Meet 10 women photographers who have made a success of their careers

8 Mar 2023

Today, in addition to painting ourselves purple for the day of the working woman, we want to congratulate all the women who work or have started their own business and especially all the women photographers who work hard to make a place for themselves in a profession that years ago was only for men. Because we know that your effort is much greater than ours. This compilation of 10 women photographers is for all of you.


Happy working women’s day to all women photographers.

Creative, hard-working and enterprising: that’s women photographers


Yes, women photographers are much more creative, hard workers and number one entrepreneurs who juggle work-life balance and work in a profession they love.

That’s why today, March 8, 2023, Arcadina is dyed purple to give visibility to all the hard-working women who, day after day, are working hard in your businesses to fulfil your dream of making a living from photography. This compilation is for all of you.

10 women photographers who have managed to make a living from their dreams


In Arcadina there are many female photographers who already have their business up and running and that is why today we wanted to make a compilation of some of our colleagues who have turned their hobby into a profession.

1# Gema Díaz Fotografía: social reports

One of the first women photographers we want to start this compilation with is Gema Díaz. She is a photographer with a studio in Burgos who specialises in photographing communions, Christmas, studio and outdoor sessions, newborns, babies and weddings.

In the galleries of his website with Venezia design you can see a sample of all his work.


2# Begoña Rivas: portraits, editorial, events, travel and corporate photography

Begoña Rivas is a photographer from Guipuzcoa who studied photography in New York. In addition to portraits, editorial, travel, event and corporate photography, she has worked for the Museum of Contemporary Art, and has collaborated in the graphic press in magazines such as Telva, Bit, etc.

Begoña has held countless exhibitions and has several books. If you want to enjoy some of her best photographs, you can discover some of them in the galleries on her website.


3# Alba Fotógrafa: gastronomic, product, advertising, business and portrait photography

Alba Fotógrafa is a photography studio located in Barcelona where this great professional offers her clients gastronomic photography, product photography, photo shoots for professionals and portraits.

On their Tokyo-designed website you will find a large gallery of images that we are sure have impressed many of their customers.


4# Cristina Mejuto Photography: children’s reports

Cristina is a photographer from Barcelona who has been specialising for over 10 years in telling stories through her pregnancy, newborn, children, communion, Christmas and family photographs.

If you would like to see a sample of how he works, we encourage you to visit the galleries on his Bangkok design website.


5# Elena Chélez: product, gastronomic and social photography

Elena Chélez is a photographer from Madrid who does all kinds of product and gastronomic photography and also reserves a space for social photography.

On its website with Bangkok design, as well as being able to consult a wide collection of images, you will also be able to learn about its history.



6# Alexandra González Fotografía: professional books, product photography and social reports

Another of the women photographers we want to talk about today is Alexandra González, who defines her career and her devotion to photography as: passion, simplicity and emotion. Undoubtedly, 3 fundamental ingredients to take photographs that leave a mark.

If you want to enjoy his photographs, on his website with Arizona design, you will find his galleries of social photography, book and product photography.


7# Claudia Guerra: wedding photography

As she herself says “when I pick up the camera I feel like the Jennifer Lopez of photography“. This Peruvian photographer based in Madrid has already lost count of the people who have already passed through her lens.

Claudia, in addition to wedding photography, also helps companies with their corporate photography. On her website with Tokyo design you will be able to get to know her a little better.


8# Mabel Salgado: night and fashion photography

If you want to enjoy some amazing image galleries, in Mabel Salgado’s NewYork design website you will be able to enjoy: light painting, night photography, landscapes, wildlife, advertising, portraits and many other disciplines.

Mabel is a photographer with a studio in Barcelona who, after having touched the vast majority of disciplines within photography, if she had to choose 2, she wouldn’t hesitate. She would choose night photography and light painting.


9# Eli Mora Photography Events: sessions at sporting events

On Eli Mora Photograpy Events’ website with Tokyo design, you will be able to enjoy several of his galleries with photo shoots of some of the sport events he has attended, such as: pole sport, pole art, pole books, circus or ballet.

Eli has a private customer area where participants in each event can select, purchase, download, order photos in special formats and share images of each event they attend.


10# Alicia Coroman Fotografías: freelance photographer

And to finish with this compilation of women photographers, what better than with the more than interesting website of Alicia Coroman Fotografías. This photographer from Buenos Aires (Argentina) has a long history of awards and recognition for her particular way of seeing life.

If you want to discover some of his work, on his website with Bangkok design you will find a wide collection of authorial projects, travel and culture and urban photography.


At Arcadina we always support women photographers

In this compilation of websites of women photographers we have met great professionals of photography: wedding, newborns, children, product photography, landscape, artistic, fine art, sports, fashion, corporate and stock photography. Congratulations to all of you, you do a great job and from Arcadina you will always have our support.

If you are a photographer and you are reading this, you yourself are part of this group of women photographers who fight for their dreams every day and who live thanks to their work in the world of photography. This post is dedicated to all of you. The Arcadina team joins the fight for all people, wherever they are from, and regardless of their gender, race or condition, to be equal and have the same rights and obligations. Happy working women’s day!

And how could it be otherwise, today we are going to share with you the interview of another great woman and photographer, Cristina Grañena who is in charge of the Wedding Photographer CG website.

>> ‘Arcadina is shadow assistance’, Cristina Grañena

On this special day, to say goodbye, we would like to ask you, do you know more women photographers who impact you and have their business with us? We’d love to greet you all in the comments for working women’s day.

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