SEO guide for photographers to help you improve your web positioning

14 Apr 2023

Every day we get enquiries from photographers asking us about what kind of keywords are best to include in their photography websites in order to get a better SEO ranking and what other SEO actions for photographers they can implement in their online business. On the Internet, you can find some information about how to improve SEO for images, but they tend to be very specific concepts that are sometimes difficult to understand without a solid knowledge base.

The truth is that knowing how to carry out SEO actions for a photography website, or at least knowing some of the strategies to follow, is fundamental to improve the positioning of your digital photography business.

In this basic guide to SEO for photographers you will find all the information you need to know to improve the positioning of your photography website without the need to hire an external service.


SEO for photographers is the fastest way to get more visibility for your photography website and therefore more clients.

How to get customer reviews if you are a photographer?


13 Apr 2023

In this day and age where the vast majority of customers know you online, being able to display a wide selection of reviews from satisfied customers through your website can help you to build greater trust among those hesitant people who have not yet booked your photography services.

Including customer reviews on a photography website can be a very good strategy to help you demonstrate the quality of your work. But the truth is that not everything goes when it comes to including testimonials on a website. In order for your customer reviews to really help other people make a decision, it is important that you learn how to ask your customers for them correctly and that is exactly what we are going to explain to you today in this article on how to collect good customer reviews.


Thanks to customer reviews, people who visit your photography website will be able to discover your approachable side and your involvement in your work.

Want to sell sports photography? Discover 7 success stories

11 Apr 2023

If you want to specialise professionally as a sports photographer, selling sports photography through your website can be a very interesting and profitable business option that can help you make a living from it. That’s why, in this post we are going to show you how you can make your photo shoots even more profitable and we are going to introduce you to 7 colleagues who already make a living from sports photography.

In this article you will find many of the answers you are looking for right now on how to sell sports photography online and make it profitable.


Selling sports photography through your website can be a great business if you have the right tools.

Become an expert sports photographer capturing unique moments

6 Apr 2023

If you want to be a great sports photographer, you have to learn how to capture the most exciting moments of competitions and know how to deal with the movement of each athlete. Because to be a good competition photographer and make a living out of it, the first thing you have to do is to know the sport you are photographing perfectly so that you can anticipate the most exciting moments.

Because the most impressive sports photography jobs scenes happen in just a few seconds and if the sports photographer has enough experience, these images will become unique and unrepeatable snapshots. If you want to become a great sports photographer, today we are going to give you a series of recommendations that will make you stand out in your speciality.


If you want to become a great sports photographer you have to be quick, determined and very creative.

Twitter for photographers: tips and tools to get the most out of your professional profile

30 Mar 2023

Twitter for photographers is the perfect social network to give your photographs the boost they need on the Internet. Nowadays all networks have their own particular audience, but Twitter is the social network with the most active users. Therefore, knowing how to get the most out of this viral social network will help you to achieve greater visibility for your photographic reports.

In a network where communication is big, it’s not easy to make your tweets stand out from the rest, that’s why we’ve created this little guide to Twitter for photographers to help you get more reach for the posts you create on this viral social network.

Learn everything you need to know about Twitter for photographers to get your photos more exposure online.

Success stories: 10+1 examples of customers using Arcadina’s Booking plan


29 Mar 2023

After having our new online photo shoot booking service on the market for several weeks, today we want you to meet 10+1 examples of customers using the Booking plan in their digital photography business.

More than 11 websites, these are 11 success stories of photographers who have trusted in this new service and who are getting more bookings for their photo shoots without having to do any work at all.


Increase the revenue of your photography business thanks to Arcadina’s Booking plan.

Are you a nature or travel photographer and would like to turn your photos into a source of income while exploring new destinations?


21 Mar 2023

If you manage to make a living from your hobbies, you will achieve many of your dreams and goals. In the case of photographers who are dedicated to travelling and taking pictures of everything around them, the challenge of making a living from it is much greater than in any other discipline.

In many cases, this type of photographer does not have a studio as such and the clients may not be close to their usual places of residence, or even their country. Being a nature photographer means loving the environment, caring for it and being in constant contact with it, so today we want to talk to you about the concerns of a nature and travel photographer and how they can be solved in a simple way to be able to make a living from this profession without giving up travelling.


Find out how to solve the concerns of a nature and travel photographer.

Get closer to nature photography through these 6 photographers

16 Mar 2023

Nature photography is a discipline in which the aim is to represent flora, fauna and still life in all their splendour.

If you like to be surrounded by fresh air, enjoy a sunset and observe the life of animals in the wild, then we are sure you will love this compilation on nature photography.


For nature photography it is important to know how to wait in order to capture movement, colours and the vitality of the moment in the same instant.

Would you like to have a booking calendar on your website? The Arcadina Booking plan is here!

14 Mar 2023

Yes, in case you still didn’t know, the requested Arcadina Booking plan is already on the market. We know, thanks to you, that this is a very used and demanded service by photographers that will allow you to manage automatically and through the web the booking and payment of photo shoots.

Thanks to the new Booking plan that we offer you at Arcadina, you will be able to put a series of photo shoots on sale on your website so that your clients can simply select the day and time and pay for the service. In this way, and thanks to the simplicity of the purchase process, you will achieve a greater number of bookings without doing anything at all. What’s more, you will have a well-organised booking calendar with each shoot that you can link to your usual work calendar (e.g. Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, etc.).


Get many more bookings for your photo shoots thanks to Arcadina’s new Booking plan.

Meet 10 women photographers who have made a success of their careers

8 Mar 2023

Today, in addition to painting ourselves purple for the day of the working woman, we want to congratulate all the women who work or have started their own business and especially all the women photographers who work hard to make a place for themselves in a profession that years ago was only for men. Because we know that your effort is much greater than ours. This compilation of 10 women photographers is for all of you.


Happy working women’s day to all women photographers.

Facebook Ads for photographers: learn how to create ads that attract customers

facebook ads

2 Mar 2023

Do you really know what Facebook Ads for photographers is all about? Nowadays almost everyone knows what social networks are and that you can create a series of advertisements to promote a product or service. So far, so good. But from there to knowing how to use Facebook Ads for photographers correctly and not waste the money invested in your ads are big words.

Facebook has become a huge showcase for companies that want their products to have a place on users’ walls. So, if you want to know how your ads can stand out from the rest of your peers, today we’ll tell you everything you need to do to plan them correctly.


Learn how to use Facebook Ads for photographers and monetise this social network with so many followers.

Artificial intelligence in photography is no longer science fiction


1 Mar 2023

Artificial intelligence. It was the word of the year 2022, although in reality there are two, according to the FundéuRAE (Fundación del Español Urgente). And there is no shortage of reasons because, over the past year, AI has ceased to be just another of those words that come in one ear and end up going out the other with no further consequences, and has become the name of something sufficiently relevant to start to stick in our heads. Artificial intelligence in photography is no longer science fiction.

Let’s say that something similar has happened with AI to what happened with another syntagma, climate change, two words that have also been part of our vocabulary for decades, which, despite the warnings, we interpreted as something alien to our lives until, in the midst of the energy crisis, the hottest summer in history arrives, precisely the summer of 2022, and more than one begins to become aware of its meaning and the consequences of ignoring it. Welcome, then, even if it is already a little late…


Origami Sneakers. Nat Gutiérrez 2022. Midjourney+Photoshop+Topaz Gigapixel AI.