This is the case of PhotoUp‘s Bangkok-designed website, where these photographers have taken advantage of Arcadina’s great advantage to show the images of their different sessions in full size.


7. How to make an online photo portfolio that is easy and quick to update

The logical thing is that your portfolio of photographic services is in constant change and update.

Over the years, you’ve been refining the technique and we know that the images you took some time ago are not the same as the ones you’re making now. For this reason you must constantly update your portfolio of photography.

One of the questions you should ask yourself is the following.


How can I make an online photo portfolio practical, beautiful and functional?


We know you’re not a web programmer, that’s another story. That’s why when it comes to creating a photo portfolio with Arcadina, you can do it in just a few minutes, easily and quickly. And with a professional result and without errors or slow loading times.

In your management panel you will find a section exclusively dedicated to your portfolio of photographic services, where creating new photo and video galleries or uploading more updated photos will take just a few minutes.




As well as creating galleries and uploading images efficiently, in Arcadina’s control panel you will be able to customise this section of your website as much as you wish.

  • You will be able to activate or deactivate the random visualization mode of the
  • Allows you to customize the number of rows, the number of photos per row, and the type of borders.
  • You will have a system so that the images go automatically to projection mode.
  • You can automatically add a watermark to the images.
  • You can add a music to each gallery, to give them a more personal touch.
  • And much more.




Let’s get to work! Create a photo portfolio that makes you shine

You know, if you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors, pay special attention to the images that you show in your web of photography.

  1. In your portfolio of photographic services only show your best images.
  2. Choose the photos that fit your target audience.
  3. Organize your image gallery so that your visitors are clear about your services.
  4. Learn how to make a selection of your best images.
  5. Do it now. Don’t put it off any longer.
  6. Show your photos in large size.
  7. Optimize your time and make this process fast.


Do you need a web of photography?

Fulfill your dreams and start today to create your web of photography in Arcadina, a service specialized in webs for photographers. There are many photographers around the world who already use Arcadina’s service to create their photography website.


We offer you a free 14-day trial website for you to try our platform without any commitment of permanence. What are you waiting for to create a professional photographic portfolio?



And if you have any questions, our Customer Service Team will always be there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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