Facebook for photographers: Tips and advice to succeed with your profile


4 Mar 2019


We’ve already explained to you recently the importance of social networks to present your photography work. As you already know, Twitter and Instagram for photographers have multiple advantages. But this week we are going to talk about the most widely used social network in the world and how to get the most out of it.  We are, of course, talking about Facebook.


Facebook for photographers


Facebook is the social network with the most users across the world.  And although it is true that Instagram for photographers is perfect for showing your work, Facebook is ideal to be able to create a community.



Facebook for photographers. Make the most of your business page!




Facebook is a very different social network to Twitter and Instagram, which is why it is important to regularly pay it a lot of attention so you can stand out on it.  Today we are going to give you some advice so you succeed in your photographer’s Facebook page.


Make the most of your business page

In order to create a company page you must have a personal profile created on Facebook with which you will manage the page. Pages are different to personal profiles, since you don’t have to add someone as a friend so that they can view your posts.  They will only need to follow you by clicking Like on the page.



We can say that the business page is like a professional profile. For this reason, you should take good care of it, paying special attention to:


Your location.

You should always fill in this field, especially your contact telephone and link to your website or where you display all of your work. In addition, it is advisable to put the address so that your followers can locate you.


Name and description.

Describe who you are well, what you do and what your specialisms are.  Make sure people are able to find you if they look on Facebook.

Your profile picture and cover photo.

Choose photos that display your work or, if you have a company logo, you can put it as the profile picture.  And for the cover photo, choose one of your own work, as it will stand out better because it’s bigger.  The cover photo also lets you add a video which can be suitable if professional videos is one of your specialisms.


The huge importance of interaction on Facebook

The main objective of this network is to be able to create a community, in which your followers comment, interact and share your work regularly.  This is so that their friends also see your photographs and start to follow you.

If you receive mentions or comments on your photographs, it is important that you answer, even if it is just to say thank you for the gesture.  In addition, it is advisable that you respond in less than 24 hours since Facebook rewards you for it.

Also, share posts that you think could be of interest to your followers and follow other pages, this will get you more followers.


Post regularly

As with the other social networks, posting regularly is very important on Facebook.  This way, you will keep the audience’s interest and not lose followers.

It is also important to know how to balance.  If you can, combine the posts of your work with interesting news for your community, so you don’t overwhelm them, and it attracts their attention.


Find out which is the best time to post

Facebook allows you to know at which times your followers are online the most.  This way, if you post during these times, you will increase the probabilities of them seeing your new posts.  And in addition, it will also help you to get new followers.


Advertising on Facebook



If you are interested in advertising for photographers, Facebook ads is one of the most widely used tools for advertising.  You will be able to increase the number of followers as well as contact new customers, if you use it properly.

How to use advertising for photographers on Facebook properly? To get good results you should:

  1. Decide what is your specific objective: to get more followers, send traffic to your website…
  2. Define and segment well the audience you want to reach: location, age, gender, interests…
  3. Prepare a simple and eye catching post, with a good photograph or photographs and a concise and clear text.

Now you know all of the advantages of Facebook for photographers, don’t hesitate, create your business page and start to create your community, you will succeed!


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