Twitter for photographers: Tips and advice to succeed with your profile


29 Jan 2018


Social networks are a reality when it comes to considering any career, especially an artistic one.  If you want people to find out about your work, you are going to have to go out into the world and showcase it.  Where do you want to start? With Facebook? Yes, Facebook is easy… but not all of your potential customers can be found on there.  If you want a social network with an immense potential for followers, you have to try Twitter.  But, how do you surf the waves of Twitter as a photographer? We will tell you right now…


Twitter for photographers



Twitter for photographers. Take advantage of your professional profile!

Look, the advantage of Facebook is that, for each person you follow (who you add as a friend), another will follow you back.  You will be building an audience quickly with one click.  It’s fast and easy.  But… Twitter isn’t like that.  When you start to follow someone, there are no guarantees that this person is interested in you and will follow you back.  How are you going to introduce your photographs into the torrent of information that is Twitter if it seems like no one is paying any attention or is interested?


How to get followers on Twitter

To build an audience, the first step is to know what type of audience you’re interested in.  Who do you want to aim for, who is your ideal follower? Think about photographers you admire who fit into your area of work and find them on Twitter.  Look at their list of followers and follow them all.  Follow between 50 and 100 each day.  Four or five days later, look at which of them are following you.  If they don’t, stop following them (keep the ones whose content you are interested in). Repeat the process until you get enough followers to start.  Twitter works like a snowball: you need an initial boost of a few hundred followers so that it multiplies and goes viral.




Publish quality content

Whilst you do this, remember it is essential that you offer good content.  If people reach your profile but don’t see anything worth staying and following you for, they won’t.  But, what should you publish?


It is said that the optimum percentage of publications on Twitter is a third of your own content, another third of third party content and a third personal content.  In other words: publish your own things (in the end, it’s what you want to publicise), but don’t just focus on the photos. You have you offer your followers content of your own, but also of other photographers. They will be grateful and maybe you will make friends because of it!


Finally, the personal part.  Why is it so important? Well, for one simple reason: nobody likes an automated or robotic profile.  They want to follow a real person.  They want to follow you! Maybe they don’t need to know everything about your life, but some hint of humanity will give your publications the roundness they need.



Take advantage and make contacts

Twitter is a social network of fast and direct contact between people who don’t know each other.  If you do it well, you can find allies and friends in your sector.  Take advantage of it! Share their content, comment on their photographs, recommend opportunities and try to be generous in your interactions.


Direct your tweets well

To improve the exposure of your tweets, try to use suitable hashtags.  Don’t force it! Don’t use the trending hashtag if it has nothing to do with it.  People realise and you just look less authentic.



You can also take advantage and tag relevant accounts in publications. In other words, if you have worked with an editing programme from specific company, you could mention them in your tweet.  They are bound to see it and retweet it: after all, it benefits them for people to know their programme is used and see the results that can be obtained with it.


To recap: Twitter, as a social network for photographers, requires more attention and a more polished strategy than Facebook, but the potential of views per publication is very high.  In addition, it will enable you to meet other photography professionals and make interesting contacts that will help you in your career.  Although it may seem hard, don’t give up: follow our advice and learn to master Twitter. In addition, you might also be interested in our post about the best social networks for photographers.


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