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3 Nov 2021

How about being able to have a series of free marketing resources to promote your pre-determined sales? And to be able to explain and show your clients the formats of the new service you are offering them from Arcadina Labs with some of the photos from your sessions?

You can take advantage of this Christmas campaign to advertise to your customers this exclusive service of professional format printing available in your private customer area and online shop.

In this article we are going to explain what these free marketing resources we have created for you consist of, where you can download them and for what kind of occasions they can be very useful.


“Don’t waste time creating compositions of the new Arcadina Labs formats, download today the free marketing resources we have prepared for you and customize them to your liking.

What are free marketing resources?

If you’re wondering why we’ve created these free marketing resources for you, the answer is simple. One of our main goals is to help you thrive in your photography business by offering you all kinds of all-in-one business solutions, and if we can save you some time when it comes to creating your marketing strategies, so much the better.

Therefore, we have created a growing space where, periodically, we will be uploading free content of prepared images that you can customize with your photos, logo and a small text if you see necessary. In this section you will have at your disposal: mockups, photographs and templates of the different Arcadina Labs formats so that promoting this new service among your customers will be much easier and faster.

And what better way to try out these new free resources than with your current Christmas campaign!

When you access all the free content we’re creating for you, you’ll see a series of customizable Christmas-themed images so you can take advantage of these resources before the year is out.

Who are these free resources for?


If you have contracted any type of business solution with Arcadina that includes the customer area and/or online shop sections, these photographs will be available to you free of charge and permanently in your management panel.

If you are thinking of changing your plan with Arcadina, here is an article so you can easily compare the different business options that you can contract with us.

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Images that will help you boost your marketing strategy for free


The intention is that on the one hand you can use these free marketing resources so that your customers have a better view of how their photos can be printed in the new Arcadina Labs formats. And on the other hand, that this task within the marketing of your business takes as little time as possible.

You decide, you can download the free resources and use them directly in your campaigns or personalize them with a phrase, your logo and one of your latest photographs.

As an idea, you can use this type of content: through posts on your social networks, articles on your blog or emails you send to your customers. The possibilities are endless and the job is almost done 😉.

Want to know where to find these free marketing resources?


To download these photos for free, you just have to enter your Management Panel / access to Online Store or Customer Area and in the left side menu, at the bottom you will see a new tab that we have called Resources.

This is where we will be regularly uploading all kinds of graphic content so that you can use it in any type of publication.

As a recommendation, we have left a PDF file (Read Me) that we encourage you to read before you start downloading the pictures. It will be very useful.

New resources in your Management Panel: much more than Arcadina Labs

And although in this article we are focusing on explaining the advantages of being able to have a series of free resources of the different print formats that you already have available, the truth is that in this new Resources area of your Management Panel you will find much more content:

  • Mockups so you can quickly insert the photos of your sessions and advertise future campaigns.
  • Photographs with examples of the new Arcadina Labs formats so that your customers know what this new service you are offering them looks like.
  • Templates that you will be able to customize with the content of your photography services to create ads and posts on networks.
  • Images to promote sessions at special times such as: Christmas, communion, etc.

As you can see, you are going to save a lot of editing time and, best of all, your clients will have a “mental image” of how the photographs of your session will look in your living room thanks to these new print formats that you are offering them. What more could you ask for from a totally free resource?

Start using your resources in your Christmas campaign

We all know that there are certain temporary campaigns that help you end the year with an extra income and Christmas reports are one of those top reports in these months. That’s why several of the free resources that we have prepared for you make reference to Christmas.

As we mentioned a moment ago, you can customize these resources with your own photos and logo and promote professional format printing among your clients. In addition to earning extra money with the sessions, this year you can increase your “Christmas bonus” a little more with the sale of this type of prints.

If you see that customers are interested in this new product you are offering them, you can create a small section on your website to explain it or even include it directly in your online store. And if you have a physical studio, placing some of the photos of your Christmas sessions printed in these eye-catching formats will be a great attraction for your visitors.

The more you promote, the better. The more your clients hear about your services, the more likely they will be interested in them and visit your gallery. Post your sale on any social media channel you feel comfortable with. You can download our images, edit them and create your own logos and captions to personalize your message.


If you are an Arcadina member, what are you waiting for to use the new free marketing resources?

So now you know, if you have opted for any of our all-in-one business solutions where the client area and/or online store are included and you want to take advantage of these free marketing resources from Arcadina Labs (among others), go to your management panel today and download the photos that will help you prosper in your photography business.

“This year Christmas photos are going to become part of the decoration of the house thanks to the new printing formats available at Arcadina Labs. What are you waiting for to tell your customers about it? Do it thanks to Arcadina’s new free marketing resources. ”

As usual, we don’t want to say goodbye to you without sharing with you the experience of HaizuePhotography’s team of photographers.

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And finally, this time we are going with a recommendation. If you finally decide to take advantage of the free marketing resources we’ve just left you in your management panel so that your clients are encouraged to print their Christmas photos in these stunning formats, we’d love to know how this campaign has worked out for you. We’ll read you in the comments.

Open the door to your photography business

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Arcadina is much more than a website, it’s business solutions for photographers.

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