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7 Jul 2022

On this occasion we would like to talk to you about boudoir photography, a type of reportage that has been “on the rise” for some time now and which is increasingly in demand by the female public and lately also by the male public.

If you want to become a great boudoir photographer it is important that you learn how to create certain moments of intimacy in the boudoir shoot. These photo shoots recreate scenes where the woman is dressed in her “bedclothes” and the aim is to achieve a very sensual boudoir photography that brings out the feminine side of the woman in a subtle and elegant way.

For a boudoir photo shoot to be perfect, the choice of wardrobe (lingerie or clothes in which the model feels most attractive), accessories (heels, necklaces or earrings), as well as the location (indoors or outdoors), will play a very important role in these boudoir photo shoots.


Learn how to capture the feminine side with boudoir photography.

What is boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography is very much related to the female audience and the truth is that most boudoir photo shoots are done with women.

It is also true that in the first boudoir shoots that came to light, the protagonists were usually professional models, where they posed with intimate garments for major lingerie brands. But nowadays, a new public has emerged around this type of sessions. The ordinary woman who seeks to enjoy an experience and images of herself in a more intimate and subtle environment where her femininity is enhanced.

Whether you are a professional model or a woman who has never done any reportage in her life, boudoir photography is synonymous with guided or posed sessions.


“The boudoir photographer’s mission is to advise and guide the model to achieve very elegant and natural poses.

It is also true that this type of reportage is starting to become fashionable among the male public with semi-nudes or full nudes. Because nowadays men don’t want to give up expressing their sensuality either.

And another variant of these sessions that is also gaining momentum is the boudoir photo session for couples. A new trend that is beginning to take off.

What do boudoir photos look like?


In boudoir images we usually find close-up shots where the female body and the finest lingerie are highlighted. In this type of session, the setting is essential to recreate an intimate atmosphere for the woman.

Within this discipline you can find many variants such as: semi nudes, full nudes, couple sessions or thematic reportage. The idea is always to show the most intimate side of the woman with elegance and class.

How to do boudoir photography?


To plan a boudoir photo shoot, it is important to have a meeting with the model beforehand to establish the style of the photographs and to study possible ideas for the day of the shoot. To do this, you can take into account:

  • Study possible locations, both indoors and outdoors, and check the type of lighting in the room.
  • It helps to choose the most appropriate clothes to match the rest of the decor.
  • She advises on the final look (make-up and hairdressing) to achieve the desired aesthetic.
  • Consider accessories such as: heels, necklaces, lipsticks, earrings, etc.
  • Avoid strong colours in the decoration. A hotel room with large windows can be a great option for planning these reports.
  • Create a bond of trust with the model and set certain guidelines when posing so that on the day of the shoot everything goes according to plan.

How to choose the right location for boudoir photography?

Boudoir photography is usually associated with indoor spaces such as a hotel room, a photo studio or even the model’s own home. In these spaces you can play with different scenarios such as: the bed, an armchair or simply using a simple background in the studio.

But more and more, both boudoir photographers and models are opting to take these exotic shoots outdoors, where femininity and sensuality blend more spontaneously with natural landscapes.

How to sell your boudoir photography?



When it comes to showcasing your boudoir shoots, you can use a gallery exclusively for these special sessions. When your visitors see your boudoir portfolio in full screen, they won’t be able to resist booking a session.

>> Discover the photo and video galleries Pages, Slideshow, Infinite and Carousel

Once the photo shoot is finished, you can create a private gallery for your clients to view their photos privately.

>> How to deliver photos to clients? Use the private galleries

And if you have an online shop, you can offer these photo shoots for sale so that visitors can buy them instantly.

>> Selling photographic services on the Internet: all the keys here

Start with Arcadina

Meet 6 prestigious Boudoir photographers

Creativity, sensuality, femininity and large doses of elegance are some of the ingredients you will find in the following boudoir photos of some of our clients.

1# Jorge Lara



Jorge is one of our ambassadors and a prestigious Mexican photographer specialising in wedding photography with a very particular style, fashion shoots and boudoir sessions.

In this last type of reportage, Jorge manages to recreate a very refined atmosphere in each image thanks to the play of light and shadow. If you want to enjoy the images of this boudoir photographer we encourage you to visit the gallery of his website with Tokyo design.

>> Arcadina presents its new ambassador, the Mexican photographer Jorge Lara

2# Maru Serra



Maru is another of our ambassadors and a great friend who, as well as doing children’s photography sessions (communion and children) and reports for falleras, also dedicates a large part of her work and creativity to boudoir photography sessions.

If you visit her website with Sydney design you will see that in addition to being a fantastic photographer, she also teaches boudoir and children’s photography.

>> Maru Serra is new ambassador for Arcadina

3# Miriam Franco Fotografía



In Miriam Franco’s web gallery with Tokyo design, you will be able to discover her boudoir photo sessions, full nude shoots and a series of very creative projects.

In addition, Miriam goes one step further in each of her boudoir reportages, where she seeks not only to capture the beauty of women in a natural way, but also takes advantage of the different scenes to convey a message through her photographs.

4# Boudoir Nude



Behind the Tokyo-designed website of Boudoir Nude, you will discover a great professional specialised in boudoir sessions and artistic nudes.

The great mission of this photographer is to make women feel beautiful, feminine and to leave with a very special memory of this intimate day.

5# Fotograma Vitoria



In Fotograma Vitoria you will discover a great team of photographers dedicated to photo and video sessions for weddings, children, pets, books and boudoir reports.

In the image gallery of her website with Sydney design you will be able to enjoy photographs that insinuate and reveal only the most refined side of women.

6# Otra Fotografía Boudoir



On this website with Bangkok design, if you go to her photo gallery you will find books, pregnancy sessions and wedding reportage. But undoubtedly her main style and the one on which most of her work is based is boudoir photography.

Therefore, in addition to finding boudoir sessions outdoors, indoors, special reports for brides and men, you will also be able to read, in their blog section, a large number of articles related to these sensual reports.

Boudoir photography: the most refined images in your portfolio

Learn how to direct each scene in boudoir photography and recreate a very refined and classy atmosphere. Always look for elegance in every photo, take care of the details and you will become the best boudoir photographer of the moment.

On this occasion, what better than to show you the latest interview with photographer Eugenio Piña of GNO Foto who, as well as specialising in corporate shoots, real estate, family shoots and model books, also does delicate boudoir photography.

>> Eugenio Piña of GNO Foto talks to our team

And to finish this article, we would like to ask you a question: do you know of any other boudoir photographer we should include in this list? We’d love to find out in your comments.

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Arcadina is much more than a website, it is business solutions for photographers.

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