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2 Dic 2019

Selling downloaded or printed images (in different formats) over the internet has become a big business. And the good thing about this type of service is that once you start selling photos, the income arrives «automatically«, without making any effort.

The moment you ask yourself the question «how can I sell my images?» the big online photo sales platforms can come to mind. And in the very short term it may be the most convenient way to do it but is it the most effective and profitable for your pocket?

In case you didn’t know, these platforms are sometimes carried in commissions up to 80% of the price of each photograph. In our opinion an excessive percentage, exaggerated, because at the end of the day, the image is yours, isn’t it?

In this article we are going to explain the possibilities that Arcadina offers you to create a website with image sales without commissions, so that you can sell your photos for free and you can keep 100% of the profits.

How to sell your photos on your photo website without paying commissions

«The sale of images through your photography website will give you an extra every month with hardly any effort.»

Advantages of having a website prepared for the sale of images without commissions

As we told you before, taking advantage of the free photo sale to increase your income each month is all advantages. But if you’re still not completely convinced, here are a couple of more reasons about the benefits of having a section on your website for selling photos online.

Sale of images to your clients

If, in addition to offering your photographic services, you include a section on the sale of images with downloads or print formats on your photography website, you will make life much easier for your clients, since they will be able to select, download or buy the images of their sessions in a very comfortable way and without the need to meet in person with you.

Do you want to know all the products that you can put on sale and that will be of interest to your customers?

We come up with a few ideas (although there are many more), such as selling the images of your sessions, promoting seasonal reports or even launching some kind of offer.

>> Sell what you want on your website: photos, articles, courses, services

This is the case of the Bangkok designed website of Villaespesa González that offers its services of social photography, reports for shows and photoproduct in its studio located in Marbella.

In its online store, Villaespesa González Fotografía has a section for the sale of images of the festivals it has attended. In this way the same service obtains multiple benefits. And as we have already commented the sale of photos is always without commissions, all the benefit is for you.


If you want to discover more ideas with which you can benefit when selling images without commissions and all the processes you must take into account for the transaction to be successful, here are some very interesting articles.

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Selling images to your «non-customers»

This modality consists of selling images with download to a public that is not necessarily your client (at the moment) nor has contracted a photographic session with you. But still the photographs you take are of interest to them.

This is the case of Patricio Oses, a photographer based in Chile who combines in his website with Tokyo design social and landscape photography reports with a series of services more typical of a tourism agency.

In the online shop section, Pato Oses takes advantage of the outings it makes with its clients to later sell photographs without commissions to another type of public.


The sale of photographs without commissions is possible in your web of photography

Offering your photography services and the sale of images with downloads or printed in different formats in the same workspace will give more confidence to users who want to use your photo sales area.

And if you also have a testimonials section, they will add value to your professionalism.

«When it comes to selling photos (without paying commissions) on your photography website, social proof will back up your professionalism.“

Another advantage of selling photos on your website is that visitors who come to buy some of your images will discover your other photographic services and can also hire them online.

In the web design Tokyo Star Foto Canarias have a section of online store where you will see the sale of photos of a surf championship. Clients who access their photography website to acquire an image of this type will also discover that Star Foto Canarias does other work such as social reports, industrial photography, nature or landscape photography (among others). And Star Foto Canarias does not pay Arcadina any commission for the sale of its photos or services, only the monthly or annual fee of its website.

We are convinced that Star Foto Canarias will have managed to close a report of this style thanks to the sale of images on its photography website.


Condition your photography website to sell images

As you see selling photos through your web of photography are all advantages. But do you really know the whole process until you get to sell images with download and print formats on your website?

To sell your photos through your web of photography, the first thing that you will have to do is to follow a series of basic steps as they are:

  • Activate your online photo shop and set it up. It is very simple if you have a website with Arcadina.
  • Create your price lists and digital download and print formats.
  • Add your means of payment and shipping costs and method of shipment.
  • Create an album selling images and assign a price list.

And that’s it, start doing business with your website.


If you want to know in depth all this process and also discover 6 webs of photography that already have sale of photographies without paying commissions, next we leave you several very interesting articles:

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Also, how would you like to know the experience of a great photographer and colleague? Joan Vendrell wanted to explain the most effective method to sell images for free through a website created with Arcadina.

>> How to sell your photos without paying commissions with an Arcadina website

Take advantage of your social networks to advertise the sale of photographs

When it comes to advertising your services, whether it’s photographic reports or selling images on your photography website, social networks play a key role.

Today they are the best way to reach your target audience, so don’t miss the great opportunity your social networks offer you and promote yourself through them.

On the Arizona designed website by Alberto Arco, you will see in his online store images of the most spectacular landscapes of Cantabria for sale and in addition to being able to buy the photographs Alberto has included a button to share this space in their social networks. And you don’t pay us a euro commission for the sale of your photos, the profit is 100% yours.


Your website of photography created with Arcadina will allow you to sell your photos for free (without paying commissions)

As you can see, more and more photographers are seeing the business of selling images through their photography websites. The savings they make in this way with respect to the abusive commission photo sales platforms is enormous. And if you sell your photos on your website you will be selling your photos in your environment, surrounded by your brand, your style, and thereby create an atmosphere of perfect confidence. You’ll be better able to convey who you are at all times.

Next we’ll leave you an article where you’ll discover several websites of colleagues who are already benefiting from this service.

>> 5 websites of photographers and creatives with sale of photos that work

If you have seen clearly the business of selling images without commissions through your web of photography, in Arcadina you will find all the necessary infrastructure to achieve it.

In addition, if you have any questions, our Customer Service Team will always be available to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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