The best royalty-free music banks 🎧

Los mejores bancos de música libre de derechos de autor

18 Oct 2019

A frequent question from our users is, where can I download music for my website? If you have decided to create a photography website in Arcadina, our websites allow you to include background music in your galleries or presentations. That’s why we’ve created this article where you can learn about some free music banks and / or payment that can serve you for sure. In some of them it is necessary that you register to be able to download this music and/or they have a cost of the license of use, but always you will find a part of music free and without cost. It is important that you read well its policy of use, each resource is different and has its conditions.

The best royalty-free music banks

Watch out! Free music doesn’t mean free music or free of all copyright. Rather it means music with “some rights reserved”, as there is always small print that we must read. The license chosen by the artist is the one that determines which are the authorized uses and under which conditions. The authors have simply preferred not to be part of the SGAEBMI, ASCAP…, but let’s just as a photographer’s work must also be recognized as art and have rights when it comes to being reproduced.

1. Jamendo –


A music bank to which many artists belong under the Creative Commons license that offers free licenses that allow artists to protect their rights. Jamendo proposes licenses with a cost for its commercial use of music (uses in advertising videos, documentaries, sounds for Internet pages or any other multimedia use).  You will love its ease of use, organization of music by categories, player, very intuitive. One of the best music banks, if not the best.

2. Bensound –


We are on the website of the French musician and composer Benjamin Tissot who, after composing music for the last ten years, has had the great idea of sharing it with everyone. Here you find entire songs free of copyright, you should not pay anything to Benjamin, he just asks you to give him credit for his music on your web photographer. a music bank of the most altruistic.

3. Free Music Projects –

Free Music Projects

Free Music Projects is a portal that offers royalty-free music at affordable prices. It has several licenses that allow you to use it legally. You can get music for your photo website with the basic license. So from 9€ you can find quality music that goes perfectly with your work.

4. Dig.ccmixter –


Dig.ccmixter is a music bank dedicated to distributing music under a Creative Commons license. All songs on the site are created by your user community and the artists give their permission for them to be used in any project. You’ll love how easy it is to listen to music and download with a button the one you like best. You have free music for photographers and creatives for commercial use in exchange for you name the artist on your photographer website with the link to their song.

5. AUDIOnity –


AUDIOnity is the first independent community of composers in Spain to offer royalty-free music. It works without licenses or contracts and payments are made directly to the author, as none of the members of this platform is a member of SGAE, AIE, ASCAP or BMI. So it’s as easy as logging in and buying the song you like to use as background music on your photo website whenever you want. One of the most recommended music banks if you want to empower Spanish authors.

6. Free Music Archive â€“

Free Music Archive

It’s an interactive library of high-quality, legal audio downloads. The Free Music Archive is run by WFMU, the most renowned free-form radio station in the United States. Radio has always offered free public access to new music. Sorted by categories so you can easily choose the style you like best. You are sure to find your original song for a wedding video that you are assembling. A colossal, endless bank of music, enjoy it.

7. YouTube Audio Library –

YouTube Audio Library

If your main reason for wanting to find royalty-free music is to use it as the background for your YouTube videos, you don’t have to look at any additional sites. For some years now the most famous video platform on the network incorporates this service through which we can put music to our videos with a simple step. It includes a catalogue of a multitude of songs that we can select by genre, instrument, duration and even mood and then include it in our videos easily and quickly. It also includes different songs that can include additional advertising in our videos.

8. Vimeo Music Store –

Vimeo Music Store

Following the line of YouTube Audio Library, Vimeo Music Store offers us a free music library free of copyright. It doesn’t have a catalogue as extensive as the previous one, but it does have many and varied songs to add to your videos or photo samples.

9. Musopen –


Royalty free music page where you will find songs and compositions by artists from all over the world separated by different categories such as singer, composer or genre. With just one click we can download the piece we want and also its score, we can also see how many people have downloaded the same song that we and what grade has been given.

10. Sound Cloud –

Sound Cloud

Free online music library that allows you to explore a multitude of themes and proposes a top 50. Accessibility is practically instantaneous and the site knows how to combine emerging groups with consolidated bands from all over the world. It also has a very intuitive app so you can take your music wherever you want.

11. Audionautix –


It may have a somewhat more neglected interface and usability, but it has an extensive and well-classified music catalog.

12. PyramidTracks –


Pyramidtracks is a website belonging to a Swedish music company where you can find all kinds of retro and alternative music and soundtracks. Every Friday they upload new music tracks to this website and they have a newsletter where they inform their subscribers about news and special offers.

When it comes to finding your favourite music on this website, you can perform all kinds of searches by type of track (genre, mood, theme, instrument, etc.), playlists, albums and artists.

And for very little money a month you can use their music on your photography, video or creative website, Youtube, Vimeo, Podcasts, Social Networking or even your paid ads.

13. TonoPro –


Tonopro is the oldest online catalogue of bookstore music in Spain, this year celebrating 10 years. And it is an entirely Spanish website, whose authors are mostly also Spanish and Latin American. In addition, in the TonoPro music bank they bet on the quality that only composers who can make a living from their work can offer. If you buy your music for photographic projects here you will be supporting a community of composers, in which they are cared for and respected, and where they receive a fair price for their work.

14. MusicList –


MusicList is a platform for “listening to good music” and discovering new talent. This community of artists and music lovers has created this digital platform both to offer its visitors a compilation of the most “top” tracks of the moment and to give visibility to new artists who are starting their musical careers.

On the MusicList website, you can search (and discover new) songs by musical genre (pop, reggaeton, rock, Latin music, dance & electro, indie & alternative, RnB & funk, rap & hip-hop, classical music, country, soul & blues, jazz, k-pop, trap, salsa and flamenco), by novelty (number of downloads, top viral) and, most original of all, by moment (summer, Saturday night, gin & tonic moment, romantic music). blues, jazz, k-pop, trap, salsa and flamenco), by novelties (number of downloads, top viral) and the most original of all, by moments (summer, Saturday night, gin and tonic moment, romantic music, day party and pachangueo are just some of the original music search methods).

In addition, you will also find a section (top Discovery) where MusicList members introduce a number of emerging artists to help them get their music career off the ground.

**Arcadina does not have any commercial agreement with any of the sites mentioned in this article. This article has been created with the sole intention of advising and helping Arcadina’s user community.

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