How to deliver wedding photos?

20 Dec 2022

When deciding how to deliver wedding photos, you can opt for the more traditional methods, such as CDs or USBs, or modernise this part of your photography business and go for sharing photos with clients through their private client area.

Thanks to private galleries, brides and grooms will no longer have to travel to your studio to view their wedding photos and what’s more interesting, the process of sharing photos with clients will become a sales tool in your wedding photography business. The process of sharing photos with clients will become another sales tool in your wedding photography business.

In this article we are going to explain you how to deliver wedding photos in a professional, elegant and very profitable way for you. Don’t miss out on all the options.


When it comes to sharing photos with clients, look for a methodology that is practical, functional and allows you to monetise your wedding photos even more.

Discover how to deliver wedding photos to couples


How to deliver wedding photos to clients? This is the first question you have to ask yourself if you want to offer a much more practical and functional service to couples.

The time of physical media to deliver wedding photos has almost come to an end. Now the bride and groom want to be able to access their wedding photos from any device (mobile, tablet, computer, etc.) without having to waste time going to your studio just to pick up a USB.

For this and many other reasons, online galleries with username and password will be a great solution for these new times.

Another advantage of using a private client area compared to, for example, traditional CDs, is that in the latter your clients could only view their photo shoots and you only had to consider how many photos to deliver per session.


Now, with private galleries with multiple options, your wedding couples will not only be able to view their wedding photos, but they will also be able to make many more choices and continue buying extra products that were not included in the budget, such as extra photographs, printing images on paper or in professional formats, etc. There are many possibilities when it comes to sharing photos with clients online. Let’s take a look at all of them.

  • Sample.
  • Presentation.
  • Selection.
  • Download.
  • Sale.
  • Multiple.

Recommendations before sharing photos with clients


How many photos are delivered at a wedding? How many photographers have to attend the wedding, how many photographers have to attend the wedding, 1 or 2, how to deliver wedding photos?

These are some of the questions you have to solve before you start sharing photos with clients. Therefore, it is important that you create a methodology to follow so that your clients’ experience is perfect and you can also save as much time as possible with each one of them.

Here is an article with several marketing tips that will help you, especially if you are starting out as a wedding photographer, to plan your business strategies.

>> Marketing tips for wedding photographers

And if you want to meet some of the best wedding photographers who rely on the business solutions we offer at Arcadina, here we leave you a couple of compilation articles.

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Sharing photos with clients thanks to private galleries


Thanks to the private galleries where bridal couples will be able to perform different actions (select, download, buy, etc.), the delivery of images will move to a higher level within your business strategies.

Because with the delivery of photos on, for example, USB, your chances of earning extra income are almost completely eliminated, but on the other hand, if while your customers view the images they can buy photos, download images or create an order with a single click, we assure you that you will be able to make your wedding photos much more profitable.

>> Delivering photos to clients? Use the private galleries

Did you know that you can now let your customers know that their customer area is ready by sending them a WhatsApp message via the dashboard? In the following article we explain it to you.

>> WhatsApp Business service now available in Arcadina

Sample gallery of wedding photographs


The sample galleries are perfect for showing an undecided bride and groom an example of what their wedding day could look like. Also, once they have hired you and the big day is over, you will be able to send them a selection of the most exciting photos of their wedding day through their private area.

This option is ideal so that, for example, during their honeymoon they can see a preview of what will later be their wedding album. It won’t take up much of your time and your clients will be delighted with this pleasant surprise.

Multimedia presentation to surprise the bride and groom


Once you have decided how many photos to give out at a wedding and which ones to give out at a particular event, the private presentation gallery will be the best option to leave your couples speechless.

A sample gallery is very similar to a slideshow gallery but with the difference that in the latter you can add a melody and the images can be shown automatically as a slideshow. In this type of gallery you can also choose to include a video of the wedding. We assure you that with this type of private galleries, you will leave your clients speechless.

How to deliver wedding photos through a selection gallery?


When you sign a contract with a couple, you can agree on how many photos to deliver per session. This way, after the wedding day, you can create for these clients a private gallery of image selection where, for example, out of 800 photographs that you take on the wedding day, they will be able to choose “at least” 500, which will be the ones that you have previously established in the contract.

We emphasize the expression “at least”, because now in our selection galleries you will have the option to set a number of photographs (at zero cost) that your clients will be able to select, and when they exceed that number, they will still be able to choose images of their wedding day at the price you stipulate.

This option is very interesting, because we all know that at the moment of selecting the images, if you give the bride and groom the possibility to choose some more (even if it is for an extra price), most of them will end up keeping more pictures than the ones agreed in the contract.

In the following help article we explain how you can create this useful gallery for wedding photographers.

>> Arcadina Help: Customer Area – Create a selection gallery

And in this blog post we talk in more detail about how to share photos with clients.

>> How to create a photo selection gallery for clients?

Private client gallery with option to download wedding photos


When creating the presentation gallery, for example, you can use a compilation of the best wedding photographs. But in addition to this fantastic surprise, the bride and groom will want to keep a digital copy of all the photographs of their wedding day that you have agreed with them in the contract.

Another very interesting option of the download galleries is that they can be shared with more than one person. Imagine that you take the photos of the photocall of a wedding. The bride and groom will be able to share the download link of those images that you give them with all their guests.

Here is our help article with all the steps to create a digital download gallery.

>> Arcadina Help. Customer area – Create a digital download gallery

Sale of images through private wedding galleries


When continuing to do business with your clients through private galleries, the sale of printed images or prints in professional formats (Arcadina  Labs) are an extra service that customers like very much.

In your dealings with the bride and groom, you can offer them, for example from the pre-wedding report, the possibility of printing some images or the creation of an order from the laboratory of a series of photographs on canvas or methacrylate to decorate their wedding.

>> How to prepare a pre-wedding photography session?

Another very useful option offered by a private gallery is that the bride and groom will be able to share the link of the wedding day photos with their guests so that they can buy the prints of their choice. And being an online service, you will be able to offer them different payment methods, such as PayPal, Stripe (credit card payment) and TPV Virtual (direct payment gateway with your bank, only available in Spain) or Bizum.

If you still don’t know how to create this type of sales gallery, the following help article will explain it to you.

>> Arcadina Help: Customer area – Create a digital sales gallery

Offer multiple options in the private galleries of your clients


Another option to solve your question “How to deliver wedding photos” is to create a multiple download, selection and sale gallery where the bride and groom can perform several actions at the same time. Can you imagine the amount of time you can save with this kind of private galleries?

In the next post of our blog we talk about it.

>> Create multiple photo galleries on your photography website

And if you want to follow all the steps to create this complete gallery, visit our help.

>> Arcadina Help: Customer Area – Create a gallery with multiple modes

How to deliver wedding photos and make your services even more profitable?


When looking at how to deliver wedding photos, it is important to keep up to date with the latest developments, see what media your ideal client is moving in and offer them all kinds of extra services to make your wedding photos even more profitable.

In addition to being able to create all kinds of private galleries, at Arcadina we have the pleasure of offering our business solutions to many wedding photographers from all over the world. If you want to meet some of the best, in the following article you will find an excellent compilation of them.

>> Do you want to be the best wedding photographer? Find out here how to achieve it

If you are a wedding photographer, you are looking for how to deliver wedding photos professionally and you don’t know us well yet, we encourage you to test our websites and business areas for 14 days for free.

Start now with Arcadina

Today we want to share with you the interview of Enrique Oliver who tells us how to deliver wedding photos when you are a destination photographer.

>> “My sales have gone up, without doing anything, with Arcadina Labs”, Enrique Oliver

And finally, we would like to ask you a question. Until now, how did you like to share photos with clients? We’d love to read your answers in the comments.

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