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21 Sep 2020

Have you ever thought that the different galleries of private clients, within your photography, video or creative website, will be one of the most important sections and that they will bring more income to your photography, video or creative business?

As we are well aware that private client galleries for photographers are going to become one of the fundamental pillars within your business strategy, today we wanted to share with you this post compilation where we are going to explain the 4 types of private client galleries that you will be able to make available to your clients so that their degree of satisfaction with your work as a photographer is even greater.

And so that those visitors who have not yet become your clients can get an idea of your workload, with Arcadina you can create private galleries with public covers.


“Keep your customers happy by customising the private client photo gallery available on all Arcadina sites.”

Discover the 4 types of private client galleries that Arcadina offers

Within the  client area of your photography website, those who are already your clients will be able to carry out a series of actions with their images thanks to the different private client galleries offered  by the 7 website designs created with Arcadina. For example:

  • Viewing your images: presentation gallery.
  • Selection of your favourite photos: photo selection gallery.
  • Immediate image download: photo download gallery
  • Selection of your favourite photos, downloading and sale of the images: selection gallery, downloading and sale

We will now explain in a little more detail all the advantages of each of these private client galleries for photographers.

1. Session image presentation galleries

The presentation gallery, within the different galleries of private clients that you can create on your photography website, will be that space within your website where your clients can comfortably view the photographs of their latest report from their homes.

Years ago, when clients could only view their photos by going to the photo studio in person, the photographer usually created a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere in the studio so that his clients could enjoy that great moment.

Now, thanks to the presentation galleries with built-in music , you can recreate that same atmosphere in the private area of your photography website. So that your clients can enjoy viewing the images of their session in a private way, from their living room and without having to prepare a multimedia DVD for each one of them.

“For your clients, being able to see their photos comfortably from their private client photo gallery will become a very special moment full of great illusions and expectations.”

2. Photo selection gallery

Another feature of the private area of your photography website is that your clients, in addition to being able to view the photos of their sessions comfortably from their homes, will also be able to make all kinds of selections from their favourite images.

This option in the private albums will save a lot of time to both of you and to you particularly will allow you to speed up the rest of the processes with your clients.

As we know that this functionality within the private area of your website is very important and very useful, we are going to leave you with an article where we explain in detail all the options available.

>> New photo selection album in the customer area

3. Photo download gallery for photographers

Another type of private client gallery  that gives a lot of play to customers are the photo download  galleries. Especially for large events such as weddings or conferences where you can agree in advance with both the bride and groom and the organizers to give their own guests or attendees access to a private photo download gallery.

In this way, both wedding guests and congress attendees can comfortably download the images they like most from their homes or at the event itself through this private space.

Within this type of private client gallery you can activate or deactivate the pre-payment option depending on the type of agreement you have reached with your potential clients. So that:

  • You can agree with the bride and groom to pay an extra fee for your services as a photographer on their wedding day so that the couple can offer their guests access to the dance photos free of charge.
  • Or you can also reach an agreement with the congress organisers regarding the rates for each of the images that those attending the event will have to pay to comfortably download them through a private photo download gallery.

If you want to know more in detail all the cases in which you can use this type of private client gallery, in the following post we show you several of the most interesting cases to implement in your photography, video or creative business.

>> New free photo album download in the customer area

4. Photo selection, download and sale gallery

If you establish, within your business model, a type of photo report where your clients can interact on several occasions with their images, this type of private multiple gallery will be your best ally.

For example, in a corporate photo session, where your client will be able to perform several actions with their images:

  • Select from home the photos you like best.
  • Download the agreed number of images.
  • And if you are interested in more photos than those previously established before the session, thanks to this type of image selection, download and sale galleries, you will have the option of buying them directly through your private area.

If you want to know in detail all the options you can play with when organizing your private client galleries with the options of sale, selection and/or free download, in the following article we explain each one of them in more detail.

>> Now you can combine sale, selection and/or free download in the same photo album

How can you customize the customer area to attract more customers?

When showing your visitors your experience with other clients, you can take advantage of the private client area of your photography website to present it as if it were a small portfolio. Here are a couple of quick ideas to implement that will bring you great benefits.

Private client photo gallery with public cover

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, with Arcadina, apart from being able to have these  4 options of private client galleries, you will also be able to show the visitors that come to your photography, video or creative website, all the private albums of your current clients that you have in process at the moment.

This small detail, which may seem insignificant at first, will really be indicating to your potential clients in a very subtle way the large amount of photo shoots that other clients are hiring for you.

And so that you can show the public a small fragment of each one of your private albums, we launched this fantastic novelty a few months ago. The idea is to be able to incorporate a public cover in each of your private albums that you  have active in your client area section.

Here is the article we put out at the time for you to keep in mind.

>> New in the customer area: public cover in a private album

If you want to see an example of how a private gallery with a public cover looks like, here is the private client area of Animan  Photography‘s  Arizona design website.


Background image on the loginpage

As you know, at Arcadina we are constantly updating our websites so that you can offer your customers the best possible service.

That’s why, since a few weeks ago, you also have the option of including a photo as wallpaper of the report of each of your clients in their login page that will give them access to their own private area.  

>> New: displays a background image at an  album login

On the Venezia design website of Cristina Grañena Photography you can see how the photos of her clients’ private sessions look like wallpaper in their respective login sections.


Learn how to get even more out of your private client galleries for photographers

As you may have noticed, both the visualization of the images with the client and the rest of the final sale process, is done more and more online. That is why it is important to have a series of private client galleries for photographers with a multitude of possibilities where your clients can  visualise, select, download and even buy their photographs comfortably without the need to go to your photography studio in person.

And if you also have the possibility to show your visitors a small sample of your current work through the public covers in private albums, your own clients will be helping you to get new clients.


A few months ago Mile Fotografía de Familia shared with all of us her own experience with Arcadina. Here are her words.

>> Mile  Family Photography talks about Arcadina

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