Which photography web design is right for you? Here are 7 unique designs

28 Dec 2021

The photography web design of your online business is very important. It will be part of your brand identity and will help your visitors to get a good impression of you. That is why in Arcadina we have at your disposal 7 web designs, fully customisable and adaptable to your photography business.

Each photography web design can be easily adjusted to your own personal brand and will help you to reinforce your personal branding.

“Choose the photography web design that best suits your business. Now you have 7 elegant and daring designs available where your photographs will be the real protagonists”.

Choosing a photography web design never had so many options

Yes, when it comes to choosing the photography web design for your online business, with Arcadina you have the possibility of choosing between 7 web designs specially designed for your photography business:

  • Bangkok. Avant-garde and with cascading photographs.
  • Tokyo. Minimalist and with full screen images.
  • Arizona. Creative and where everything stands out, including content.
  • Cairo. Transgressive with traditional touches.
  • New York. Shocking and attractive at the same time.
  • Sydney. Elegant and chameleon-like.
  • Venezia. Romantic and dynamic.

Did you know that with us all the photography web design changes you need are included in your contracted plan? This way, you will be able to give a “new look” to your photography website as many times as you want.

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You can also change the design of: galleries, front page, home page, blog appearance and customise fonts and colours. As you navigate through the management panel of your website, you will discover all these possibilities and many more.

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1. Photography web design Bangkok: for daring photographers

The web design of Bangkok Photography is characterised by a modern and practical structure.

  • Main menu. It is located on the left side of the screen, so that visitors will be very clear, from the first moment, the information available on your photography website.
  • Logo. It appears at the top left of the screen. A strategic place for your visitors to know who you are at all times.

Bangkok Photography’s cutting-edge web design is full of features to suit your needs as a photographer or videographer. Its cascading photo and video galleries will enhance your work, giving it a special shine. It suits any type of photography to win over your clients and followers.”

Cover of the Bangkok design

In the Bangkok design homepage, you can include all the tabs that you find interesting to highlight and, like any other element in Arcadina, you can customise it completely.



Bangkok Design Gallery

The photo and video galleries of the Bangkok design allow you to display your images in full screen and up to 2000px in size (this feature is common in all our web designs). And you can create as many galleries and sub-galleries as you need, choosing between Infinite, Carousel, Pages or Slideshow layouts.

By the way, do you want to know the advantages of each of these gallery designs? Below, we have left you an article where you will be able to answer all your questions.

>> Discover the new photo and video galleries Pages, Slideshow, Infinite and Carousel


Bangkok Design Blog

At Arcadina we give a lot of importance to images, but we do not neglect the written part either, because we are very aware that texts are essential for a photography website to be effective and also to be positioned properly in search engines.

In this case, we have chosen to show the articles of the blog with an Infinite design, very easy to navigate. In your blog you also have the possibility of creating categories to order the different publications that you create, depending on the subject to be treated.


2. Tokyo photography web design: for minimalist photographers

In Tokyo web design, you will surprise your clients and followers with an unexpected and groundbreaking design.

  • Main menu. It is located at the bottom of the screen and floating above the images. A somewhat unusual location that gives this design a more striking point.
  • Logo. It is located at the top left-hand side of the screen.

“Tokyo is a groundbreaking photography web design, offering you an explosive mix of full screen images, minimalist design and smooth transitions. It’s different colour versions and the option to choose the backgrounds will allow you to change the look of your website very quickly. If you want to make an impact with a different design, Tokyo is your best ally”.

Web presentation of the Tokyo design

This is the first impression that your visitors are going to get of your work and that is why, in Tokyo design, the first thing your future clients are going to see is a slide show of photographs or a large video.

In addition, to give greater visibility to your images or video, the main menu is located on a semi-transparent strip that will not obscure any detail of the photograph.



Photo gallery and videos of the Tokyo design

A differentiating point of this photography web design is that the galleries and sub-galleries appear at the top of the screen and if you find it interesting, you can also add a representative image for each one. It is an accordion menu, flexible, which expands and shrinks when you move the mouse pointer over it, achieving a very original and eye-catching effect.

Did you know that in any Arcadina photography web design you can add photo galleries or videos and integrate Instagram accounts?


Tokyo Design Services section

When explaining how you work in your photography business, it is important that you explain as much information as possible in a very clear and visual way. That’s why, in the services section of the Tokyo photography web design, you have a space (full screen) to explain your photography reports in detail.

Thanks to the content editor, including clear and direct texts, photos and videos to enhance your message will be very easy.

>> The importance of text on a photography website


3. Arizona photography web design: for more imaginative photographers

If you want to choose a photography web design that goes straight to the heart of your visitors, the Arizona model is your ideal candidate.

  • Main menu. It is located in the centre of the upper part of the screen, reminiscent of the more traditional menus.
  • Logo. In this web design it is placed in a more eye-catching location, right at the top centre of the screen.

“Impress your visitors with a creative and heartfelt design. Arizona is ready for them to enjoy your work in style. A luxury for the eye. Its galleries adapt to the size of your mind and include high quality video and photography – a design that makes you want to stay and live on this site!”

Web presentation of the Arizona design

On this page the stars will be your logo and your images, 2 of the most important elements when making the first presentations. In this part of the website, you can include a slideshow (or Infinite) to show your most representative photographs.

Another element you can include in this part of your website is a commercial text, this way you will be able to attract the attention of your readers more easily.

>> New: Add commercial text to your web presentation



Arizona Design Gallery

This is the space where you can show your visitors all your talent in an orderly and very visual way. In the Arizona design Carousel gallery, you can create all the galleries and sub-galleries you need to organise each session in its corresponding space.

In addition, you can also include a direct access section to Instagram, so that your photos “fly” through the network.


Arizona Design Blog

In your photography blog, as well as being able to include a category to organise your articles according to the subject matter, within each post, you can add full-size photographs (with an integrated image viewer up to 2000 pixels), videos and give the option to share them on your social networks.

“All our blogs include an integrated gallery with a full-screen image viewer up to 2000 pixels. A feature that makes all the difference.”


4. Cairo photography web design: for photographers who don’t follow the rules

Photography websites that use Cairo design stand out for fusing innovation with tradition.

  • Main menu. As in the Arizona design, it is located at the top centre, giving a more classic touch.
  • Logo. It is presented as the main protagonist in the lower central part of the website. Undoubtedly, one of the most innovative points.

“Cairo is a transgressive photography web design that combines the traditional presentation of photos with an ultra-modern touch by using pre-portal galleries with blocks that grow towards infinity. A very stylish design, with galleries that are easy to navigate and where your brand will always be visible”.

Front page of the Cairo design

On the Big web page of the Cairo design, you can add a header photo and the name of the section in question to the direct access buttons. These buttons, together with the logo of your brand, will be the main protagonists of this page. And you can change the design of your homepage as many times as you want, because in addition to the Big design you have the following homepage designs available: Transparent, Dream, Elegant and Impact.

>> Discover the new web covers Transparent, Big, Dream, Elegant and Impact



Cairo Design Gallery

The Slideshow gallery of the Cairo photography web design is ideal for your visitors to get a quick overview of your portfolio and, ultimately, of your photography business.

When a potential client enters this type of gallery, they will find a medium-sized image (which they will be able to enlarge to full screen) and a series of thumbnails just below it, which will allow them to get a quick idea of the rest of the photographs you are showing in this gallery in question.

In addition, when necessary, you can add a short text as a brief introduction to each photo.

>> New: Add commercial text to your gallery images


About us” section of the Cairo design

To generate empathy and trust with your future clients, it is important that you present yourself properly on your photography website. On the “About us” page of the Cairo design you have a space where you can show (and explain) your most personal side, both through texts and images. And if you are more daring, you can also include a video presentation.


5. Photography web design New York: for a photography business that makes an impact

If you are looking for an eye-catching and impressive photography web design, New York is undoubtedly the design for you.

  • Main menu. It is placed in the upper central part to leave more space and prominence to the images.
  • Logo. Your brand will be integrated with the images on the top left.

“In the New York design your photographs and videos take centre stage. New York is a website suitable for any photographer who wants to show his work in an attractive and impressive way. Ideal for weddings, advertising or landscapes where large size photography is becoming a trend”.

Cover design New York

The shortcut buttons have less prominence on this front page to give more prominence to the header photo and itogo of your photography business.

In order not to miss a single detail of the main image, a semi-transparent strip will appear to highlight the buttons when the cursor is moved closer to the button area.



Design Gallery New York

If you find it necessary to include a submenu in your image gallery, you can also customise the appearance of this element of your website. In this case, in the New York photography web design we have chosen to include a Dropdown menu. And for the mobile version of your website, you will also be able to customise the menu.

>> New: new web menus Dropdown desktop and Cool mobile

In addition, you will be able to share each image on your social networks immediately.

On our websites you will always be able to share all the content on social networks: photos, videos, a text section, a blog post, a sales album, or any other information you display on your website.


Opinions on the New York design

Designing a photography website where you give space to testimonials is essential. People who don’t know you and visit your photography business for the first time will need some reassurance that you are a great professional. In addition, inviting your satisfied customers to leave their opinion on your website can be decisive when deciding which photographer to hire.


6. Photography web design Venezia: for romantic photographers

This model stands out for the originality of its design that will combine perfectly with the elegance of your photographs.

  • Main menu. It is located on the right-hand side of the screen and offers visitors a direct overview of the information.
  • Logo. You will find it centred, just above the sidebar of the main menu, without obstructing the view of the web content.

“Elegance and class united in one place. Venezia is the city that has inspired this romantic style design to show your work in a more attractive way. Venezia includes dynamic galleries and a menu that is always visible and easy to navigate. Popular with wedding, advertising and fashion photographers.”

Home page of the Venezia design

In this case the information and the cover photo have the same weight, this way your visitors will not only enjoy one of your best photos, but will also have all the information available.



Venezia Design Gallery

As well as being able to create sub-galleries within your galleries, you can also include videos of your sessions so that visitors can share them online. In addition, the single-column Carousel gallery design gives a very striking effect with large photos.

Because, in case you didn’t know, in the Infinite and Carousel photo galleries, you can set the number of columns or rows for each individual gallery and configure the responsive mode, which automatically adapts the number of columns or rows according to the size of the screen.

>> Adjustments to the Galleries


Venezia Design Blog

Here you will also be able to customise every detail of your articles. Thanks to the infinite design of the blog, your visitors can quickly access your content. You can choose the number of columns, switch to the Classic design, if you like a more classic and linear aspect of the contents.

You will also be able to include in each post a summary of the content, its date, comments, the title and a header image. And hide the date of the articles if you write infrequently. The possibilities for customisation are very extensive.

>> Discover the new Classic and Infinite blogs on our websites. And many more blog improvements


7. Photography web design Sydney: for all types of photographers

It is undoubtedly an elegant photographic web design where the images are once again the main protagonists.

  • Main menu. It is located at the top right-hand side.
  • Logo. This time, it is included in the upper band of the menu and is placed on the left side, giving more space to the photos and lower contents. In addition, the logo is automatically reduced in size when you browse a large section, leaving the screen cleaner.

“Sydney is suitable for everyone, like a chameleon it adapts to any need, whether it is a social, nature or fashion photographer who wants to see their photographs at a large size. Its grill mode galleries have won over a multitude of photographers to create their photo and video catalogue. Sydney is elegant and effective at the same time”.

Home page of the Sydney design

This is an elegantly designed page where the protagonists are, once again, the header photo and the branding of your photography business.

On this homepage it is very easy to access the most important parts of your website, your social networks or other sections that you consider important.



Design Gallery Sydney

Your visitors will be able to enjoy your photographs at full size and at a “glance” they will appreciate the quality of your work thanks to the integrated image viewer that allows them to enjoy them up to 2000 pixels in size. In addition, this gallery is presented in grid mode and it is very easy to navigate and view your entire portfolio quickly and comfortably.

As with all galleries, you will also be able to create sub-galleries with the different sessions or categories of your work, and include your Instagram gallery.


Design contact Sydney

The contact section is one of the most important pages of your photography business. Without it, visitors will never become customers. Therefore, it must have an attractive design, be concise and above all, it is very important that it fulfils its function: to communicate with you through various channels. Our websites, in addition, in their mobile version allow your user to contact you via SMS and Whatsapp, which is a basic need for communication nowadays.

>> Learn how to integrate Instagram, WhatsApp and SMS galleries into your website


Online shop and customer area always available in your photography web design

Providing a premium service to your clients is essential to keep them satisfied and to make them speak highly of you as a photographer or videographer.

If you include in your photography business different ways to earn money, such as: private online photo selection, selling images in print or digital download formats, private photo and video slideshow albums, and more options that you will have at your fingertips, your profits will grow and you will be much happier.

For this reason all our customers with a Silver plan or higher, can include an online shop for: selling photos, videos, services and products.

And for customers who have a Gold or higher contract, they can offer their customers a private area to: view a sample, select, purchase, download or print in professional formats their images.



These two tools are essential when it comes to directly selling your images, videos, products or photography services and will become essential when creating private albums for the selection or downloading of photos. In addition, you will be able to create several completely separate online shops on your website, if you need to differentiate the sale of sports photography from the sale of your photographic services and products, for example.



Do you want to know more about the advantages of including an online shop and customer area in your photography business? Here are a couple of very interesting articles.

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Choose the photography web design that best suits your style – you have 7 to choose from!

Now you know, start next year 2022 with a photography web design according to your style and true to your photography business and show your future clients the information they need to choose you.

If you want to discover real examples of each of our 7 exclusive web designs for photographers, visit our examples section that we have available on the Arcadina website.

>> See examples of real websites of Arcadina’s clients organised by web design and photographic speciality

Many of your colleagues (and competitors) have already started to design a photography website with Arcadina, as is the case of Javier Bejarano.

>> Javier Bejarano talks to us

Before we say goodbye, we want to announce some great news: did you know that you can now get free months if you recommend us to a friend? We would love to read in the comments what you think about this new proposal.

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Arcadina is much more than a website, it is business solutions for photographers.

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