The best wedding photojournalism websites of 2022


22 Feb 2022

Wedding photojournalism has become a classic among photographers dedicated to this discipline. More and more couples are looking for a professional wedding photojournalist to immortalise their wedding.

And although in many cases, the bride and groom don’t really know what this style of photography consists of, they are usually very clear: they don’t want posed photos at their wedding, they want all the emotion that surrounds such a special day to be immortalised in their wedding images and they would also like to keep more fun and spontaneous photos of this day.


“Wedding photojournalism is about capturing everything that is happening and being felt at a wedding in a single image”.

What is wedding photojournalism?

Broadly speaking, you could say that wedding photojournalism is the opposite of the more traditional posed photography. But really the essence of this natural style of photography goes far beyond that.

Due to a lack of knowledge, people may think that this type of reportage is easier to carry out than the more artistic or catwalk style reportage. If you don’t know this style in depth, you may come to the erroneous conclusion that in photojournalistic wedding reportages, you just have to shoot a lot of photos and not take anything else into account.

Nothing to see. The wedding photographer has the obligation to be very attentive to everything that is happening, not only around the bride and groom but also to how their guests act. But also, the photographer will have to have the ability and experience to anticipate events, so that the most emotional moments do not catch him unawares and he misses a good image.

In short, wedding photojournalism consists of telling small stories in each image that manage to move the protagonists and even the people who could not be present on the day of the wedding.

What are photojournalistic wedding reportages like?

For a wedding reportage to be successful, there has to be careful planning by the photographer beforehand.

Once the couple sign the contract, the wedding photographer has to get to know the bride and groom very well before the wedding: discovering what their gestures of complicity are or how they behave in front of the camera will be details that, thanks to a pre-wedding reportage, can be known before the big day.

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In wedding photojournalism, images with excited family members, crying with joy or giving long hugs are a must. Therefore, a good idea that every photographer should apply is to ask the couples about their guests. It is important to know who are those special people for them, who will surely be the protagonists of some unique moments at the wedding, very natural and full of emotion.

“Photojournalistic wedding reportage has the mission to move anyone who sees the wedding album.”

Examples of wedding photographers with websites in Arcadina

Below, we are going to show you a small compilation of 5 colleagues who are dedicated to wedding photojournalism and who have a website with various Arcadina business solutions.

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1# Ernest Prieto


We begin this compilation of photographers specialising in natural wedding photography with Ernest Prieto, winner of the competition we organised on Instagram to see which website of a selection of wedding photographers you liked the most. Congratulations Ernest! Without a doubt, you have a great website and you make photojournalistic wedding reports that have impressed your colleagues.

Couples who enter his website with Arizona design will find all the information they need and an impeccable selection of photographs that will surely make them choose this photographer from Granada.

2# Juan Luis Misis Fotógrafos


The Juan Luis Misis Fotógrafos photography studio has been open since 1985 in Segovia, it is a family business that has been passed down from generation to generation.

On their website with Arizona design you will be able to enjoy their wedding galleries with unique moments that their protagonists will be delighted to be able to keep.

3# White moments para ti


On the website with Bangkok design by White moments for you, you will meet a team of photographers with a studio in Barcelona who do wedding photography based on collecting emotions and situations that they know will move their couples.

On their about us page, you will be able to see a video presentation where they define very well what wedding photojournalism is for them.

4# Nacho González


Nacho González abandoned his brilliant career as an aviation pilot to dedicate himself completely to what he really liked, photography. This photographer lives on the island of Ibiza and also offers his services in Toledo.

Within natural wedding photography, Nacho adds to each image the influence of another style that he is also passionate about, fine art photography. In this way he manages to turn each wedding image into an authentic work of art.

5# Photo Emotions


In Valladolid is located the Photo Emotions photography studio formed by Óscar and Mónica. A couple of wedding photographers with countless Fearless (among others) behind them.

In their website with NewYork design, besides knowing their history and being able to see their best images, in their photography blog you will find many of the wedding stories that they have lived during these years of profession.

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Wedding photojournalism is on the rise

If your thing is wedding photojournalism, as well as training in this style of wedding photography, take great care of your portfolio and the presence of your website, learn from the greats and become a guest at each of the weddings you attend as a photographer.

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Do you want to see more pages of wedding photographers even if they don’t have such a natural style? Here we leave you another very interesting compilation.

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Today we want to share with you the opinion of another great wedding photographer and semi-finalist of our contest in Redes, Enrique Oliver.

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Before we say goodbye, we would like to know your opinion about this natural style of photography. Why do you think it is so popular among couples? We’ll read you in the comments.

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