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8 Mar 2022

We want to celebrate working women’s day in style by congratulating all women and especially women photographers. Because we know that your effort is much greater than ours. This compilation of 10 women photographers who trust in Arcadina is for all of you.


“Happy working women’s day to all women photographers.”

Women photographers: hard-working, enterprising and in love with photography


Today is March 8, 2022, is the day of the working woman and our blog is dyed purple to make visible all the women photographers who day by day create and keep your photography business afloat and manage to live from what really makes you happy. Photography.

10 great women photographers who trust in Arcadina

1# Claudia Guerra: wedding reportage


As she herself says “when I pick up the camera I feel like the Jennifer Lopez of photography“. This Peruvian photographer based in Madrid has already lost count of the people who have already passed through her lens.

Claudia Guerra, as well as doing wedding photography, also helps companies with their corporate photography and at Christmas she can’t resist doing these magical sessions with children. On her website with Tokyo design, you will be able to get to know her a little better.

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2# Mónica Udina: family sessions


Mónica Udina is a mother of 2 children and a child and family photographer in Vilafranca del Penedès (Barcelona) and she knows perfectly well how important it is to keep precious photographs of each stage of her children’s lives, as she says “photographs are objective memory“.

On their website with NewYork design, you will be able to enjoy galleries full of tenderness, smiles and great stories that will be remembered for a lifetime.

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3# Elena Chélez Fotografía: product photos


Elena Chélez defines herself as a frustrated illustrator on her website, but the truth is that in her product reports, gastronomy and social sessions she shows the great talent she has.

On his website with Bangkok design, you will be able to enjoy his galleries of many of the projects he has worked on. And in their opinion section you can read how happy the companies have been.

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4# Mabel Salgado: nightscapes and light painting


If you want to enjoy a real natural spectacle, in the galleries of Mabel’s NewYork design website, you will find photographs of: light painting, fauna and pets, landscapes, nocturnal, aquatic, urban, product, children and fashion.

Mabel Salgado is based in Barcelona and after having touched the vast majority of disciplines within photography, if she had to choose 2, she doesn’t hesitate. She would choose night photography and light painting.

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5# Rebeca Balas: product and art photography


Rebeca Balas is a photographer from Madrid who, in addition to taking product photography, what she likes most is experimenting with her photographs to create true works of art.

In the galleries of his website with Bangkok design, you will be able to enjoy part of his work.

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6# Vanessart Digital: photomontages, fine art and cosplay


Vanessa García is a very versatile and creative photographer and in her website with Tokyo design, you will be able to visit some of her works of: photomontages, fine art photography, portraits, cosplay and couple sessions.

This photographer based in Miraflores de la Sierra (Madrid), has some of her sessions for sale in her online shop so that interested visitors can book or give one of her unpublished reportages as a gift.

We are sure that these unique photos taken by Vanessa will be placed in very special places in her clients’ homes right now.

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7# Laura Núñez Fotografía: social and fashion reportage


Laura Núñez‘s photography studio is located in Barcelona, where she offers sessions of all kinds, such as: books, fashion and advertising, children, weddings.

On her website with Venezia design, Laura also offers the possibility to edit the photos of her clients and in her online shop she sells all kinds of photography services and products.

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8# María gp Fotografía: newborn, infant and family photography


On the Arizona designed website of María gp Fotografía, you will see all kinds of photo sessions related to children, such as: pregnancy, newborn photography, christening, infant sessions, smash cake, first birthday follow-up and communions.

Maria, who has her photo studio in Palencia, also does wedding shoots and special campaigns for Christmas, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and a refreshing watermelon shoot for summer.

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9# Eli Mora Photography Events: sessions at sporting events


On Eli Mora Photograpy Eventswebsite with Tokyo design, you will be able to enjoy several of his galleries with photo shoots of some of the sporting events he has attended, such as pole sport, pole art, pole books, circus or ballet.

Eli has a private customer area where participants in each event will be able to: select, buy, download, order photos in special formats (Arcadina Labs) and share the photos of each event they attend.

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10# Lupe Rodríguez: stock photography


Lupe Rodríguez is a photographer based in Badajoz who, when she discovered stock photography, saw that this was what she really liked.

In addition to working for large stock photography agencies, Lupe uses his Arizona-designed website to showcase some of his stock photography and has also included a gallery integrated with his Instagram social network.

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In Arcadina we are with the women photographers and we celebrate the working women’s day

In this compilation of women photographers‘ websites we have met great professionals in wedding, newborn, child, product, landscape, artistic, fine art, sports, fashion, corporate and stock photography. Congratulations to all of you.


If you are a photographer and you are reading this, you yourself are part of this group of women photographers who fight for their dreams every day and who live thanks to their work in the world of photography. This post is dedicated to all of you. The team of Arcadina team joins the fight for all people, wherever they are from, and regardless of their gender, race or condition, to be equal and have the same rights and obligations. Happy working women’s day!

As it couldn’t be otherwise, today we are going to share with you the opinion about our service of another great woman and photographer, Cristina Grañena from the web site Wedding Photographer CG.

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Today we would like to say goodbye and ask you, do you know any other women photographers who have their website on Arcadina? We would love to greet you all in the comments for working women’s day.

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