7 spectacular Nature and Landscape photographers’ websites


12 Feb 2021

Nature photography without limits

Nature and landscape photography has many followers and no wonder, portraying the nature that surrounds us from all sides is something that has been of interest to humans since the first paintings made by our species. Nowadays, having your own photography website where you can show your work to anyone who wants to see it is easier than ever and these 7 photographers know it well and decided to trust Arcadina to have their own gallery of nature and landscape photography. These are their amazing photography websites.

7 photographers without limits Do you dare to follow in their footsteps?


Wildphoto, for nature lovers

This is how this photographer from Palencia describes himself, a member of AEFONA, the Spanish association of nature photographers, which Arcadina actively supports. In his university days, he began capturing architectural spaces, paying special attention to light and shadow at a time when film reigned supreme and photographs were developed in a darkroom. But his passion for the mountains made him want to frame every corner with his camera in order to preserve it forever.

On his Arizona-designed website you can find landscape photographs of places such as the mountains of Palencia, but also the Argentinean Patagonia and the Mongolian Karakorum, a real nomad!



DolceFoto, interiors and exteriors that will inspire you

Although they define themselves as interior decoration photographers, the truth is that their photographs show beautiful landscapes and nature that will inspire you. One of their great attractions as photographers is the use of techniques such as infrared to capture amazing, almost magical photographs.

You can also find in his web gallery with Bangkok design some impressive night photographs and trees portrayed in all the seasons of the year that will surprise you.



Arturo Montes, an artistic vision of nature

Arturo is a photographer from Cadiz who “got the bug” for this type of landscape photography with artistic touches when he made one of his tourist trips to Asturias and Cantabria.

In the gallery of his Tokyo-designed website you will discover images of landscapes, night shots, flora and fauna and even a series of more artistic photographs of elements of nature that Arturo shows at full size to impress visitors even more with his particular vision of nature. Arturo has taken advantage of this space to make room for his Instagram social network, so that visitors can share his images online with a single click.



Frotolafoto, photography and articles

Pablo is a photographer from Navarre with an extensive portfolio on his website with New York design of nature and landscape photography, wildlife, night photography and more.

This photographer is also a member of AEFONA as well as other institutions such as the Agrupación Fotográfica y Cinematográfica de Navarra (AFCN). He combines his passion for photography with his work as a social educator and lately also with his blog posts, which we encourage you to take a look at.



Santiago Pascual, awarded nature

Valencian photographer with a degree in Fine Arts and currently based in Vigo, a place that you will see portrayed in many of his snapshots on his website with Sydney design. He has a magnificent photographic and pictorial landscape work divided fundamentally into four sections: land, sea, sky and journey to nowhere, the latter being his most prized collection, which has earned him numerous exhibitions and international recognition. He also stands out for his vision of fauna and flora with close-ups and urban photography. Don’t miss all his collections!



Javier Bejarano, night and wildlife photography

Although Javier does not resist any type of photography (night, wildlife, landscapes, sports, product, portraits and urban), his 2 favourite disciplines are night and long exposure photography, where he can compose the scenes as he wishes, giving prominence to the spaces he considers. And wildlife photography, where his predilection for animals has had a lot to do with it.

In the gallery section of his NewYork design website, you can enjoy his nocturnal compositions where the Milky Way is the main protagonist, animals in freedom in their wildest state and some of his landscape images.



Armando Jiménez, underwater photographic reports

Armando Jiménez is a Colombian photographer based in Bogotá D.C. who is dedicated to underwater photography in Colombia and Spain.

On his Arizona-designed website, in addition to a beautiful and colourful Infinite design gallery with underwater photography, Antonio also does corporate photography, portraits and fashion shoots.



Now it’s your turn, create your own nature photography gallery

After seeing some of the best examples of landscape photography websites made thanks to Arcadina, it’s time to create your own space and show your work to the world (14-day free trial). Let your artistic streak flow and become a professional by creating your own photography website, thousands of users are eager to see what you are capable of!

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