Guide for your Christmas campaign in 2021


16 Nov 2021

If you are a professional photographer, as you know the Christmas campaign always offers great benefits for the end of the year and that’s why, this time we wanted to create for you a guide to make your Christmas campaign in 2021 much more successful.

One of the new strategies that you can use to improve the bookings of these sessions, are the new marketing resources to promote your sales that we have created for you. They are totally free and you can customize them with your photos, logo and add a (short) attractive text.

But these new marketing resources are just one idea to improve your holiday campaign. Here’s a guide with 8 practical tips – here we go!


Boost your Christmas campaign with Arcadina’s 8-step guide!

1# Christmas email marketing taking advantage of Black Friday 2021


To increase the bookings of your Christmas campaign a little more, you can take advantage of the next Black Friday that will start next Friday 26th November and launch an exclusive discount just for your clients. As you will have worked with them before, you will have their contact details (preferably email address) and they will be clear about the quality of your photo shoots.

You can write an email where you explain them how your Christmas campaign is this year (decorations, available packs, prints in professional formats, etc.) and explain them that, for being your customers, they can enjoy an exclusive discount for the next Black Friday 2021. This year it will start on Friday 26th November and will end with Cyber Monday on Monday 29th November.

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Tip 💡: Before sending the email, stop and think about the best day and the most appropriate time to get a higher open rate (for example, a Friday afternoon would be a very good option).

2# Check the price of your Christmas reports


Another aspect to take into account to improve sales of Christmas reports are your rates. You may have based this year’s prices on your competitors’ rates or you may have simply added a little extra compared to last year’s. But is that really the ideal price for you right now? But is that really the ideal price for you right now?

The best thing to do before promoting your Christmas 2021 campaign this year is to review your rates and calculate how much profit each Christmas report will give you. If you also join the Black Friday discounts, you will have to make sure that your prices, even with the discount, are still profitable for your business.

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Tip 💡: You can create several discounts, for example 20% and 40%, depending on the type of customer and the package purchased. To ensure that these discounts are always profitable, you can set your profit margin between 200% and 300%.

3# Create a compelling advertisement for your Christmas 2021 campaign


As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, you already have ready the new marketing resources to promote your sales that will help you to promote your Christmas sessions with little effort.

These resources are available in your Management Panel and will be useful for this and future temporary campaigns, to promote your other photography services (available all year round) and to let your clients know about the new ArcadinaLabs service. As we have already told you in other articles, this is a gift in expansion, so keep an eye on the Resources folder of your Management Panel!

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Tip 💡: Before launching your campaigns, emails, posts and ads, carefully review the texts and make sure they make clear both the service you are promoting and the prices of your packs.

4# Promote your Christmas campaign 2021


Let everyone know that you have already started your Christmas 2021 campaign! In addition to emailing your old customers, you can use social media to advertise your Christmas sessions, create online ads or even hand out (the old-fashioned way) promotional flyers to neighborhood businesses.

For this type of temporary sessions (which are not active all year round) it is also interesting to highlight them on the website. To do this, you can create: a services page, a blog article or even a promotion on the homepage of your website announcing these sessions.

And if you have an online store, discover in the following article how you can highlight your offers in this section of your online business.

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Tip 💡: You can try advertising your sessions on a local radio commercial in your region – lots of dads will be listening to it!

5# Deadlines for your Christmas campaign 2021


We all know that there are always certain clients who wait until the last minute to book their Christmas sessions. For these particular reports, in which most families want photos of their children to give to their loved ones for the upcoming Christmas holidays, it is important to have controlled the dates on which you can offer this service.

To avoid last minute surprises, plan in advance how long it will take the labs to send you the photos and what is the last day you can offer this type of report.

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Tip 💡: Include in your ads and publications the deadline for this type of reports and avoid being the last days of the campaign with more extra work than necessary.

6# Update your Christmas products with the help of Arcadina Labs new formats


In your Christmas pack this year, as well as including prints, digital photos and greeting cards, you can also “sell” these special images to your clients as the ultimate personalised photo decoration that they can give to their loved ones (and themselves).

Here are some of the most special Arcadina Labs formats for these Christmas photos.

>> New formats Canvas and HD Metal to offer your customers

>> New Passepartout and Desk Block formats: your photos in methacrylate

>> New format Retro Wood Prints: wood printing for your photos

Tip 💡: You can create an extra Christmas pack that includes a print of one of the photos in a more exclusive format.

7# If you have a photography studio, include Christmas prints in your decorations


Another idea that you can find very visual when it comes to get an extra in the Christmas sessions, is to decorate your photo studio with photos of some of the Christmas sessions this year in more striking formats as you have available in Arcadina Labs.

This way, when your visitors see how nice the pictures look hanging on the wall or on a shelf, they will also want to have such a nice souvenir of their children in their living room.

In case you didn’t know, you can now request samples ofArcadinaLabs from the laboratories. This way you will be able to see for yourself how these special formats are and you can take advantage of the samples to decorate the photo studio for this coming Christmas 😉.

Tip 💡 Before starting the Christmas campaign, you can do a pre-shoot to see how the decorations look and to have graphic material to promote this year’s reports.

8# Create a promotional video


Another idea that works very well is to create a video where you can show how these sessions are so much fun for the kids and where you can appreciate part of the Christmas decorations you have chosen for this year.

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Tip 💡: You can take some shots in the video where you also appear during the session.

Guide for your Christmas campaign 2021

If you want to end the year with a record-breaking Christmas 2021 sales record in your career as a photographer this year, put these 8 simple steps in this guide into practice.

1. Offer a discount on Black Friday. You can announce it by email.

2.    Make sure your Christmas campaigns are profitable.

3.    Create an original advertisement for your Christmas campaign.

4.    Promote your Christmas sessions.

5.    Calculate the time that these children’s reports will be available.

6.    Offer more decorative products with photo.

7.    Decorate your Christmas studio.

8.    Create a promotional video.

This time we want to share with you the opinion of photographer Quique Gama.

>> Interview with Quique Gama photographer of and ‘thanks to Arcadina’s websites our company continues to operate without any problem’

And to finish this guide, a question: Do you miss any fundamental step that is working for you when it comes to increasing the sales of your Christmas sessions? We’d love to hear about your experience.

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