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7 Feb 2020

There are a thousand and one social networks in the 21st century and, believe it or not, the measurements of the photographs on each of them are special, unique and different.  In social networks, content is very important, both text and images, and if the latter are not the right size they do not optimize and therefore you will not achieve the objectives you have set in your Communication Strategy.


Why? One of the main failures that occur on digital platforms all the time is that the images that appear are pixelated or blurred because, for example, Twitter and Facebook compress the images in publications. That’s why we thought that this article about how much your photography should measure according to which social network you use will be a great help so today we’re going to talk about the main and most important ones in terms of recommendations for the world of photographers and photography.

Measurements of the photos on Facebook

This social network is possibly the most complicated in terms of photography and has certain peculiarities in this respect. And their images are the least likely to be optimized. Why? Because it depends on the post in the sense that it is with image or with link, as well as the profile and cover photos; a wide range, as you can see.

Okay, the measurements are as follows:

  • Profile photo: 180×180 px
  • Cover photo: 851×315 px
  • Post photo: 1200x630px
  • Video post: 504x283px


Measurements of the photographs on Instagram

The social network par excellence for photographers and for everyone in general at this time. And, above all, where the photographs are the protagonists (together with the text, never forget it). It also has certain, if not many, particularities in terms of photography.  Instagram is very peculiar and although the photographs are seen in a 600x600px format, we recommend that you upload them in 1080x1080px size.  Also, if you are going to upload a horizontal photo, you can do it in 1080 x 566px, although you will see it in 600×400 px. And if it is in vertical, you will upload it in 1080 x 1350 px, and it will be displayed in 600x749px.

As you can see it is very particular and, not only this, we still have many more measures to take into account in Instagram that will make your profile even more optimized, so take note:

  • Profile photo: 110x110px
  • Image in square format: 1080x1080px
  • Horizontal image: 1080x566px
  • Vertical image: 1080x1350px


Measurement of Twitter photos

The social network of news or that, in his day, was born with the objective to spread and to connect all the world of a fast way, is characterized because a tweet that has a photo has up to 6 times more possibilities of being retuited that one that does not have it. And, at the same time, if you have a photograph, it will capture people’s attention much more. This network is once again on everyone’s lips because of the sometimes incendiary tweets, which directly affect the world economy, of US President Donald Trump.

If you want your tweets to reach a great value and reach the more people the better the images you use have to have the following measures:

  • Profile photo: 400x400px
  • Header photo: 1500x500px
  • Tweet photo: 1024x512px


Measurements of the photographs on Linkedin

The professional social network par excellence is also very peculiar when it comes to photographs. If you want to increase your list of contacts and, above all, that all your publications reach your followers and potential followers, the photographs must have the right measures to optimize the post. Ah! It goes without saying that, as with Twitter, a publication with a photograph will always have more reach. Let’s go with the measurements:

  • Profile image: 400x400px
  • Header or post image: 1000x425px and can also be 4000x4000px

Remember that the image is the visual queen, but you should also pay special attention to the text that accompanies that photograph. In social networks and in the digital world everything positions and surely with these measures, you will achieve more goals.

Do not forget the importance of having a professional photography website to redirect users to your website where you offer your services.

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