How to sell your photographic services on the internet? đź“·

15 Sep 2020

Currently Internet offers many facilities to sell your reports and professional photography services. The best option is to have an online photography store on your website. It will be a great comfort for your clients to be able to buy some of your services automatically and without having to contact you beforehand.

“Did you know that there are several studies that show that most of our purchases are more impulsive than rational?”

How to sell your photographic services on the internet

It is proven that the number of sales increases if you give the option to buy right at the time without having to contact the supplier to finalize the purchase (Amazon type, you give a button and ready, you have your purchase done).

The purpose of including an online store in your web of photography, video or creative is simply to increase your income by automating a part of your business.

“Increase your profits by selling your photo products or services automatically.”

What photo services can you sell in your online store?

You’ve decided, you’re going to include an online store in your web of photography created with Arcadina! :). But maybe you’re wondering right now:

“What products or services can I sell in my online store?”

The answer is very simple. As many as you can imagine.

– Your session packs.

– The images of your reports.

– Products with printed images (mugs, T-shirts, puzzles, etc.).

– Copies, enlargements or images in different media (canvas, fine art, etc.).

– Exclusive offers.

– Seasonal sessions.

– Etc.

“Use your imagination” and make the most of the online store of your web of photography, video or creative.”

Offers all possible online and offline payment methods

Another very important detail when creating an online store is to have the maximum number of means of payment. It has been shown that the more options you offer your customer, the more sales you will close online. In Arcadina your customers will be able to pay with credit card, Paypal, bank transfer, cash on delivery and even if they finish the sale going through your store or business. In addition, if you are from Spain, you can directly configure the Virtual POS you have contracted with your bank. More information in the following article:

> Online and offline payment methods available for payment in your online photo shop

If you want to know all the steps to create your online store with Arcadina, we recommend that you read the following article.

> First steps to create your online photography store

And so that you can expand more information on all the possibilities of sale that you have when creating an online store we have left you this other post:

> Sale of photos, products and photographic services

5 Examples of sale of photographic and creative services

They say that an image is worth a thousand words, so to give you a more visual idea of all the possibilities offered by having an online store on your website, we have selected 5 websites for you.  These are websites of photographers and creatives who are taking full advantage of the sale of their products and services thanks to their online stores created with Arcadina.

1. Fotogenia imatge

This Venezia-designed website offers several children’s sessions (ranging from pregnancy to communion) and wedding reports. Without a doubt, a wide range of possibilities.

Fotogenia imatge has created ideal services for direct sales (the client sees his photos, discovers that he has an accessible package and buys a session at that moment).

“If you offer your clients the possibility of contracting and paying for the session automatically (without contacting you), your sales will increase”.

Fotogenia imatge

2. Elisabet Esteban

In the case of Elisabet Esteban’s website with Arizona design, it also offers a wide variety of wedding sessions, videos, family reports (newborn, pregnancy, families, communion) and even reports to reinforce a company’s personal brand (product, events, concerts).

In her online shop you can book all kinds of reports, training, personalised products and a series of seasonal sessions that Elisabet Esteban transforms into a real experience, such as the reports for Mother’s Day.

“Your online store will be the best showcase for seasonal promotions.”


3. The Attic Studio

In this website with Bangkok design you will also discover a great variety of services (pregnancy, children, weddings, books, etc.).

In their online store they have focused on selling sun 3 packs of books. In addition to offering the possibility of buying a session directly, has for sale the photos of some reports of this style that have already made.

“Make the most of both your photos and your services and put them on sale in your online store.”

The Attic Studio

4. FotoCyan

Fotocyan is dedicated to photography for children, weddings, musicals, books and product sessions that you will discover in the different galleries of their website with Sydney design.

In their online store, more than putting their reports on sale, what they have done has been to launch a series of products that their clients will be able to acquire after making their sessions (plates, magnets, puzzles, etc.) of quick sale. They have also included a section for downloading images.

They have even gone a step further and offer their users the possibility of making their own photo albums with them (with their own free software).

“Create direct selling products and include them in your online photography store. They’ll work for you.”


5. Foto Arte Estudio Producciones

On the  website  of Foto Arte Estudio Producciones  with  Venezia design  they have realised the important role that the online shop of their photography website can have and have put on sale all kinds of products  (large format decoration printing),  photographic services  (communion sessions or weddings)  and even photographs of  some of the events they have attended.

In each of the sections of the online shop of Foto Arte Estudio Producciones you will find a brief description of the product  they are putting on sale and a series of  packs of each of their  main sessions.

“Take advantage of your photography website’s online shop to sell all your products and services, just like youdo in your photography studio!”


Create your photo website with online store

As you can see you have endless possibilities when it comes to getting more income thanks to your online store. Use your imagination and take advantage of all the ideas you’ve seen in this article and start generating more revenue automatically through your web photography, video or creative.

If you have a photographic or creative business, create your photography Web in our Arcadina platform and add an online store to get more sales of your products or services.

Make your dreams come true and develop your professional career with us. We offer you a trial website free of charge for 14 days so you can try out our platform without any obligation to stay. Why are you waiting to have your own professional website, blog and online store?

If you have any questions, our Client Services Team is always ready to help you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Create a photography website
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