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11 Mar 2020

Nowadays there are more and more wedding photographers. Standing out in such a saturated market may be difficult, but not everyone spends the necessary time on marketing. Today we bring you several marketing ideas for wedding photographers that can help you get ahead and grow in this professional sector.


Marketing strategies, although they usually have points in common for all professional areas, also have others specific to each sector. In the case of wedding photographers we have to take into account that we sell ourselves mainly through our photographs and videos and we must orient our strategy towards them.

5 marketing ideas for wedding photographers

Promotion in social networks


Social networks are essential in any digital marketing strategy. In the case of wedding photographers it is a very important part of this. Having contact with our potential clients on a daily basis and exchanging opinions will create links long before they request our services.

By interacting in social networks we will create our brand image. With this we will achieve that potential customers, the users of the network, have the closest possible vision to the reality of our services. In this way, expectations will be real when you hire our services.

It’s important to look like a real person in networks. Use neuromarketing to get closer to the users and with empathy get new customers.

Offline promotion

In the world of wedding photography, online marketing is as important as street-level promotions. This is usually done at wedding fairs. We recommend that at least once a year you attend a wedding suppliers’ fair in your city or community.

In this way you will get closer to new clients, who will know you in person, which will give them much more confidence when hiring your services. At trade fairs, several contracts are usually closed; you just have to make sure that the investment does not exceed the profits.

A guide for customers or FAQs

This will avoid having to answer the same questions over and over again. The ideal is to create a section on your website where potential customers can solve the most frequent doubts. Accompany this guide with photos and tips for the wedding; all written in a close way.

In most cases, even if we do not have the rates present on the web and they have to contact you in order to access them, they will already have some previous information and will be clear about your way of working before contacting you. This will save you and them time.



Collaborations with other professionals in your sector can bring you new clients. At the wedding suppliers’ fairs mentioned above and also at the photography and video workshops and congresses you will be able to meet other people who work with weddings and with whom you can negotiate joint projects, special discounts or collaborations on social networks. In this way, both you and the other party will reach new customers who might otherwise not have known you. Everybody wins.

Another way to network and be in touch with professionals like you is to join one of the many associations of professional photographers and videographers that exist in your province or country. In addition, this type of association has many advantages for its members, such as discounts on products and services or legal advice, which is so important in this sector.

Keeping up to date with new formats and services will give you an advantage over the competition. The best way to do this is to research the wedding trends in other countries and offer the latest to your clients.

And don’t forget to check with photo labs and professional suppliers in the sector to find out what the latest developments are and to weigh up the ones you might be most interested in offering your customers.

Within the marketing strategies, you may be interested in email marketing for photographers and creatives, another way for customers to be aware of the news you want to send them.

Create a professional photography and video website

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