Private galleries to share your photos with password protection

11 Dic 2017

Create private galleries to share your photos and videos with a user name and password. Your clients can choose photos and send their selection to you in just one click. Take your photography business to the next level with these easy-to-use galleries with no need for technical knowledge. At this point, you will already have realised that using email to send photos is limited by a lack of storage space. And sending CDs and DVDs is expensive and it takes time to produce them. Whereas using private galleries with password protection to share your photos will allow you to reach your clients quickly online.


Private galleries to share your photos with password protection


Create private albums for your clients

Having password-protected galleries is important because not all photos can be shared with everyone. If you can protect your photos, you can protect stories and personal memories. Create a photo proofing album and your clients can log in securely to view their photos and choose the ones they like most. And if they want to, they can share them with family and friends, increasing the number of orders that may come your way. Not to mention the indirect publicity of your work that this provides.


Create private albums for your clients

See an example for proofing photos


You can also create a slideshow photo album, a slideshow of photographs with background music, an interesting feature that makes sure your clients can get the most out of their photographs. And you can create as many albums as you need, there is no limit. Learn about the benefits and opportunities created by having a private clients’ area on your website.


Protect your photos with a watermark

Password-protected albums do not allow photos to be downloaded by right-clicking the mouse and they cannot be dragged into a folder. Our system provides protection against those actions. In addition, the photos the user sees are smaller and lower-quality compared to the originals. That way, the original copy can only be obtained by purchasing it from you, or if you allow them to be downloaded free.



And all our photo albums and galleries allow a watermark to be added to your images. This gives your photos an extra level of security. Add your copyright and logo to every image you upload. We know that providing these options for protecting your work is really important because it lets you work without worrying. Your images will never be copied. And our galleries are 100% protected. How to create watermarks for photographers and creatives.


Allow free digital downloads of your photos

How many times have you thought of offering wedding guests a free download of the reception photos? With a prior financial agreement with the couple, of course. But you haven’t worked out how to make it simple, in a way that won’t mean you have to send the files one-by-one and other issues. And how many times have you thought about taking school pictures, or photos of a cycle race or walk, or at a birthday? Prior financial agreement with the school, event or parents of course. But you’ve never worked out how to make it simple, how to get the photos to the children, competitors or guests.


Allow free digital downloads of your photosSee an example of free download photos


Well, with your website on Arcadina, you can create free-to-download albums and make all these possibilities a reality, and much more. Experience all about the opportunities created by free-to-download photo albums.


The easiest way to deliver your photos

A tool designed for online photo business. The private galleries with password-protection will give your photography website that extra touch to improve your online sales. Create a new space for displaying, selecting and selling photographs and make more from your online business.

Go ahead and create now your website with private galleries. 14 days free trial and no commitment to stay.


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