How to create a photo editorial calendar?

2 Dec 2021

If you have decided to “give life” to your photography blog, the truth is that creating a photography editorial calendar with a good content strategy will be the key to make your articles work.

You may not be sure how to create an editorial photography calendar, but we assure you, it’s easier than it seems. That’s why today we’re going to tell you how you can plan your own editorial calendar and we’ll reveal 5 reasons why you need to start it right now.


Creating a photography editorial calendar is going to help you write your articles faster.”

Guide for your Christmas campaign in 2021


16 Nov 2021

If you are a professional photographer, as you know the Christmas campaign always offers great benefits for the end of the year and that’s why, this time we wanted to create for you a guide to make your Christmas campaign in 2021 much more successful.

One of the new strategies that you can use to improve the bookings of these sessions, are the new marketing resources to promote your sales that we have created for you. They are totally free and you can customize them with your photos, logo and add a (short) attractive text.

But these new marketing resources are just one idea to improve your holiday campaign. Here’s a guide with 8 practical tips – here we go!


Boost your Christmas campaign with Arcadina’s 8-step guide!

How to sell photographs online without paying commissions


26 Oct 2021

Today we are going to show you how to sell photographs online with download option or printed in different professional formats without having to pay commissions to third parties. How is it possible? Very simple, with the help of your business tools such as your photography website, client area, online store and social networks.

And the good thing about this type of service is that once you start selling impressions the income comes “automatically“, without making any effort on your part.

The moment you ask yourself the question “how to sell images?” the big online photo selling platforms may come to your mind. And it is possible that in the short term it is the most convenient way to do it, but is it the most effective and profitable way for your pocket? We are convinced that it is not.

In case you didn’t know, these platforms can take in commissions up to 80% of the price of each photograph in some occasions. In our opinion an excessive and exaggerated percentage, since, at the end of the day, the image is yours, don’t you think?

Therefore, in this article we are going to explain the possibilities that we offer you in Arcadina so you can discover how to sell photos online without paying commissions to third parties and you can keep 100% of the profits.


“Find out how to sell photos online with our help without the need for middlemen and keep 100% of the profits from your photos!”

How to create a professional photography website


28 Sep 2021

One of the first tasks you should do when starting a photography business is to create a professional photography website that showcases your work and gives your potential clients the information they need to hire you. In other words, you need to know how to make a professional photography portfolio that works in order to create a productive photography website.

Your photography website is your virtual showcase, and it is not only the best way to get new clients, but it is also a marketing tool for photographers that you should take advantage of to communicate better with them. And in turn it is also a business tool where you will be able to offer a range of services that will give added value to your service, such as: private selection of photos, sale of prints in professional formats (Arcadina Labs), sale of digital files and photographic services.

There are countless options on the market to create a professional photography website, but it is always better to resort to a specialized service that allows you not only to create an all-inclusive photography website (website, private client area, online store, professional prints with Arcadina Labs, blog and much more), but also provides you with a series of business solutions specially designed for professional photographers.


What are you waiting for to create a professional photography website? Arcadina adapts to your real needs as a photographer. What are you waiting for to get the most out of your photography website?

How to create the perfect logo for a photographer


23 May 2021

Creating the perfect logo for a photographer is much more important than it seems. It is the most succinct way to present your photography business. A good logo will increase direct communication, enhance customer loyalty, create a market identity and convey professionalism.

In this article where we will reveal how to create the perfect logo for a photographer, you will discover a few tips and examples when creating your logo.

At Arcadina we want your photography website to transmit a solid, reliable and recognisable brand identity.


The most-used watermarks by photographers 🌊

11 May 2021

Nowadays, watermarks have become a fundamental element for photographers who want to protect their images from falling into the “wrong hands” on the internet. Above all, they are designed to protect your work, and to ensure that your pictures aren’t used without your permission.  But they are also used to sign your creations (just like artists sign their work).

The most-used watermarks by photographers

Sometimes you might decide not to use them, so you don’t “disturb” or “stain” one of your pictures with a mark that can sometimes spoil the great work. Or because you’re not too bothered if people use some of your photographs (without your permission). The choice is yours.

But if you decide to include watermarks on your photographs, below we show you various options about the different types of watermarks that are most-used by Arcadina users.

“Watermarks are your best option when it comes to protecting your photographs on the internet.”

How to create a professional online photography portfolio 🖼️


26 Mar 2021

Have you ever stopped to think that the images you show in your online portfolio of photographic services will be the ones that make the difference between you and your competitors?

How to create a professional online photography portfolio

If you are a photographer, videographer or creative, we won’t need to explain the enormous competition that exists today in these professions. The Internet has made our work easier, as we can now reach much more people than we did years ago. But like everything in this life, there is the other side of the coin and in this case the Internet will not only give greater visibility to each of us, but will also give it to our competitors, so you must apply all the techniques you know to stand out from the rest.

“If you manage to differentiate yourself in your web of photography thanks to your online portfolio there will be no competitor that shades you.”

And this is exactly what we’re going to explain to you today. We want you to discover how to differentiate yourself from your competition on your photography website through your image gallery. Learn how to select your photographs and discover how to make a quality online photographic portfolio, so that your future clients discover the great professional behind your photography website.



Creative naming, the most original names of photographer websites


24 Sep 2020

Naming is the creation and development process of a brand name. And in a photographer’s or creative photographer’s business, the decision of choosing your brand name is very important.  It is an opportunity to make yourself stand out as a photographer of your area or country and to offer a value proposition that makes you unique.  There are lots of you, as professionals, who choose to create original names for your photography business and website. In this article we are going to present a selection of names of photographers and creative photographers.


Incidentally, at Arcadina, you can create your new website with whatever name you like. In addition, the domain is included in all of our plans. So we encourage you to think of something different and original. You will be able to create your photography website in less than 5 minutes (14 day free trial and with no obligation to purchase).

Private client galleries will grow your photo business

21 Sep 2020

Have you ever thought that the different galleries of private clients, within your photography, video or creative website, will be one of the most important sections and that they will bring more income to your photography, video or creative business?

As we are well aware that private client galleries for photographers are going to become one of the fundamental pillars within your business strategy, today we wanted to share with you this post compilation where we are going to explain the 4 types of private client galleries that you will be able to make available to your clients so that their degree of satisfaction with your work as a photographer is even greater.

And so that those visitors who have not yet become your clients can get an idea of your workload, with Arcadina you can create private galleries with public covers.


“Keep your customers happy by customising the private client photo gallery available on all Arcadina sites.”

📷 How to sell your photographic services on the internet 🏬

15 Sep 2020

Currently Internet offers many facilities to sell your reports and professional photography services. The best option is to have an online photography store on your website. It will be a great comfort for your clients to be able to buy some of your services automatically and without having to contact you beforehand.

“Did you know that there are several studies that show that most of our purchases are more impulsive than rational?”

How to sell your photographic services on the internet

It is proven that the number of sales increases if you give the option to buy right at the time without having to contact the supplier to finalize the purchase (Amazon type, you give a button and ready, you have your purchase done).

The purpose of including an online store in your web of photography, video or creative is simply to increase your income by automating a part of your business.

“Increase your profits by selling your photo products or services automatically.”