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12 Oct 2019

It is a query that we do our users very often, how can I sell my images on my website? And the answer is very simple, integrating an online photo store on your website. A web of photography must be designed thinking about getting the most out of your business of photography. You must show the best of your photographic and creative portfolio, describe what your photography and video services are, clearly indicate your contact details and offer the selection, download and/or sale of images to your customers from an online store or private customer area, as the case may be.

Your future clients search directly on the net, and that’s why you should have your web of photography, video or creative prepared and optimized to be as profitable as possible.

Do you want to discover how to sell your photos in the most effective way through your web of photography?

How to sell my images in a web of photography

How to promote the sale of photos through your web of photography

When selling images through the customer area or the online store of your photography website, you can play with a large number of possibilities and even go further and also offer the sale of photographic services. Here we will show you the 5 ideas that are triumphing most among your peers.

  • Sell images and videos from your website’s online store.
  • Sell photos in any digital or printed format.
  • Sale and booking of photo sessions through your website. And even the sale of training, such as a subscription to a photography course, a video tutorial or a book.
  • Sell photos with direct download option.
  • Selection and sale of images through a private space and from any device.

1. How to sell your photos from your website

If you often wonder how to sell my images effectively through my web photography”, then you’re on the right track.

Before you sell your photos, the first thing you have to do is:

  • Define your price list. What will be the price of printed formats and what will be the price of digital formats with download.
  • Offer the option to choose the number of copies of each photograph.
  • Offer the sale of images publicly (to any visitor who comes to your website) or privately (only to your customers). Or both, depending on the type of photos.

As soon as you have a section available for the sale of photographs and services on your website, you will be able to personalise the whole process. Such as payment methods (credit card, PayPal, wire transfer, cash on delivery, cash with in-store collection option).

Did you know that in other platforms offering these services entails the payment of very high commissions?

How to sell your photos from your website

“With Arcadina you will be able to sell your images without commissions and you will keep for yourself 100% of the income.”

IDEA: if you are passionate about travelling and taking pictures of each of your getaways. You can also sell your “author” images in your online photo shop. You can customize the sale of photos to your liking (price, direct download option, printed, etc.). More importantly, all the benefits go directly into your pocket.

online photo shop

Web with NewYork design.

2. How to sell photos in digital or printed format (paper, canvas,…).

With the arrival of the latest generation of mobile phones and social networks, fewer and fewer photographs are printed on physical media. It’s the digital age.

But there is still a large percentage of the public who prefer to keep their photographs (or at least part of them) on media such as paper, canvas, book or personalized product.

For this type of clients, you should have in your web of photography an offer of printing formats and personalized products so that they do not find limitations at the time of printing their best photographies with you.

If you have your website in Arcadina, you will be able to customize all the details of each order according to the type of product:

  • Prices, shipping costs, payment methods.
  • Sizes, number of copies.
  • Supports (paper, canvas, etc.).
  • Personalized products (mugs, magnets, key rings, etc.).
  • Collection points.

How to sell photos in digital or printed format (paper, canvas,...)

“Promote the sale of photos in any format and get the most out of your work.ÔÇŁ

IDEA: any type of session can be highly profitable if you discover how to sell your images. And if that session is a massive event such as a marathon or cycling race, the earnings can be exponentially shot up.

Create a public photo album and add images numbered by dorsal number for example. This way, each runner will be identified instantly and will be able to buy his digital photo, printed or through multiple personalized products. It will be a great souvenir of a very special day.

“Make the most of every photographic work by selling photos online.”

Create a public photo album

Web with Tokyo design.

3. Sell your images, photographic services and even training through your website.

Displaying your photos and detailing your photographic services on the web is great. But if you also include an online sales tool your income will increase almost effortlessly.

Because if one thing is clear, it is that many of the transactions we make over the Internet are guided by a first impulse purchase. Take advantage of the convenience and ease of buying directly through the Internet and offer this possibility on your web of photography, video or creative.

In addition to knowing how to sell your photos, you can boost the sale of photographic products such as photo frames, portfolios or albums.

You can also create a gift card of your sessions and sell it in your online store, this way the customer will only have to agree with you the date of the session.

If, in addition to photographic sessions, you offer training in photography and video to other colleagues through workshops and courses, you will also be able to sell your tickets. All you have to do is detail the conditions (in the product description), set the price and customize the payment methods.

Sell your images, photographic services and even training through your website

“Can you imagine selling your photography courses through a mobile device? With Arcadina you can.”

IDEA: When launching a new service through your online store you can create around it multiple sub products through an album selling products and services.

For example, imagine including a Baptism session pack in your online store. The clients will be able to reserve comfortably (from their houses) this report.

Then, once the baptism session is over and following this same idea, customers will be able to select their photos from the private customer area. Where you can also offer them the download of some photos, or the purchase of reminders, or the purchase of some photos in printed format to give to the family.

album selling products and services

Web with Venezia design.

4. How to sell photos with digital download without paying commissions to third parties

If we had to choose one of the services that is giving more profitability to photographers during these years undoubtedly we would tell you that is the sale of photos with download through your own website (and without paying commissions to large platforms).

“If you learn how to make the most of selling digitally downloaded photos, you’ll soon realise how profitable it is.”

At Arcadina we have designed our websites so that these transactions are simple and, above all, safe, both for you and for your clients. Your digital files will be well stored in our servers and only those people who have made the payment (secure) through PayPal or bank card will receive the download link.

How to sell photos with digital download without paying commissions to third parties

IDEA: if you are a nature photographer you can sell your photographs through your website, for this you must create a sales album with digital download. In this way your images will give you some very interesting extra benefits. You can also offer them with printed formats, of course, the more options the better.

create a sales album with digital download

5. Create private albums to select and sell photos

To facilitate the image selection process for your clients (and yourself), you can create private client galleries on your website with access through a username and password.

In these private galleries of selection of images besides offering to your clients the possibility of choosing the photographs that they like more (of their session), they themselves will discover the great advantage that supposes to buy images across your web. With the convenience that comes with being able to make the purchase through any device, from home or while on vacation, and with online payment.

In addition to being a very convenient and practical process for them, it will also be for you, since as soon as one of your clients confirms the selection of their photographs or makes the purchase of some images you will automatically receive an email with all the information of the order.

And you will always be able to consult the orders received in the panel of your website, track them, or copy with a click the list of selected photographs and pass them to Lightroom or any other editing program.

Create private albums to select and sell photos

“The customer area of your website will allow you to create all the private customer albums you need. No limits.”

IDEA: after making a wedding report, the bride and groom are often anxious to see their images. If you create a private album with username and password, your customers will see their photos from the comfort of their home, or from their honeymoon! and make the selection of images they like best.

“If you want to turn your work into a more exclusive service and save yourself time, create a private area on your photography website.”

What are you waiting for to sell your images?

Start selling photos and videos through your website today and take advantage of the convenience of buying any product or service through an online store and private customer area integrated into your web photography.

If you have a photography, video or creative business and you want your clients to enjoy the advantage of seeing, choosing, buying and/or downloading your photos, products and services through your website, your best option is Arcadina.

Create a photography website

Make your dreams come true and develop your professional career with us. We offer you a free 14-day trial website for you to try our platform without any commitment of permanence. What are you waiting for to have a professional website?

If you have any questions, our Customer Service Team will always be available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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