Private client galleries đź”’ to share your photos with password protection

19 Apr 2021

It is important to be able to create private galleries to share your photos and videos with a password. Your customers will be able to choose their photos and send you their selection with a single click. Take your photography business one step further with these easy to use, non-technical galleries.

By now you’ve probably realised that using email to share photos is limited by storage space. And sending a DVD or USB drive is expensive and time-consuming to prepare. However, the use of private galleries with passwords will allow you to reach your customers quickly.

Private galleries to share your photos with password protection

Create private albums for your clients

Having password-protected galleries is important because not all of your photos can be shared with everyone. If you are able to password protect your photos you can protect those personal stories and memories.

If you create a selection album, your customers will be able to log in privately to view their photos and select the ones they like best. They can also share them with their friends and family if they want to, which multiplies the likelihood of them requesting more prints and services from you. Not to mention the indirect publicity you will be doing for your work.

Private galleries-private-party-photos-con-contrasena-1-arcadina

With the private customer area you can also create a presentation album with, for example, a slide show of photographs with background music, this detail will undoubtedly be a plus for your customers to fully enjoy their images.

In the private area of your Arcadina website you can create as many albums as you need, there is no limit. Learn about the strengths and all the possibilities of having a private customer area on your website.

>> New photo selection album in the customer area

>> New in the customer area: public cover on a private album

Protect your images with a watermark

The private albums with password that you can create on your Arcadina website do not allow you to download the photos either by right-clicking or by dragging the image to a folder. Our system is protected against these actions.

In addition, the photos that are shown to the user through your private area are reduced and low quality copies of the original file (to avoid this type of action). This way they will never be able to get the original photo if they don’t buy it before or if you allow them to download it for free.

Private galleries-private-party-photos-con-contrasena-2-arcadina

All our albums and photo galleries (private and public) allow you to add a watermark to your images. This gives your photos extra security.

As an idea you can add your copyright or logo to each image you upload to the web. At Arcadina we know that having these options to protect your images is very important to you because it means you can work with total peace of mind. On your Arcadina website your photographs will never be copied. Our galleries are 100% protected.

Here are a couple of articles that will help you to add watermarks to all your photos today.

>> The most used watermarks by photographers

>> Arcadina Help: uploading and managing watermarks

Allows digital downloading of your photos

How many times have you thought about offering wedding guests the option of downloading photos of the reception? With a previous economic agreement with the bride and groom, or not, that’s up to you. Maybe until now you haven’t known how to do it in a simple, quick way that doesn’t involve sending the files one by one to each guest.

And how many times have you thought about taking photos of the children at a school, a cycling race, a walking tour or a birthday party and selling them online? With a previous economic agreement with the school, event or parents. Or with online payment and direct download, whichever you prefer. But you have never found an easy way to get the photos to the children, athletes or guests.

Private galleries-private-party-photos-con-contrasena-3-arcadina

Now with your Arcadina photography website you can create albums for free or paid download, public or private, depending on the use you want to give them. To give you an outlet for all those business possibilities you have in your head. Get to know all the possibilities of photo download albums.

>> New free photo download album in the customer area

>> Now you can combine sale, selection and/or free download in one photo album

Private galleries with password: the easiest way to give away your photos

Private galleries with passwords will give your photography website the ultimate boost to grow your online sales. Because they will help you to offer more professional services online. Create your new space for display, selection, sale and private download of photographs and make your online business more profitable.

Make your dreams come true and develop your professional career with us. We offer you a trial photography website free of charge for 14 days so you can try out our platform without any obligation to stay. Why are you waiting to have your own professional website, blog and online store?

If you have any questions, our Client Services Team is always ready to help you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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