Today is Saint Veronica patron saint of photographers, and at Arcadina we celebrate it with all of you

Today 12 July is Saint Veronica patron saint of photographers, and at Arcadina we are also celebrating. We wanted to commemorate this great day by telling you the origins of this day and some of its curiosities.

So if you want to know how the first photograph in history was created and why Saint Veronica has become the patron saint of all photographers, don’t miss this post.


Today is Saint Veronica and at Arcadina we are celebrating.and at Arcadina we are celebrating.

What is the story of Saint Veronica, patron saint of photographers?

The story goes that Saint Veronica, patron saint of photographers, was the woman who offered Jesus a cloth as he carried the cross to Calvary to wipe the sweat and blood from his face on the way to Calvary. According to religious legend, the miracle came about when the image of Christ’s face was imprinted on the cloth and thus became one of the most venerated reliquaries.

This act of compassion and the miracle associated with the printing of the image of Jesus on the cloth are the reasons why Saint Veronica was named the patron saint of photographers. For it could be said that this saint succeeded in taking the first religious photograph in history.

As a curiosity, the woman who performed this miracle and who was later named Saint Veronica, was actually called Berenice, which means “the one who carries the victory“. Actually the name Saint Veronica comes from an interpretation of the Latin vera icon, which means “True Image”, which is the name given to the canvas with which Christ wiped his face on his way to Calvary and where it was printed as a photograph in a miraculous way.

Although the precious story of how this saint took the first Christian photograph does not appear in the Gospels, Christianity has given an important role to this precious story of how the first photograph of Jesus came about, including the story of this saint at the sixth station of the cross.

Discover the miracles of Saint Veronica

After the death and resurrection of Jesus, Berenice (or Saint Veronica) went first to Rome and then to France, taking the relic with her. The story goes that in the 8th century AD, the emperor Tiberius suffered from a serious illness and was cured thanks to the cloth of Saint Veronica, after which her trace was lost until 1600, when she appeared in the church of Santa Fe in Manoppello in Italy.

When St. Peter’s Basilica was built, the canvas was moved to one of its chapels, but over time the cloth was stolen and had various destinations. Today the canvas with the face of Jesus is well guarded in the town of Manoppello, only 200 km from Rome, and is visited every year by more than a million people.

This “first photograph” of the face of Jesus is catalogued in the same way as the Shroud of Turin, the Holy Shroud of Oviedo or the Mandylion of Edessa.

Today in Arcadina we celebrate with you Saint Veronica, patron saint of photographers

From Arcadina we wanted to pay tribute with all of you this day of Saint Veronica, patron saint of photographers, by telling part of this curious story about how the first photograph in history was created.

Congratulations to all of you for photographers’ day on behalf of Arcadina.

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