Marketing tips for wedding photographers

Today we want to share with you a series of marketing tips for wedding photographers. Because we know that more and more photographers are specialising in wedding photography and knowing how to stand out in such a saturated market is essential.

Because as well as knowing how to capture the essence of a wedding and finding your own style of photography, knowing a series of marketing ideas for wedding photographers will allow you to differentiate yourself from the rest. And this differentiation will translate into more closed wedding budgets.


“Thanks to marketing for wedding photographers you will become the leading photographer in your area”.

What is marketing for wedding photographers?

The truth is that marketing for wedding photographers, although it may have points in common with the rest of the suppliers specialised in the wedding sector, it is also true that it has a series of points plus others that are specific to each sector.

In the case of wedding photography, you have to see how to promote your product and, most importantly, you have to make the bride and groom see that you are not just selling photos. You offer unique memories.

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Here we are going to give you 8 tips so that marketing for wedding photographers has no mysteries for you.

1# Define your ideal customer


One of the first steps to take in marketing for wedding photographers that will help you to close more wedding budgets is to direct all your efforts to the right people. There is no point in doing paid advertising, writing articles or even promoting yourself on wedding supplier search engines if you don’t define your buyer persona.

Wedding photography is a discipline in which the ideal client is more demanding. The bride and groom are looking for a very specific photographer with a defined style in whom they will entrust the memories of one of the happiest days of their lives.

For such an important issue as defining your ideal customer, we have created an article where we help you to draw up their profile.

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2# Your wedding photography website is your best showcase


Yes, your wedding photography website is like your studio a few years ago. The vast majority of potential clients will be what they will see of you and your work when they make their first selection of wedding photographers.

That is why it is important to make an impact from the first minute with a website that allows you to include a cover photo, a slogan at the beginning, a temporary offer and many other options.

But a photography website is much more than all this. It also has to allow you to show your images in an attractive way, offer you a space where you can explain who you are and how you work and offer your clients a series of spaces where they can interact and buy the images that most touch their hearts.

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3# Choose your best wedding portfolio


Yes, we have told you on more than one occasion. Including all the wedding photographs is not going to help you close more budgets. In a wedding where you are going to spend an average of 10 hours taking photos, it is impossible for all the images to be stunning, to be taken at the right moment and also for the bride and groom to look perfect.

Therefore, another basic point in marketing for wedding photographers is to make a careful selection of the most brilliant wedding photographs before uploading them to your website’s galleries.

In addition, as a general rule, the bride and groom will see a large number of photographers’ websites and will end up bored of seeing so many images. It is important to make an impact on this first visit to your website. Afterwards, when they come to visit you in the studio, you can have a larger album ready.

“Ordinary wedding photographs don’t sell. Create a portfolio that will impress them as part of your marketing strategy for wedding photographers.

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4# Photography blog: your best ally when looking for a partner


You can take advantage of your photography blog to try to position yourself in terms other than the usual (wedding photographer) and you know, thanks to the research of your ideal client, that the prototype of couples you want to work with will be looking for at the moment.

You can talk about tips, wedding recommendations, planning ideas, examples of idyllic wedding venues and any other wedding-related topics that might be of interest to couples planning a wedding.

In our photography blogs you will find a fully integrated design with the rest of the web and it will be a place where, in addition to being able to deal with any subject, you will be able to accompany the texts with full-size photos.

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5# Promote yourself on social media


Social media is essential in any marketing strategy for wedding photographers. Having contact with your ideal client on a daily basis and being able to exchange opinions will give you the option to create a bond of trust long before they request your services.

When you interact in your networks you create a brand image. In this way, the users of the network (i.e. your ideal clients) will have a much closer and real vision of what you are like and what your service is.

With regular publications based on proximity (neuromarketing), the expectations and degree of satisfaction of your potential clients will be much more realistic when they hire your photography services.

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6# Use more traditional advertising

There are some methods that never fail, even if the years go by, and one of them is street advertising. Some of the marketing strategies for wedding photographers that you can employ include:

  • If you have a photography studio, promote the wedding season in the window.
  • Go to wedding congresses and fairs. Here, in addition to meeting other wedding suppliers with whom you can network, you will also meet many bridal couples who are looking for a wedding photographer.
  • As in the fairs, look for other suppliers in your area related to this sector, such as: wedding, planners or celebration halls to give them your dossier.
  • You can put a commercial on the radio. Many couples will be listening to it on their way to work.
  • When you attend a wedding, be sure to hand out your card to your guests, you know the saying goes that “out of one wedding comes another wedding“. Don’t waste this great opportunity.

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6# Dossier with your rates and most common questions

Whether you are in your studio or attending a wedding-related event, always have several copies of your dossier at hand.

In a good wedding dossier, as well as including your packages, extra services and rates, it is important that you include some more information that will help couples to get a better idea of how you work.

Here are some recommendations:

  • Explain how you work. Even if you have it written on your website, or you tell them in person, it is very interesting that you make sense of your rates by explaining how you work and, more importantly, what makes you different from other colleagues.
  • Include testimonials. There is nothing more revealing than hearing from other couples about their experience with you.
  • Include a section of frequently asked questions. In most cases, the bride and groom will have the same doubts and uncertainties, giving them answers in the dossier will be a great help when they are at home with a few more quotes from your competitors.

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7# Create an email marketing strategy with your partners

And to finish this compilation of marketing ideas for wedding photographers that you can put in place to gain the loyalty of visitors who come to your website, is to offer them a small gift (for example, a guide for their wedding) in exchange for their personal information (name, email). Once you have this information in your possession, you can create a series of personalised emails informing your visitors of topics that are of special interest to them if they are currently organising their wedding, some of these ideas could be:

  • Explain how much time they have to hire the suppliers for their wedding day (and while you’re at it, mention that your diary is almost full).
  • You can recommend a supplier you are working with. Ideally, these other professionals should do the same for you and your list of potential clients.
  • You can send them a personal invitation to the next wedding-related event.
  • Tell them how important timing is at a wedding and how you, with your extensive experience, can help them organise it.
  • Or even create some kind of special offer for them.

As you can see, there are many topics that you can discuss with your partners through email, take advantage of this great opportunity.

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8# And if partners are undecided, it creates shortages

Another idea that you can use in both email marketing and street advertising is to offer an irresistible, temporary offer. Ideally, don’t throw away prices so as not to undervalue your work and that of your colleagues.

You can also post on social networks that your wedding agenda is about to hang the “full” sign, this will make many undecided couples take the step of contacting you to see if you have the date of their wedding available.

Or even make an agreement with certain suppliers (such as estates and event planners) to recommend you as a wedding photographer at a special rate.


What are you waiting for to put all these marketing tips for wedding photographers into practice?

As you can see, there are many marketing ideas for wedding photographers that you can apply to your business.

  • It defines the ideal customer prototype very well.
  • Have a professional photography website that enhances your best images.
  • Before uploading the photos to the website, make a selection of the best wedding photographs.
  • Write on your photography blog about topics that might interest your potential clients.
  • Move regularly in the networks.
  • Contact other suppliers and don’t forget to distribute advertising in your area.
  • Create a complete dossier with all the basic information.
  • Use email to remove barriers between you and your visitors.
  • Create a temporary but irresistible offer.

As an idea, you can start by implementing one or two and little by little, once you have them well established, try some more.

But marketing for wedding photographers is not only about these recommendations, here is a very interesting article for you to learn how to value what to invest in your business and how to plan it.

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This time we are pleased to share with you the opinion of Miguel Ángel Garrote from Focus Foto Estudio. We are sure that Ángel already uses some marketing techniques for wedding photographers.

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And finally, let’s get to today’s question: What marketing techniques for wedding photographers are you using right now? We’ll read you in the comments.

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