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Como crear un blog de fotografía de éxito

3 Jun 2019


At this point we know that you are very aware that designing a professional photography blog is absolutely necessary to enhance your career as a professional photographer and disseminate your images and videos over the Internet. But even if this idea is clear in your head, do you really know what the keys are to create a professional photography blog that really works with your visits?

That’s the key to everything. One of the reactions you should look for when creating a professional blog is that your visitors interact with it. What for? So that your website is shared on a daily basis and this helps you position yourself as close as possible to that long-awaited first place on Google. In addition, many of those visits that discover your blog will end up contacting you.


How to create a successful photography blog


«To create a successful photo blog you must get into the head of your ideal client and offer them a solution to their problem



How To Make A Professional Photography Blog With Arcadina

As you can imagine, the first step you must take to increase the visibility of your brand on the Internet is to create a professional blog on your web of photography, video or creative.

Although with Arcadina this step is very simple and intuitive, since the blog is already included as standard along with the web and the domain, we are going to leave you handy several articles so you can design a photography blog on your web of photography in a few minutes.

>> Arcadina’s help to create your photography blog


Once you’ve cleared up all the doubts about how to create your photographer’s blog, the next step is to customize it to your liking.

Did you know that in Arcadina we have 2 new blog designs available? Discover them in the next post:

>> Discover the new Classic and Infinite photography blogs on our websites


5 Steps to Discovering How to Make an Effective Photography Blog

You have your blog ready to publish articles, now it’s time to get «hands on» and start creating content of interest to your audience. Discover in 5 easy steps all the secrets to create an efficient, dynamic and profitable photo blog.


1. The first step in creating a blog for photographers will be to introduce yourself

The simplest thing you already have. And is that to create a blog of photography with Arcadina, only takes a few minutes. Now, the next step will be to satisfy the curiosity of your visitors how? Revealing some information about you, your work and the way you conduct your sessions. Because there’s one thing you need to be very clear about and that’s next:


No matter how good your photographs are, if the visitors don’t appreciate your involvement and the way you work, you won’t give them the confidence they need to take the next step and contact you.


One idea to try to connect with your potential customers as soon as you get to your blog is to present yourself on your home page. For example, by creating a welcome post that you keep fixed at the top of the blog.


«Empathize with your visitors so that it is clear to them that you are the photographer, videographer or creative person they were looking for.»


For example, Mexican photographer Alfonso Ortega has created a welcome article on his blog to introduce himself and explain to his visitors what they will find on this part of his photography website.


first step in creating a blog for photographers will be to introduce yourself design NewYork. Classic blog design.


Tip: go to your visitors in the first person, in the singular and always invite them to contact you with any questions.


2. When designing a photography blog, organize your articles by categories

If you’re one of those who writes regularly on your photography blog (and if you’re not you’re already taking time). One of the first tasks you will have to carry out to facilitate the searches of articles in the blog, is to organize the posts by categories, for each subject to treat (weddings, events, pre-weds, postbodes, portraits, fashion, newborn, families, etc.).

In this way, each visit can quickly and easily find the articles related to the type of service you are most interested in at that time. Think carefully about the name of each category, since Google will have them very much in mind when positioning your web of photography.

You may be wondering right now how many categories should I include when creating a blog for photographers? There is really no clear answer to this question, but at Arcadina we recommend that you create between 5 and 10 categories. Also, if you include a search engine on a side of your blog, users will be able to find the desired articles more quickly.


«When creating a photographer’s blog, remember to organize its content by categories to improve the user experience


DGR Foto is a photographic studio located in Alava where they offer a wide variety of sessions. If you look at the categories of his blog you will discover some of his most demanded reports, such as pregnancy (pre-birth), weddings, boudoir, courses, artists and fashion.


When designing a photography blog, organize your articles by categories design Arizona. Classic blog design.


Tip: When creating a professional blog, don’t complicate yourself with category names. Choose the topics well so that your visitors are very clear about the type of content that will be found in each section.


3. To create a productive photographic blog keep in mind its web positioning

Another point you should keep in mind when creating a photographer’s blog is the issue of web positioning. No matter how interesting the articles you include in your blog, if Google doesn’t show them to your clients in their searches, they won’t do you much good.

The effort will be of little use if at the time of creating a blog of photography you only upload complete sessions of images (as a portfolio) with very little text. If your only goal is to upload those photos or videos to the blog and share them on social networks accordingly, then that may be enough. But if you also want those articles to start climbing the rankings in Internet search engines, you must write articles that include the keywords that identify your business and by which you want to be found.

Also, it is important that you pay special attention to the titles of each article, without forgetting to include its corresponding keyword.


To create a productive photographic blog keep in mind its web positioning


And so that Google and the other search engines are clear about what topics you deal with on your website, we’re going to give you some very simple tricks to apply and thus improve the SEO of your photographer’s blog.

  • Include keywords in the texts of your articles (e.g. family report in Alicante).
  • In addition to incorporating those keywords into each post, highlight them in bold (family report in Alicante).
  • Name your images with descriptive text (wedding-Murcia-01.jpg) and add a description.
  • Use your imagination and experience as a photographer when writing. But you never copy texts from other websites. Google will notice and penalize you for it.
  • If your creativity when writing articles is exhausted, be inspired by the themes dealt with in other websites similar to yours, check out your favorite foreign photographers or be interested in the doubts of your customers.

The Internet is a great source of inspiration if you know where to look. But always remember to transform those ideas into your own style and way of expressing yourself (without copying).


«One of the most important tasks of your photography blog will be to better position your website in Internet search engines.»


And if you want more information on web positioning for photographers, this article is ideal for you:

>> Web positioning for photographers: The best keywords for your web of photography


In the Estudios Emovere blog, 4 prestigious photographers specializing in avant-garde wedding photography, based in La Coruña, are very clear about which keywords they want to position themselves, for example «wedding photographers», and they demonstrate this in their articles.


4 prestigious photographers specialized in avant-garde wedding photography and based in La Coruña design Sydney. Classic blog design.


Tip: use bold, capital letters (without abusing) and italics to highlight your keywords. These details will be taken into account by Google.


4. Make the most of your professional photography blog by sharing your articles on Social Networks

As you already know, nowadays Social Networks (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.) have become a great escape where you can show your work to a multitude of people. Take advantage of this great window to the world by applying these little tips:

  • Announce your new blog posts to your friends or group members. But watch out, in moderation. If you freckle heavy you can overwhelm some and bore others.
  • Connect your Networks with your Web. Allow your visitors to share photos from your blog, web galleries, articles or web pages, and even the entire web or blog. This way your visitors will be able to post a single image and create a great debate around it. Or get to know your website and blog and start following you.
  • Listen to your followers and respond to their comments in your blog articles. In Arcadina you can even connect Facebook comments to your blog.
  • When creating a photo blog, always remember to include your social network icons so your readers can share your articles on them. This way your posts will reach many more readers.


«Make the most of your Social Networks and use them for more than just fun publications.»


Ivana Barrili is an Italian photographer who offers multiple options when interacting with her Social Networks. At the top you will find a direct access to their Networks. And in each article Ivana gives the option to share both the complete post and each of the images.


Make the most of your photography blog by sharing your articles on Social Networks design Tokyo. Classic blog design.


Tip: take advantage of the constructive criticism that you get from the Networks to improve your work as a photographer and to offer the services that your followers demand.


5. Create a blog for photographers with your best images and write about them

We are sure that every time you create a new publication you study your portfolio to see what images you can surprise your visitors with. But if after investing so much time and dedication you don’t include an attractive text, it won’t help you to create a professional blog.

How many words should you write in each article? To give you an idea, with less than 300 words Google will not take too much account of your publications.

You can intersperse short articles (400 words) where details the type of photograph you take and the place where you have done the session, with some longer post (1,000 words) where you explain in detail a particular aspect of your work taking advantage to strategically include your keywords.

How often should you publish? Every time that your work allows it and always maintaining a minimum of quality in your articles. Ideally, you should mark a few publication dates (1 or 2 times a month) and keep to those deadlines. In this way your blog will be nourished with content and your most recurrent visits will wait anxiously for your new entries.


«Before you publish an image or article, you value its quality and usefulness


Retamosa Wedding Stories is the website of Jose Luis, a Valencian photographer specialized in wedding photography where the information he shares in his blog is very useful for the bride and groom. Look at this article where it describes which shoe is the most comfortable depending on the type of wedding you organize.

It is a great job of web positioning by keywords, whoever searches for «bridal shoes in Valencia» is likely to come to your website. And who likes bridal shoes? Brides, wouldn’t you like brides to come to your website? In Arcadina we are sure that yes.


Create a blog for photographers with your best images and write about them design Venezia. Classic blog design.


Tip: take care of the quality of the images you upload to your photography blog and write texts of a certain length.


What are you waiting for to create a professional photography blog to boost your business? Your competitors are already creating it with Arcadina.

As you can see, designing a blog for photographers is not just about publishing photos from your last sessions. If you really want your blog to work, you must dedicate time and strategy to it.

If you still don’t see in a clear way all the advantages that dedicating a little time to create a photographic, video or creative blog offers you, here is another article with many more reasons.

>> 5 reasons why you should create a photography blog


With Arcadina’s websites you have the possibility of creating a photography blog in a very simple way and you will also have it included as standard in all our web plans.


Make your dreams come true and develop your professional career with us. We offer you a trial website free of charge for 14 days so you can try out our platform without any obligation to stay. Why are you waiting to have your own professional website and a blog?


If you have any questions, our Client Services Team is always ready to help you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


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